Information management skill


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How To Build A Quick and efective
Monitor For Learning - Listening Or
Tracking Anything with Google product

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Information management skill

  1. 1. Skill information management Dashboard How To Build A Quick and efective Monitor For Learning - Listening Or Tracking Anything
  2. 2. what these technique help u ??#1 Become an “Expert” on any topic by reading 3 to 5blog posts a day for a month on your topic of interest#2 Know when people talk about you or your companyonline#3 Keep a sharp eye on your competitors
  3. 3. You will need a Google account.If already have one, then go to thenext step.
  4. 4. Pick the keywords you want to track For this project let’s use our company name “12bet” 12bet Let’s test our search term on Google to see what kind of results we get with
  5. 5. 12bet hassearch results. 3,730,000That’s lot!!!
  6. 6. To get fewer, but targeted resultswe can use Booleansearch operators Boolean search operators are symbols we can use to finetune our search request
  7. 7. How to use the most common ones“ “ = Using quotes returans results with that extractphrase. Example: “12bet casino”AND = Using AND return only matches with bothterms. Example: Poker AND Games
  8. 8. cont...How to use the most common ones+ = Using a plus sign in front of a word returns only resultsWITH that word. Example: “12bet” +Sports- = Using a minus sign in front of a word returns onlyresults WITHOUT that word. Example: “12bet” -Casino
  9. 9. Let’s try a few more Booleanand keywords with our search toachieve better results Even better! Now, we filtter most of unnecessary results and 90% are just what I want
  10. 10. I’m happy with those results.So. I’ll make a note and save the search term:“12bet” AND “lier” OR delay -free
  11. 11. Now Google “Google Alerts” orgo to Type in your search term and make the selection i’ve mark
  12. 12. You will now see a list of your Google Alerts View new results as they come in by visiting Google Reader
  13. 13. Google Reader:... is where your search results will automatically be sent every few hour You can find Google Reader from the Google home page, too
  14. 14. You’ll see the results here as they come inExample how Google Alert was saved in Google Reader
  15. 15. You may need to have a number of searches depending on your needs. So, here is how to keep it organized. Keep searchesorganized bu using folders
  16. 16. You can add other searches and subscriptions to your Google Reader When you see this symbol on a This servive is call RSS. Whichwebsite it means you can subscribe many blogs, websites, and to receive updates search engines have it
  17. 17. When you find and click that RSS button it should look like this Select and copy that URLGo back to your Google Reader and click on “Add a Subscription”A box will pop-up. Paste your RSS feed URL and click “Add”
  18. 18. Now, new results will be delivered to your dashboard as they’re found Test different keywords to perfect what search queries work best....
  19. 19. Thank