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Hotel Booking Opportunities
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Hotel Booking Opportunities


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Determining the different types of booking opportunities based on the changing consumer as well as evaluating the best booking method for independent hotels

Determining the different types of booking opportunities based on the changing consumer as well as evaluating the best booking method for independent hotels

Published in: Travel

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  • 1. By: Alexandra Humnicki MBA 2A
  • 2.  The consumer of 2012, has evolved from what he was 10 years ago. The consumer of today is what is called a ‘zapping’ consumer – changing regularly The needs, wants and desires of the consumer have changed, pushed the effects of the crisis. The needs, wants and desires, have decreased proportionally with the decrease of income
  • 3.  Increasing competition between hotels – many new, innovative hotels on the market The on going fight for a high occupancy rate The consumer having less money to spend/ night The implementation of new digital technology in some hotels, obliges other hotels to keep up with the race for technology
  • 4. Consumer: pay as little as possible for the highest possible valueHotels: Maximizing occupancy rate and maximizing the return guest
  • 5.  for advance purchase Expedia-for advance purchase Direct hotel websites- for the best available rate Phone applications Travel Agency – on line and not
  • 6. Direct Marriott Paris Website- Best Available Rates & Packages
  • 7. Discount for Advance Purchase and Best Available Rate for Hotel Concorde Montparnasse
  • 8. On- line Travel Agency-
  • 9.  SniqueAway- from 2012, sells only 4 *& 5* hotel rooms within a requires constant monitoring of their website Priceline- you bid the rate you wish for a certain room, based on previously chosen criterias. Does not guarantee the cheapest rate, unless no one else bids. The last room- I-phone app for last minute deals, with a decreasing price Quickbook- only for boutique hotels, and only available in the US
  • 10. SNIQUEAway
  • 11. Priceline.comStep 1: Choose the areaStep 2: Choose the starlevelStep 3: Give your ownprice
  • 12. – fromBoutique Hotel Experts
  • 13. Independent hotels include boutique hotels and other hotels wanting to be different and not looked upon as mass selling of rooms:The Best Methods  Mobile App –Consumer being always on the move, this provides a fast and simple way to find hotels and from the hotel point of view, does not cost too much to advertise with.  Reverse auction sites – when last minute rooms are hoped to still be sold, without spending too much money from the hotel side  Facebook fan- a good alternative to digital marketing (e.g like GoBoard) for an independent hotel with less money than a chain  OTA’s – it can be too expensive for independent hotels, and it rises the priceThe Least Favorable for the consumer  Hotel Site- an independent hotel may not be so easy to find using search engines as known chain hotels.