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Content sop v1 Content sop v1 Presentation Transcript

  • Content SOP content team internal use
  • 4 type of Sportbook articleBetting guide News Guide how to bet Sport news relate to match that sale on 12bet sportbook or attach with top trending sport event Tips Predict and (little) analysis about match on 12bet sportbook Introduce news promotion. Not put all detail, just selling point and Promotion link people to promo page
  • 4 type of casino article News Tip&trick Casino, entertainment news attach with top trending casino event. Experience, useful advice for play casino How to Guide how to play casino game Introduce news promotion. Not put all detail, just selling point andPromotion link people to promo page
  • 5factorsUnique good article must have For site suggestors, one of the most important (and sometimes confusing) parts about submitting is determining whether a site’s content is unique by ODP standards The hot info people care about easy to get attract. Article Trending topic closer to trending topic will receive more attention from audience and search engine Reading trend now is media, not too long, easy to read and Media have attractive media (pic, video clip). It’s big loss if focus too much in text and forget media content Good anchor text, long tail keyword is a good prepare for keyword SEO activities later With sport book good article should relate to the match industry need 12BET selling, with casino it should relate to game, winner v.v
  • Guide line for blog article topic type Word amount media 12BET logo Long keyword short keyword News 150 - 400 At least 1 pic no 1 0 Tips 100 - 150 1 Odd picture yes 1 0sportbook Betting guide 300 - 500 Base on content no 1 1 Promotion 200 - 250 At least 1 pic yes 1 0 News 150 - 250 At least 1 pic no 1 1 Tips&Trick 300 - 450 Base on content no 1 1casino How to play 250 - 300 2 - 3 pic yes 1 1 Promotion 200 - 250 At least 1 pic yes 1 0 Base on SEO deigns solution research and UIR (University Internet Reporter) recommend
  • Good article examlpe 1 illustrated pic } Logo word amount or : 150-250Ad banner { } 1 long tail keyword }
  • Good article examlpe 1 illustrated pic } word amount : 150-250 }} short tail keyword }long tail keyword
  • HOW to check unique http://www.plagium.comFree plagiarism checker for avoiding Free online plagiarism checker. Duplicate Plagiarism Tracker, Plagiarismplagiarism, best anti plagiarism detection content check. Plagarism detector. Checker,Plagium, Plagiary, Plagiarist,tool for detecting plagiarism online. Check your txt,html,rtf,doc,odt,docx,pdf Plagiarism, Fabrication, Falsification, files. Leech Finder, Source Tracker http://www.copygator.comCopyscape is a free plagiarism checker. Duplicate content issues determination, CopyGator - Catching duplicate contentThe software lets you detect duplicate analysis and corrections for Duplicate & plagiarism in the Blogosphere.content and check if your articles are Content Penalties.original.
  • HOW find out hot product1 2Review the product on 12BET.Choose the feature keyword Goto URL “”, paste keyword in and see the result
  • HOW find out hot trend1Go to URL “”>> Choose your language edition 2 Goto URL “”,>> Note by keyword 5 article you think hot paste keyword in and see the result
  • HOW find out hot is the definitive source when it comesto tracking what’s hot for Internet videos. It 2 tracking all the video sharing on Facbook and Blog and list the top every week. This can beaggregates all the hot videos from sites like good to know what hot now.YouTube, Vimeo and Daily Motion....
  • using footprint to tracking contentHOW Leave secret footprint in content and use SEO tracking program to check. A SEO footprint is the imprint you leave on the internet that can be used to trace your content activity through various sites.
  • footprint leave Foot print for tracking content must: • Unique. • Change every 1 month. • Hard to realize as footprint. • Appear 1 time in every content. example for leave footprint example for leave footprint make footprint become unique Using incorrect spelling and specialusing sentence as a footprint comma to create hidden unique for make sure it look like a normal your foot print. sentence with the viewer and hard to realize as a footprint
  • search operator Using search operator bellows to tracking content: Search operator Meaning allinanchor:footprint The footprint must appear in the anchor text of links pointing to the page inanchor:footprint Only the footprint following the operator must appear as an anchor text of a link pointing towards the page allintext: footprint All words must appear in the text of the pages intext: footprint Only the footprint following the operator must appear in the text of the page allintitle: All query words must appear in the title of the page intitle: The terms must appear in the title of the page allinurl: All query words must appear in the URL inurl: The terms must appear in the URL of the page “footprint” Searches for pages that have your “keyword” in the page “footprint phrase” Show pages that does NOT have that “keyword” in the page
  • 12BET Content Workflow DiagramWork steprecommend
  • recommend for article submission sites NO 1 URL Alexa rank Google rank 131 7 NO 31 URL Alexa rank Google rank 57430 4 2 212 7 32 36947 4 3 315 6 33 186270 4 4 327 6 34 68131 4 5 745 8 35 28444 4 6 1339 7 36 26938 5 7 1529 8 37 6418 5 8 1558 6 38 136329 5 9 1986 6 39 8951 5 10 2514 6 40 978 5 11 2712 2 41 8171 5 12 3265 6 42 2513 5 13 3276 4 43 6491 5 14 4429 4 44 10553 4 15 4605 4 45 5797 4 16 4986 6 46 9420 4 17 5404 6 47 18059 4 18 5898 5 48 25296 4 19 6098 5 49 198613 4 20 6417 4 50 79131 4 21 6541 4 51 9655 3 22 6750 4 52 9787 3 23 8277 5 53 35632 3 24 8910 4 54 9418 3 25 9630 7 55 7518 3 26 9823 5 56 152766 3 27 10024 4 57 123755 3 28 10309 5 58 13378 3 29 10472 4 59 200708 3 30 10809 5 60 38219 3
  • Key word will be use in article . This relate to SEO team plan. With this, it easy to setup Short summary about More explain (if need) keyword rank “going to write” article. It Main message for all about Article like: What or link building make manager easy to Deadline to content plan. This is you need to support to project baseExample how to fill understant what writer will finish these main thing need to be finish article, how u do on writethe form do and how it suitable with article in plan mention in article it etc content top level plan Content plan form explain This form was develope to prevent lack of infomation between manager and staff. When receive content order from manager, writer should make plan first and send to manager for approve. This method can reduce failure at work and make both side understand more about other.
  • Content report part 1Create content folder on P driver follow structure bellow and put writer’s daily content in. With this simplemethod, manager can easy check writer work progress and how much content they produce per day
  • Content report part 2 This form can help manager control content produce, quality and cross check to make sure all content usefull with current SEO project Type of article: This for Show is article classify content and have keyword By using foot print tracking control produce rate. follow to SEO plan operator. We can know extractly If writer focus too or not. This can how many time writer content much in one content help to make sure Show what 12Bet’s appear and share on internet. This kind. Manager can this article useful product that article tracking activiti should do 1 per be know and adjust with current SEOName of article talk about plan week. weekly form In the end of month all data will be collected and turn to monthly reportmonthly form
  • Thank