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  • 1. Taiwan A-Chen 1094100018 Francis 1094100023 Annie 1094100040 Zoe 1094100042 Michelle 1094100043 Amy Song
  • 2. Procedures
    • Introduction of impersonators by Michelle
    • Outline of the story by Zoe
    • Analysis
    • - Marriage in the past by Annie
    • - Women now and then by Amy
    • Conclusion by Francis
  • 3. Main Impersonators
    • Su-Ho( 蘇合 )
    • Mother of GinHoYi’s boss
  • 4. Wang Rei-Long( 王瑞龍 )
    • Exployee of GinHoYi( 金合益 )
    • Marry to the daughter of boss for repaying an obligation
  • 5. Guo Gin-Ziu( 郭金珠 )
    • Wife of Rei-Long
    • Unwilling to marry to Rei-Long
    • Personality: snobbishness, overbearing
  • 6. Lin Mei-Fon( 林美鳳 )
    • Concubine of Rei-Long
    • Work as a bartender
    • Redeemed by Rei-Long
    • Personality: hardy
  • 7. Huang Yueh-Erh( 黃月娥 )
    • Good friend of Mei-fon
    • Personality: warm and sincere
    • Job: hairdresser
  • 8. A-Ron( 鄭春榮 )
    • Exployee of GinHoYi( 金合益 )
    • Personality: optimistic
    • An orphan- brought home by Rei-Long
  • 9. Guo Gen-Huo( 郭根火 )
    • Uncle of Gin-Ziu
    • Personality: sinister, tricky
  • 10. A-Sha( 阿霞 )
    • Wife of Gen-Huo
  • 11. A-Chen( 王志誠 )
    • Son of Mei-Fon
    • Personality: wise, piety, honest
  • 12. Background
    • Approximate 200 episode TV drama
    • Document economic and social developt ment background from 70s to 2000
    • Adapted from a real story
  • 13.
    • Summary of the Drama
    stuggle for love
  • 14. Governed Marriage
  • 15. Governed marriage
    • In order to strength the friendship.
    • Appointed the bilateral kids to get married.
    • The children might even marry to someone he/she didn’t even know or love before.
  • 16. The consequences of governed marriage...
    • Children could not decide for themselves and had to obey what parents dominated.
    • No much control and dignity to pursue their “ True Love”.
    • Marry someone you didn’t feel the sense of love as marriage deserves.
  • 17.
    • Resulted in “ Extramarital relations”
    • ---- 「細姨街」 (Street of Concubines)
    • - Husbands looked for consolation.
    • - Escaped from the failing marriage.
    • - Wives were ignored and left alone
    • at home.
  • 18. When they were still in marriage ,
    • the marriage was empty and both of
    • them looked for individual FUN for
    • themselves...
  • 19. The phenomenon of “Governed Marriage”...
    • Commitment
    • Filial piety
  • 20.
    • Women in the 21st century
  • 21. Analysis of women in the past and women nowadays family, job opportunity, notion
  • 22. family
    • Women in the past
    • Men were more important than women and always be the leader of family in the past. Wives always had to obey their husbands.
    • Women in the past were responsible for housework at home.
    • Women didn’t have the right to decide anything about their own marriage.
    • Women nowadays
    • Women can have their own opinions, they can negotiate with their husbands.
    • More and more husbands would like to share the housework with their wives.
    • Women nowadays can divorce with their husbands if they have been treated bad or …
  • 23.
    • Women in the past
    • If women have a child without getting married first, they will be seen as bitches.
    • Women in the past had pressure to give birth to a son at least.
    • Women in the past not only had to take care for their children, but their parents-in-law.
    • Women nowadays
    • Women can have a child without marriage nowadays.
    • Some women nowadays even prefer not to have a child.
    • Women don’t have to take care of their children themselves; instead, they can hire baby-sitter to do that.
  • 24. job opportunity
    • Women in the past
    • Women in the past were hard to get a job.
    • Women in the past were hard to get promotion.
    • Women didn’t have right to inherit family business.
    • Women nowadays
    • On the contrary, women nowadays can be mangers or presidents.
    • Women can get the same salary as men’s.
    • Women can get vacation when they carry on a baby.
  • 25. notion
    • Women in the past
    • Women in the past had lots of 三從四德 to follow.
    • Women had to 裹小腳 in the past. They would look like a little drunk when they walked. And men loved it!
    • Women nowadays
    • Women nowadays can do whatever they want. They even can be go after men on their own initiative.
    • Women care about their outlook appearance nowadays, and the reason is not only for men but also themselves.
    • Women nowadays do know how to enjoy their lives.
  • 26. Conclusion
  • 27.
    • Thank you for you listening