Transparency to Innovation Civic Technology Keynote Case Study at Drupalcamp Ottawa


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Case study given as a keynote Drupalcamp Ottawa 2/22/13, discussing, the new Drupal AppCatalog distribution, and the role of Drupal in the civic technology ecosystem.

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Transparency to Innovation Civic Technology Keynote Case Study at Drupalcamp Ottawa

  1. 1. Drupal in New York: From Transparency to Innovation WHAT HOW NEXTAndrew Hoppin | | @ahoppin |
  2. 2. WHAT
  3. 3. 2009: Year of Open Government in USA
  4. 4. NY State Senate: Gov 1.965, not Gov 2.009
  5. 5. An Institution in Need of Transparency
  6. 6. “News Clips” Tech from 1970 ($1,500,000/year)
  7. 7. “CRM” Tech from 1989...
  8. 8. “CMS” Tech from 1999...
  9. 9. Hosting 1.0
  10. 10. Falling Government Budgets Rising Government Needs
  11. 11. Distant...
  12. 12. New NYSenate “CIO Office”
  13. 13. Open-Source Value Proposition• No vendor lock-In / choice of consultants / ability to build in-house capacity• Collaborate w/ our peers (White House)• Security transparency (US DoD is a major consumer for thisreason)• Open-Source platforms often pay more heed to open formatsand standards (e.g.: DCAT, RDFa, OData, JSON vs Shapefiles, PDF,etc.)• Innovation: healthy open-source projects can aggregate moreengineering effort than proprietary alternatives, propagate greatnew extensions faster• Freedom of Hosting Options: consume as a cloud-hostedservice today, change our mind and host in-house tomorrow, etc.
  14. 14. Selected Drupal Because• Considered Joomla, Django, Drupal and Wordpress• Platform & Community Maturity: •>1 million sites (2% of all sites), 3,718 Code commits/wk, 6,388 issue comments/wk •transparent governance process for upgrades •trajectory of the platform & community since 2004•Extensibility: •18,489 Modules, 1,512 Themes, 21,009 Contributors •module feature set for constituent use cases• Vendor Ecosystem: •local availability of Drupal and PHP/MySQL talent •Drupal specialized commercial cloud options
  15. 15. High Velocity Project• Contracted outside consulting firm for requirements gathering,design, coding, hosting•*During* external development, hired one in-house developerone project manager, & trained existing in-house staff for training &QA• Deployed 3.5 months after project start• Maintained by one programmer and one project manager• Hundreds of bugs and features implemented since
  16. 16. New Drupal CMS
  17. 17. Sites for Every Senator
  18. 18. Senators as Structured Data
  19. 19. All Senate Events Calendar
  20. 20. Sites for Every Committee (Structured Data)
  21. 21. Open Data (all $ spent)
  22. 22. Live Streaming
  23. 23. Legislation as Easy As Google..
  24. 24. ...or ON Google! (good SEO)
  25. 25. Public Comment on All Bills
  26. 26. Easy to Share...
  27. 27. ...Anywhere
  28. 28. Results: Transparency, Yes...“[NY Senate] is taking a critically important step to help restore trust in government. At a time when confidence in government in general has hit bottom, this is an extraordinarily valuable step forward” - Lawrence Lessig, Harvard Law “..clearly setting the place that all other legislative bodies will have to follow. The U.S. Congress ought to be taking some clue” -Ellen Miller, Executive Director, The Sunlight Foundation. “..demonstrates the New York State Senate’s commitment to a transparent and accessible government” - Dave McClure, U.S. GSA Associate Administrator “With this new system, New York State takes a leadership role in accountability and transparency” - Craig Newmark, founder, & Craigslist Foundation. “[We] applaud the State Senate for its efforts to further open the legislative process,” Barbara Bartoletti, Legislative Director, League of Women Voters.Winner of three “Best of New York” Awards
  29. 29. But Also More Efficient...• No technical skill required to manage content• Content managed as mashable data• Modernize Antiquated Systems, Terminate Expensive Software Licenses• Open-source platforms & developer tools, & collaborative development• Government-certified Commercial Cloud hosting• Net saving $1MM off ~ $8MM budget
  30. 30. And Newly Participatory...• 10,000s watching live events• 100,000s of YouTube views• 100s of public comments on bills• @NYSenate 1000s of Followers
  31. 31. Collapsed the geography between NYC and NY State
  32. 32. HOW
  33. 33. Put Bureaucrats AND Hackers... + ...on the Same Team
  34. 34. Publicly Commit to Aggressive Goals
  35. 35. Establish Open Policies
  36. 36. Adopt Open Standards• e.g.: XML, JSON, .ODF, .JPG, .CSV, RDF• e.g.: SOAP, REST APIs
  37. 37. Encourage Sharing of Your Data…
  38. 38. ...and Your Software
  39. 39. Reduce IT Barriers withOpen-Source, Cloud Hosting, App Stores
  40. 40. Invest in Civic Entrepreneurs:Coworking Spaces, App Contests, Startup Funding Facilities
  41. 41. Socialize IT: Unconferences & Hackathons
  42. 42. Ask for Feedback Early and Often Facilities
  43. 43. NEXT
  44. 44. In NYSenate, Republicans Now Extending It...
  45. 45. Other NY State Agencies Are Adopting...
  46. 46. We’re Sharing Code Between State & National Gov’t
  47. 47. White House “We The People” Drupal Website
  48. 48. “We The People” -->Petitions Drupal “Distribution” on
  49. 49. Step 3: White Label Theme+Petitions Distro = Quick& Easy for Any Government to have “We The People”
  50. 50. “Distributions” are Making Drupal the “Default” CMS for Governments Worldwide
  51. 51. And Helping Hackers Build New “Civic Apps”
  52. 52. And Helping to Market These Civic Apps
  53. 53. Driving Reuse of Civic Software...
  54. 54. Globally... (a Drupal Distro for App Catalogs & Hackathons Everywhere)
  55. 55. Drupal Now Also Becoming a Public Sector DataManagement System (“DKAN” is a “DMS” Distro)
  56. 56. Drupal Powers, OpenGovPlatform, DKAN, etc.
  57. 57. Build The Next Great Innovations in Civic Technology ?? Gov CMS Open311 Transit Weather GPS EMERGING GROWTH MATURE API government industry Distributed innovation API citizen API
  58. 58. Or in other words, be like Canada! :) ?? Gov CMS Open311 Transit Weather GPSEMERGING GROWTH MATURE API government industry Distributed innovation API citizen API
  59. 59. Andrew | @ahoppin |