The Nuts & Bolts of Personal Training
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The Nuts & Bolts of Personal Training



Free Form Fitness Personal Training Center, Ottawa, Kanata, Ontario

Free Form Fitness Personal Training Center, Ottawa, Kanata, Ontario



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The Nuts & Bolts of Personal Training The Nuts & Bolts of Personal Training Presentation Transcript

  • Presents: The Nuts & Bolts of Personal Training
  • What make personal training great? A good personal trainer will help you with 7 elements that work together interdependently The 7 Elements of health and fitness 1. Strength training 2. Nutrition 3. Supplementation 4. Cardiovascular Exercise 5. Stretching 6. Stress management 7. Sleep
  • Why do people choose to get a personal trainer? Health benefits of the 7 elements are endless for individuals of all ages. Working with the right personal trainer will improve many aspects of your life in the following ways: • Body fat loss • Getting in shape • Slow aging • Stress Relief • Mental health • Decrease risk of disease • Self confidence • Improve physical appearance
  • How would a personal trainer really help me get in shape? developing an exercise plan •By creating a diet plan •By establishing goals •By developing a cardiovascular plan •By developing a stretching routine based of your posture •By establishing a tracking system for your progress •By holding you accountable •By creating a supplement plan •By modifying your environment to succeed •By
  • The health and fitness plan A good plan is the key to success •Should be developed by an expert •Be sure the person who creates the plan has extensive experience and a proven success model •Should focus on methods proven over time •Include a set/repetition progression for exercises, detailed testing results proper macronutrient ratios based on your height and Activity levels •Don’t rely on guess work – A perfect plan is critical to long term success of a healthy and fit life
  • Establish goals The foundation •Write down all the reasons you want to get healthy and fit •Determine short and long term goals that are easily tractable •Use an expert to determine what is realistic
  • Establish a tracking system for your progress •If your goal is fat loss, then get a body fat test •If your goal is preventing diabetes then test your blood sugar levels •If your goal is to get in better overall shape then create a valid fitness test
  • Who is Free Form Fitness? • Free Form Fitness is a personal training centre that specialises in helping busy people get fit and healthy with 30 min personal training sessions • Founded in 2006 • Passionate, energetic, results driven personal trainers • A proven system that has worked for hundreds of people of all ages and fitness levels
  • What do we do different? We provide a fully integrated approach to getting fit and healthy focused around the “busy individual” that could do less and gain more.
  • A few of our clients Quick results encourages continued success “I lost 26lbs in my first 2 months with the Free Form Fitness Concept” Shaun Swire- Business owner “When a person wants more then a 'puppy mill gym ' they must go see Free Form Fitness” Milan Topolovec CEO of TKGroup “I lost 19lbs in my first month at Free Form Fitness” Julie LeBrun “I have lost about 30lbs. Energy is through the ceiling and feeling fantastic. Troy van Haastrecht, P.Eng. President - Mattamy Homes Ottawa “I've been using Free Form Fitness for the past three months and have lost 20 lbs and 6% body fat.” Richard A. Bonato, Ph.D. “I went from 26% bodyfat to 10% at Free Form Fitness“ Brent Thomson, managing partner, Peak sales “In just 6 months, I have lost 20 pounds and over 5% body fat and 3 inches of my waist size and my cholesterol results are now stellar.” Greg Janes, Vice President Smith Petrie Carr & Scott Insurance Brokers Ltd. “The personal training I have received has been invaluable to achieve my health goals and constant pursuit for a balanced life.” Scott Goodfellow, serial entrepreneur
  • What we do to help you succeed •Teach you a successful and safe exercise program Teach •Motivate you not only as coach, but also as an educator, Motivate confidant, role model and a major source of encouragement •Present you a diet plan based on your goal •Establish goals •Give you a cardiovascular plan to do after exercise •Give you a stretching routine based of your posture •Provide you with supplement suggestions
  • Healthy, Fit and happy We love people that want results and that’s why we are selective in choosing our clients. We only choose to help friendly faces who have an interest to improve. We focus on bettering not only your physique but your long term health We don’t help all people, we help the right people • We bring real world expertise to your goals • We teach you our proven methods
  • Cost Personal training cost will vary based on the goal of each client Our pricing is designed to meet the needs of each client we work with The cost of getting it wrong in this industry can cost you much more in your time and effort then getting it right the first time If your not willing to invest in your health, this may not be for you but I would be wary of any quick fix solution that does not take your health under consideration
  • Next step • Call us to discuss your situation • we will schedule a no cost consultation • Your consultation will determine: - If personal training is for you? - If your situation is in fact solvable? - What steps you need to take - What the cost will be
  • For more information Visit our website at Review our testimonials Subscribe to our free newsletter Read our Blog Call us at (613) 270-0501 to talk about your situation and learn more about our services offered by Free Form Fitness
  • Contact us (613) 270-0501