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  • 1. About Podcasting Podcasts are recorded content available to stream or download. Many are available free via iTunes. Anyone can create a podcast and submit to iTunes (pending approval). Most are audio, but some are video, i.e. “vlogs” or video podcasts.  What does this mean for the radio industry?  How are traditional networks such as NPR using podcasts?
  • 2. Podcasting Growth Increasing in use: 19% of I-net users have downloaded a podcast Ownership of MP3 players and iPods increasing (integration with other mobile devices, cell phones, cars). Average podcast user is Male, under 50, college-educated (but this audience is growing and diversifying) Increasing in other demos: Podcast users ages18-29 doubled between 2006-2008
  • 3. Podcast Content Often uses a “talk show” format Can be designed for very specific, niche audiences Can use explicit content Cannot use music, etc. without permission or payment
  • 4. Popular Podcasts Often use a “talk show” approach Although many are created by amateurs, entertainers are finding a new way to reach audiences and build their personal brand. Podcast host & comedian Marc Maron is often referred to as “The Podfather” (FYI his content is explicit)
  • 5. Podcast Networks Podcast networks offer a variety of content and talent under the same brand umbrella. Many have sponsors (ads), or offer “premium content” without ads for paid subscribers. Director Kevin Smith and Web Soup host Chris Hardwick run successful podcast networks. (FYI their content is explicit)
  • 6. Podcasting Production101 Podcasting is easy and inexpensive to create. Other costs are associated with content hosting and servers. You can use free software e.g. Audacity, and either a built-in microphone or external (Blue Snowball).
  • 7. Podcast Distribution You can make your podcast available through iTunes or other sites like Soundcloud, which will also let you record audio content. Ways to make your podcast available:  Embed in blog  ITunes  Subscriptions
  • 8. Podcasting for PR Brands and organizations are using podcasts as a tactic in their PR efforts To create compelling audio content, use best practices developed by folks in the PR field.
  • 9. Podcasts for PR Folks PRStudChat Trafcom News Inside PR Grammar Girl