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Transmedia and Gamification
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Transmedia and Gamification


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  • 1. Dr. Amber Hutchins
  • 2. Transmedia Storytelling  “Transmedia storytelling represents a process where integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of creating a unified and coordinated entertainment experience.”  Story is told across multiple platforms
  • 3. Synergy  Economics of media consolidation or "synergy."  Modern media companies are horizontally integrated - that is, they hold interests across a range of what were once distinct media industries.
  • 4. In a World…  Based not on individual characters or specific plots but rather complex fictional worlds which can sustain multiple interrelated characters and their stories.
  • 5. Extensions may serve a variety of different functions  Fill gaps in time between productions  Provide insight into the characters and their motivations.  Flesh out aspects of the fictional world.  Bridge between events depicted in a series of sequels
  • 6. Everything Old Is New Again Marshall McLuhan  The Medium is the Message  Each medium creates new environment situation for understanding  Global Village: Peace and harmony, or “Ann Landers column writ large”  Media are extensions of human faculties  Electronic media/brain functions
  • 7. The Blair Witch TM Explosion  Had tons of footage  Mythology and back story  Utilized the Internet in a new way  Purposefully deceptive (DEAD Actors?)  “Hacking” reality
  • 8. Twin Peaks: Pre-Internet
  • 9. Changes in Media Use, Producers & Consumers  Fan fiction  Interactivity  Ownership, participatory culture  User-generated content  Fan communities
  • 10. TM: ideal aesthetic form for an era of collective intelligence.  Pierre Levy: collective intelligence  New social structures that enable the production and circulation of knowledge within a networked society.  Participants pool information and tap each others expertise as they work together to solve problems.  Functions as a cultural attractor, drawing together like-minded individuals to form new knowledge communities.  Transmedia narratives function as textual activators - setting into motion the production, assessment, and archiving information.
  • 11. Transmedia in the Field  CampfireNYC  42 Entertainment  True Blood  Game of Thrones  From the “fringe” to traditional firms  HIMYM
  • 12. Disney Marketing: Building Nostalgia  “Disney Has Been Virally Marketing Jason Segel’s Hard- to-Make Muppets for 18 Months”  Lotso Huggin Bear  Creating History, Nostalgia
  • 13. Gamers  Increase in gaming, changes in gamers  Farmville  “My online life IS my real life!”  More gamers: More immersive storytelling
  • 14. Games are…  Sticky  Cooperative  Require active participants  Have a goal  Now, social
  • 15. Gamification Seth Priebatsch The Game Layer Jesse Schell Everything is a game, even Weight Watchers!  Incentives  Strategic moves (Game theory) Jane McGonigal Solve the World’s Problems
  • 16. ARGs: Transmedia Storytelling  Beyond video/Product  Immersive Experience  Combined promotional, marketing efforts
  • 17. ARGs: Art, Game or Promotion?  Ancillary or essential to the storyline?  NIN Year Zero  Lost Experience
  • 18. Beyond Viral: Embracing the Social Web
  • 19. Audi: The Art of the Heist Blurring the lines between reality and fiction– when is it too much? Deceptive?
  • 20. Everything Old is New Again  “What we do isn't new; it's timeless. Telling stories is one of mankind’s most enduring traditions, and our increased connectedness has only made spreading them faster, more pervasive, and more effective.”  Campfire NYC