Nuclear engineering
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Nuclear engineering






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Nuclear engineering Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Nuclear EngineeringBy: Drew Bard
  • 2. Necessary Training  Must have a bachelors degree in Nuclear Engineering  Recommended that you participate in a cooperative-education engineering program  A nuclear engineers average salary is around $99,920
  • 3. Nature of the Job  Design or develop nuclear equipment, such as reactor cores, radiation shielding, or associated instrumentation  Monitor nuclear facility operations to identify any design, construction, or operation practices that violate safety regulations and laws  Examine nuclear accidents and gather data that can be used to design preventive measures  Write operational instructions to be used in nuclear plant operation or in handling and disposing of nuclear waste  Direct operating or maintenance activities of operational nuclear power plants to ensure that they meet safety standards  Perform experiments to test whether methods of using nuclear material, reclaiming nuclear fuel, or disposing of nuclear waste are acceptable  Take corrective actions or order plant shutdowns in emergencies
  • 4. Duke Energy  Almost all of Duke Energy's Midwest generation comes from coal, natural gas, or oil.  Half of its Carolinas generation comes from its nuclear power plants.  During 2006, Duke Energy generated 148,798,332 megawatt-hours of electrical energy.  On March 16, 2006, Duke Power announced that a Cherokee County, SC site had been selected for a potential new nuclear power plant.
  • 5. Areva  Areva SA is a French public multinational industrial conglomerate headquartered in the Tour Areva in Courbevoie, Paris.  Areva is mainly known for nuclear power, although it also pursues interests in other energy projects.  There are currently 47,541 people employed.
  • 6. J. Robert Oppenheimer  Born April 22, 1904  Died February 18, 1967  Was an American theoretical physicist and professor of physics at the University of California, Berkeley  Often called the "father of the atomic bomb" for his role in the Manhattan Project
  • 7. Enrico Fermi  Born 29 September 1901  Died 28 November 1954  Was an Italian theoretical and experimental physicist  Best known for his work on the development of Chicago Pile-1, the first nuclear reactor, and for his contributions to the development of quantum theory, nuclear and particle physics
  • 8. Sources  engineers.htm   