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Pinterest Class

  1. 1. A.H. Memorial Library847.870.5224
  2. 2.  This class is intended only as a basic demo that gives an introduction to Pinterest and explains how Pinterest accounts are created. It is not primarily a “hands on” class. However, the concepts and resources provided can be used to learn to create your own account. Note: This class assumes a good working knowledge of computers, email, and the internet.
  3. 3.  Basic introduction to Pinterest. Briefly describe how to create an account. Provide a website where you can view the links and slides that are presented today. For those with prior computer experience and an accessible email account time will be provided to create a Pinterest account.
  4. 4.  Board: This is where you organize your “favorites” into categories. The categories can be as broad or as specific as you’d like. Ex. “recipes,” “little black dresses,” “funny,” etc. To Pin: To place a visual representation of a particular website, video, or image on your board. Pins: These are the images you have added to your Pinterest boards. Repin / Repins: A step beyond a “like,” a repin allows you to share someone else’s pin directly with your followers. Followers: Anyone who has chosen to regularly view your pins. Following: Any accounts you have chosen to follow. Note: You can choose to follow all of someone’s boards or just individual ones.
  5. 5.  Pinterest is a visual representation of something (ex. web page). In order for a web page to be pinned it must have at least one image that is “pinnable!” Click
  6. 6.  Ask for an invitation to join or get “invited.” Sign in via Twitter, Facebook, etc. Pinterest’s core functionality: Add a Pin: from a website via Pinterest directly. Upload a Pin: uploads personal content using the portal. Create a Board: organizes collections in a user-defined set.
  7. 7. You must verify your email address in order to work with all of the feature of Pinterest!
  8. 8. Categories
  9. 9. Gifts
  10. 10. About
  11. 11. Account Settings
  12. 12.  We’re happy to introduce you to resources that will help you learn the basics of working with social media. Arlington Heights Memorial Library card holders can also setup one-on-one 30 minute appointments with a Digital Services Assistant to learn:  to create a Pinterest account  the basics of editing your Pin Boards We’re also happy to try to help with other issues pertaining to social media.
  13. 13.  AHML Digital Services Appointment: Slidesfrom today: Linksfrom today: Pinterest help website: