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Vaklipi (Natural Language Programming and Queries)
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Vaklipi (Natural Language Programming and Queries)


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Vaklipi is a multilingual product for Natural Language Querying and Programming.

Vaklipi is a multilingual product for Natural Language Querying and Programming.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Vaklipi A multilingual product for Natural Language Querying and Programming Bangalore, IndiaProduct Brochure – Vaklipi
  • 2. Product Stakeholders’ Languages 2010 Vaklipi Data Management Product User Product Developer OwnerRule Language, Programming LanguageQuery Language, like C, C++, Java, PHPCommand Language or for programming andProgramming Language Specification testing Language like UMLProduct Brochure – Vaklipi
  • 3. Product Stakeholders’ Languages 2011 Onward Vaklipi Data Management Product User Product Developer OwnerUser query, command or Programming Languageprogramming language is Specification like C, C++, Java, PHPany natural language in UML and for programming andsupported by Vaklipi. acceptance testing in Vaklipi. Vaklipi for testing.Product Brochure – Vaklipi
  • 4. Vaklipi Uses Vaklipi Semantic web 5th generation Database query query language programming language language like SQL Command and Micro language over DOM query control language Java language Data mining query Unit testing Constraint language language language Math problem Acceptance testing Web service query statement language language language Cascading grammar Basic computer OLAP query rules language education language languageProduct Brochure – Vaklipi
  • 5. Vaklipi Goals Sufficiency: Vaklipi 1. All query/command concepts to be expressed in a natural language. 2. This is not the same as completeness: Initially not all forms in which a concept may be expressed will be supported. Independence: 1. “Language” and “Application” are independent of each other. 2. Independence through the use of an entity called a selector. Multilingual: 1. Highly multilingual and automatically translatable. 2. Initial goal of supporting Asian + Indian + European + African languages. Application Extensibility: 1. Adapters can be written for database engines. 2. Adapters are language independent. Language Extensibility: 1. Levels of language support. 2. Base support for a new language obtainable in a week.Product Brochure – Vaklipi
  • 6. Stakeholder Benefits? VaklipiCommunication of Acceptance Criteria Communication of Acceptance Criteria• Acceptance tests in a natural Language. • Translatable natural acceptance tests• Acceptance tests translatable. Powerful User Interfaces Easy • No need to design a command-line language Ease of Use • Easy interface for complex tasks Easier Learning Curve • Formal language not needed Product User Owner ProgrammerProduct Brochure – Vaklipi
  • 7. Some Vaklipi Programming Concepts Vaklipi 1. Declarations • y is 0. • Let x be y times 2. 2. Operations • Increment z. • x is greater than y plus 5. 3. Conditional • If p is greater than 200, say “expensive” else say “not expensive”. 4. Loop • While x is less than 5, increment y by x and increment x. 5. Output • Say “Hello, World!”. • What is 3+2? 6. Jumping • Mark this statement as “Statement1”. • Jump to “Statement1”.Product Brochure – Vaklipi
  • 8. Code Sample 1 – Declaration and Output Declaration OutputProduct Brochure – Vaklipi
  • 9. Code Sample 2 – Looping WhileProduct Brochure – Vaklipi
  • 10. A demo is available at Bangalore, IndiaProduct Brochure – Vaklipi