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Tom Marsh introduces ai-BrainDocs, which addresses one of the most cost intensive and risk afflicted areas where relevant information must be divided from non-relevant information. In most disciplines, such as medicine, there are more one million new documents published per year. Using intelligent agents to substantial reduces the time to read all documents. ai-BrainDocs saves enormous amounts of money while making people more productive and eliminating monotonous work that often leads to errors.

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ai-BrainDocs - Tom Marsh

  1. 1. Personal Intelligent Agents for Professionals Tom Marsh, COO ai-one inc.© ai-one inc. 2013 ai-one
  2. 2. CLONE YOURSELF© ai-one inc. 2013 ai-one
  3. 3. Everyone has a Big Data Problem Litigation Lawyers ….. 7.5 million pages for avg lawsuit Doctors ….. 21 million research papers in PubMed Market Researchers ….. 10,000 responses to survey Business Compliance Experts ….. 20,000 sales contracts Medical Billing ….. 6 million transactions to code © ai-one inc. 2013 ai-one
  4. 4. Problem: You can’t keep pace with datagrowth.Data Grows Exponential Your Capacity to Learn Is Nearly Linear Capacity of Technology (e.g. Moore’s Law) Gap of Opps & Risks Human Learning Curve* Time * Professor Tom Mitchell, Carnegie Mellon University © ai-one inc. 2013 ai-one
  5. 5. Failure of tech status quo:Google keyword search looks forwords... not ideas … & doesn’tfilter out the noise Solution is…© ai-one inc. 2013 ai-one
  6. 6. Agents: Make as Many of YOU as you Need..© ai-one inc. 2013 ai-one
  7. 7. Intelligent Agent Detects Ideas with Fingerprints Autonomous Fingerprint of Document Agent Document 1.  Humans combine words to 2.  Agent detects every use of every 3.  Agent creates fingerprint that form ideas... word... represents every idea in document: How each word connects to every other. © ai-one inc. 2013 ai-one
  8. 8. Sophisticated Agent Architecture© ai-one inc. 2013 ai-one
  9. 9. eDiscovery Use Case - $2.9B Opportunity •  If    a  lawsuit  involves  20  employees  over  a  10  year  6me   period,  you  will  collect  and  review  150  gigabytes.   •  If  each  gigabyte  contains  50,000  pages,  there  will  be   7,500,000  pages  to  review.         The  review  will  cost    $2,812,500,  BrainDocs  saves  over   $1,000,000    © ai-one inc. 2013 ai-one
  10. 10. Medical Research Needs a Doctor •  Almost  1  million  new  research  papers  each   year  published  in  the  NIH  PubMed  library   •  One  sample  case  had  510  abstracts  to  filter  out  the  412,   80%  invalid  responses  (false  posi6ves)   •  BrainDocs  eliminated  60%  of  the  invalid  responses,  doubling   the  researchers  produc6vity   Value  prop  –  for  each  research  librarian  BrainDocs   saved  the  firm  $40,000  per  year  and  improved   response  Ame  for  requests    © ai-one inc. 2013 ai-one
  11. 11. Customer Surveys – No time to read the comments? •  Annual  shipping  company  survey  has  6000  responses,  25   data  points  and  5  comments  per  response   •  The  case  involved  “reading”  and  coding  30,000   comments  so  they  could  be  summarized  and  charted   •  BrainDocs  did  the  work  automa6cally,  providing  data  to   Business  Intelligence  tool  for  char6ng  and  reports   Value  prop  –  with  thirty  analysts  savings  potenAal  is  $250,000   per  year,  with  improved  response  Ame  for  reports  and   acAonable  insight  not  possible  without  BrainDocs    © ai-one inc. 2013 ai-one
  12. 12. Governance Risk and Compliance - $1.7B Market for lawsuit avoidance.. •  On  average,  employees  generate  1  gigabyte  of  data   per  year..  companies  are  liable   •  Russell  Reynolds  needed  to  know  if  20,000  sales  contracts   generated  WW  were  in  compliance   •  A  team  of  lawyers  in  the  UK  were  reading  everything  to   iden6fy  the  12%  that  were  in  viola6on..     With  a  trained  agent,  BrainDocs  eliminates  the  need  to   read  75%  of  the  documents,  saving  the  client  over   $100,000    © ai-one inc. 2013 ai-one
  13. 13. 6,000,000 Transactions •  CPT  codes  are  used  to  determine  the  billing  for  services   provided  by  diagnos6c  labs   •  XIFIN  provides  revenue  management  services  for  80%  of   the  diagnosAc  lab  market     •  XIFIN  is  using  BrainDocs  to  build  agents  for  each  CPT  code,   offering  a  new  service  to  its  clients  that  will  save   them  $100,000s  per  year   Value  Prop  –  the  new  service  offering  based  on  BrainDocs  may   generate  as  much  as  $2.4  million  for  XIFIN    © ai-one inc. 2013 ai-one
  14. 14. BrainDocs Interface Simple User Interface- the agents are trained and libraries scored for further analytics and presentation or export© ai-one inc. 2013 ai-one
  15. 15. The Money is in the Red Keyword  and  NLP  fails   with  posi6ves  (black  bars)                                                                                                                                                     throughout-­‐    you  must   read  every  document   BrainDocs  Agent  shows   known  target  docs  (black   bars)  isolated  at  top  of   list  and  no  false   negaAves  below  75%                  © ai-one inc. 2013 ai-one
  16. 16. Key Metrics •  Users  create  their  own  agents  in  less  than  an  hour,   needs  less  than  20  examples  for  training   •  Agents  search  for  concepts  in  emails  at  rate  of  3.5   million  per  hour   •  Increases  producAvity  by  at  least  50%   •  Next  release  will  Fingerprint  a  library  at  the  rate  of   150GB  per  day   •  Server  Edi6on  is  $4,950  per  year  © ai-one inc. 2013 ai-one
  17. 17. Clones On Sale NowTom Marsh, COOai-one inc.   Follow us on Twitter @ai_BrainDocs5711 La Jolla Blvd.La Jolla, CA 92037 Website© ai-one inc. 2013 ai-one
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