My Survey Results Analysis


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My Survey Results Analysis

  1. 1. My Survey Results Analysis 32 participants
  2. 2. My results came from a relatively equal amount of male and females.This means that I can target my magazine at both males and females asthey have a lot of the same interests when it comes to the content. The particular design that I am going for my music magazine will not be gender specific.
  3. 3. The largest group of respondents that answered my survey were aged 17,with the second largest being 16 and then 18, 19 and 20+ being fairly equal. I am going to target my magazine at people aged between 16-19. This means that the answers I have received will be very useful and relevant.
  4. 4. The majority of my target audience never or rarely buy music magazines.This has taught me that it is now very important for me to include things, in my music magazine, which will engage and interest them.
  5. 5. The most popular music magazine from my target audience was Kerrang. Kerrang targets its magazines towards a more rock/metal style of music so this could be something which can influence my magazine when designing it and which features I have inside. As well as Kerrang, NME and Q received a few answers. The magazines target the more mainstream side of music which I feel will appeal to the majority of my audience.
  6. 6. The vast majority of my respondents (75%) said that a fair price for amusic magazine would be £1-£3. This is very useful as I will price my magazine somewhere between that bracket, thus appealing to the majority of my target audience.
  7. 7. The most important thing to my respondents when choosing a magazine isthe price. This along with the results of my previous questions will certainly help in guaranteeing that my music magazine is fairly priced. The second most important thing to my respondents was the lead article which will be featured. I will make sure that my magazine has an article which is appealing, both visually and in terms of the content. The least important thing to my respondents was the location on the shelf and whether my magazine features discounts or offers. This did surprise as I thought my target audience would be keen to try and save money where they could.
  8. 8. The most interesting article which my respondents identified was interviews. This was very useful to find as I was hoping to feature a very appealing interview on my double page spread. It’s good to know that this is something which would help my magazine to sell. Other than themost popular, interviews, the other appealing articles were fairly equallyspread, which is useful to know as I can feature either of these and know that people will be interested in them.
  9. 9. The product which people value most out of my list was ‘Apple’. Thiswasn’t surprising as most people will own or use an Apple product almost every day, whether that be an iPod, iPhone of iTunes. The second most popular was converse with Nike and Vans close behind. Understanding which brands my target audience value most will be very helpful when constructing my reader profile and also seeing what sorts of things will engage my audience, thus helping to promote and sell my magazine
  10. 10. My last question was to try and gage whether people are still interested in buying magazines or whether the majority of people access themonline. I was surprised how many people still valued the physical copy,especially in this digital age. These results are particularly promising asmy music magazine is not designed to be read online. To see that most people still prefer to buy them is very encouraging!