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  • 1. Let’s ask “The New Dork”
  • 2. Video Platforms Vimeo YouTube Ustream (live) More integration with Facebook
  • 3. Why is Video is Important Lady Gaga 1 Billion  Funny videos views! Is this the overtake news in future of mainstream online viewing media?  Increase in viewing Consumers spend and recording video more time online than with mobile devices watching TV  Cutting back on cable, 71% of adults use viewing more online video-sharing platforms  Socialnomics
  • 4. Benefit of Video for PR?
  • 5. Video for PR Sharable.  Contests Often abstract, NOT an ad  Testimonials Instructional, Educational, Entertaining  Tours  Product Demos Not shown on TV: niche audiences, controversial  Responses DOVE & Motrin Moms Often uses “quick-and-  Interviews dirty” production techniques.  Event, spot reporting
  • 6. Old PR vs PR 2.0 VNR(B-Roll)  Multimedia Release Satellite Media Tour  Webinars and Interactive ChatsOld and Busted New Hotness
  • 7. Product Demos  Step-by-Step  Branded Channel  Integrated into Facebook  Not overt sales: friendly, simple advice
  • 8. “Gotcha” and Gripe Videos  Gotcha videos include this one of a FedEx employee disregarding the handle with care instructions on a delivery.  Dominos employees posted a video on YouTube showing unsanitary “pranks” in a North Carolina Store.
  • 9. Responses andTransparency  FedEx  Both organizations used video to respond to the crises. Was this effective?
  • 10. Curated and User/Fan-CreatedContent User-generated content Selected and hosted by the organization User-generated, curated by corporate
  • 11. Curated and User/Fan-CreatedContent
  • 12. Organizational Use of Video  Organizational content that mimics user content  “Bike Hero”  Kevin in Indiana, or Activision in North Hollywood?
  • 13. Deceptive or Interactive? "We wanted people to first figure out that it was something in the marketing realm and then dig in and have more of the conversation that were having about how it was done, have people figure out where all the cutting points were, where there was potentially CGI, and engage with that. Its not meant to be deceptive. Its meant to be fun."  Brad Jakeman, Activisions chief creative officer. What do you think? Was this clever, or deceptive? Did they go too far?
  • 14. Military Public Affairs Navy USS WASP Navy flight squadron Sun Kings sing Hey Ya How do you think these videos reflect on the U.S. Navy? One is produced by the organization, and one is user-generated. What’s the difference in tone?
  • 15. University Promotions Flash Mobs: Grassroots or …University Promotions Tool? UNC Chapel Hill Library Flash Mob How can an organization participate in a trend without intruding in an online community? Here’s a video created by my former students that was used by admissions to attract potential students. Trinity dorms “Cribs”
  • 16. University Promotions Berkeley YouTube Channel USC Channel USC Cinematic Arts I Gotta Feeling Montreal lip dub More “traditional” video can be useful & sharable, too.