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2 haircare+industry+project

  1. 1. FINAL SCRIPTHair care industryThe hair care industry includes colour dyes, oils shampoos, conditionersMarket InformationThe hair color market in India is worth 400 to450 crore and is growing at an increasing rate ofabout 24 to 25% yearlyThe annual production is estimated to be about 400 tonesMarket ShareThe approximate market share of the top players are as follows. Godrej is the market leader of the hair colour industry with approximately 45% (which consistsof their hair dye, powdered colour and their hair colour Godrej Coloursoft)Loreal has a market share of 25% ( it does not compare with godrej as they want to increase theirprofit margins over the next few years)Revlon has a market share of about 12%Wella has 8%and others..(maybeline, bigen, blackrse, schawoarzkop)Our SurevyWe only surveyed people who coloured there hair..Our sample size was 74 peopleThe majority of people we interviewed are from the niche marketWhy did you colour your hair?We did a survey of only women.From the survey we conducted we found that all the younger women coloured their hair forfashion or change and most of the older women coloured their hair to cover their grey hair.Are you brand loyal?There is high brand loyalty in this industry.Are you willing to try a new product?The younger people are more willing to try new products while some of the older women aremore hesitant but will still try a new product if they are confident it is of a better qualityDo you colour your hair at home or parlour?A larger peruentage of people colour their hair in the parlourAre you satisfied with your current product?A larger %age of the older ppl said they are satisfied.Do you face any problems?60% were satisfied, 19% complained of dry hair, 9% complained of hair loss, 8% complainedthat the color faded 4% said brittle hair.
  2. 2. Competitor analysisthese arethe prices of the diff productas and loreal has the highest price while godrej has thelowest. These are their USPs(read them out)the distribution channel for all the competitors is the same. That manufacturer to distributor tostockist or wholesaler to retailer.(product differentiation read from slide)Porters 5 force modelEntrants-high because the capital investment required is low and other companies which arealready present in the hair care market will enter the hair color market.Suppliers bargaining power – lowThere are many suppliers thus their bargaining power is lowSubstitutesThere are substitutes in the hair colour industry which are mehndi and henna. But we have keptit as low as we are catering only to the niche market who would not use these substitutesCompetitionModerate since there are many players in the market such as bla bla blaOur productBellezza by MacWe are launching a product in India under the parent company MacSegementationWe are targeting the age of 18-45 and we are targeting women of group sec AWe have targeted metros since our product is made for the upper classOur Psychographic segmentation is based on lifestyle where we are targeting women who lead asophisticated and stylish lifestyle Behavioural- Women colour their hair on occasionsWe are also targeting women based on their usage, since our colour is permanent we aretargeting heavy or regular users
  3. 3. Our product packaging includes a developer colourant and the para-phenylenediamine is whatgives colour to our product. The rest of the ingredients are primarily fillers and help in keepingthe hair nourished.The rest of the product packaging includes the conditioner, gloves and brush.Product DescriptionThese are the shadesRead them outThe first 5 shades will be produced in a larger quantity at approximately 3:1 ratio as comparedtop the other shades that are read the next slideProduct differentiationOur product contains aloe vera and nourishing oil extracts which helps in giving the hair anadded shine and soft and keeps it moisturized.USPContains vita h which is a chemical that contains shikakai amla aritha and oleth- 30This reduces the dryness by 80% and increases shine.PositioningOnly for the upper class since it is priced high.Our parent company is extremely well reputed.This helps belezza to establish an image of highquality in the minds of the consumersGood for hair because it contains vita hPosition statementRead from slideBrand PersonalityBranding strategyEndorsement strategy- Our parent company is very well reputed internationally and ensures ahigh quality productBrand pyramidSelf explanatoryPLACECoverage area: we are basically covering big metros and cities as we most of the niche marketstays in these places.
  4. 4. Distribution channelRead from slideOur factory is located at upper noida as it is free from taxes.PRICING STRATEGYMarket skimming – we have kept a higher price than our competitors to show that our product isof high quality and we hope for a large profit targeting a smaller marketFrontal attackIs basically attacking the strengths of the competitors for e.g price advertising promotion etc.PromotionsSushmita sen is our brand ambassadorTelevision ads- we plan to air it on channels such as star sony and mtv for the young collegecrowdPrint adsWe are publishing our product in the following news papers- times of India and Indian express asit is widely distributedWe are also displaying our product in magazines like the cosmopolitan elle femina ad hoardingsin popular destination among the cities we launchPublic RelationsWe are going to conduct hair colour work shops at big malls and salons where we will offer tocolour or streak their hair free with the shades they choose. This will help get people aware ofour productSales personnelSales persions are well trained and well aware of all the benefits of our [product so that they canproperly explain to hair stylists and salons the most effective way of using the hair colourSwot analysis