Civic Platforms and Coalitions Presentation at ICEGov 2012
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Civic Platforms and Coalitions Presentation at ICEGov 2012

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  • 1. Civic Tech Platforms & Coalitions (or: Governments That Work Like The Web) Andrew Hoppin | @ahoppin (some content courtesy of Nick Grossman)
  • 2. Falling Government Budgets Rising Government Needs
  • 3. BetterGovernment… …Less $ 3
  • 4. The Web and Open Innovation Transit Open311
  • 5. The Architecture of the Web Standards HTML IP CSS DNS HTTP The Web has an “open architecture” and serves as a “platform” to build on
  • 6. CLOSED OPENarchitecture architecture ← few many → apps USER INTERFACE apps STANDARDS & APIsIntegrated, Modular, SERVERproprietary open source STANDARDS & APIs HARDWARE
  • 7. Open Innovation “The idea behind open innovation is as simple as itis powerful: the creators of new ideas don’t have tobe within your organization in order to be helpful.” – John Palfrey, Harvard Law School creating the potential for new things to happen
  • 8. “I no longer sit with pitted stomach wondering where is the bus. It’s less stressful simply knowing it’s nine minutes away, or whatever the case” 44% of respondents reported being much more satisfiedSource: OneBusAway
  • 9. ? ? ?2005 GTFS GTFS GTFS GTFS GTFS 2012 GTFS GTFSGeneral Transit Feed Specification
  • 10.
  • 11. Open311 311 2009 Open311 311Open311 311 2012 + International Buenos Aires UK-wide Dominican Republic Australia […]
  • 12.
  • 13. Code Repositories... Boston 22
  • 14. App Stores...
  • 15. Open Data... Facilities
  • 16. Talent...
  • 17. Communities & Collaboration
  • 18. Infrastructure
  • 19. Open Standards... GTFS
  • 20. 2012 Ecosystem: 100s of Cities, 1000s of Apps, 100,000s of Data Sets...
  • 21. APIgovernment industry Distributed innovation API citizen API
  • 22. Most NYC IT Projects More Like This...
  • 23. What are the essential civic platforms? ?? Gov CMS Open311 Transit Weather GPSEMERGING GROWTH MATURE
  • 24. Supporting Open Innovation in Gov’t success identifying stories & emerging lessons standards learnedoutlining the core “civic stack” sharing software where are there gaps? building practitioner community
  • 25. Andrew Hoppin | @ahoppin