Adıyaman / Turkey Traditional cuisine


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Hırvatistan Toplantısına Yöresel Yemekler Sunusu

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Adıyaman / Turkey Traditional cuisine

  1. 1. The Food Map of Turkey
  2. 2. We are normally eating meals on the floor. It is a part of our tradition.
  3. 3. Another versiyon of floor table
  4. 4. Adiyaman Cuisine Eggplant Puree  Almost all the foods in Adıyaman and made by hand and there are no zeytinyağlı (olive-oil) dishes. Several dishes take a considerable amount of time and effort to make. Some such dishes include stuffed köfte in a tart sauce, stuffed ribs, etc.
  5. 5. Basic material in our kitchen  There is a notable preponderance of dishes made with bulgur and sümüt (dried bread rounds). Just as in many other parts of Anatolia, foods based on wheat and wheat products dominate the cooking of Adıyaman as well. Red Cabbage Pickle
  6. 6. Köfte The various types of köfte made with sümüt add considerable variety to the cuisine of Adıyaman. For example, Çiğköfte (raw köfte, made with bulgur and meat) Mercimekli Köfte (Lentil Köfte), Kavurmalı Köfte, Dolmalı Köfte(stuffed köfte) ,İçi Kıymalı, çullu köfte, yapıştırma, basma köfte, köfte with a tart sauce, and köfte with eggplant, are important dishes in the local cuisine.
  7. 7. Dried Materials for meals.  In Adıyaman, the raw materials used in the kitchen such as butter, bulgur, sümüt, rice, dry beans, chickpeas, lentils etc. are bought in bulk and stored. Special attention is given to the quality of these items when they are being bought. Special attention is also given to the preparation of dried vegetables as they are used in the making of winter dolma.
  8. 8. Types of Foods Soups (Çorba) Gara Şora, Malhıta, Davutpaşa Çorbası, Tarhana, Mercimek Çorbası, Un Çorbası, Yayla Çorbası (Yayla – mountain meadows), Meyir, Ayranlı Şora (Dövme Çorbası), Ayran Soup (Hulled Wheat Soup), Erişte Çorbası,
  9. 9. Types of Foods  Vegetable Dishes Karniyarık, Tava (Güveç), Parmak Kebabı If you want to see how this meal is preparing??? please ask for the short movie…
  10. 10. Types of Foods  Meat Dishes Kızartma, Kaburga(Ribs)
  11. 11. Types of Foods  Pilafs Meyhane Pilavı (“Tavern” Pilaf), Karıştırmalı Pilav (Mixed pilaf), Mercimekli Pilav (Lentil Pilaf) In addition to these, other pilafs such as pilaf with tomatoes, tomato paste and şakalaş (tevlevi) pilaf are made.
  12. 12. Types of Foods  Dishes Made from Wild Herbs Wild herbs are generally sautéed, made into a hitap, or mixed with yogurt. Ebem kömeci (Ebe gümeci, mallow) and Pipirim (Purslane) are either sautéed or made into a hitap. Wild mint is used in salads and with yogurt, other wild herbs are also made into a hitap. Wild Game Dishes The main wild game animal is rabbit. After they are cleaned, they are dipped into warm water to drain all the blood out. The rabbits are then simmered. The broth is used for making bulgur pilaf, and the meat is separated from the bones and fried or arranged over the pilaf.
  13. 13. Types of Foods Fowl Fowl such as turkeys and chickens are boiled, their broth used to make pilaf and the meat is roasted and served over the pilaf. They are also stuffed and roasted. and Kebaps
  14. 14. Desserts Milk-based Desserts Peynirli Helva (Cheese Halvah) Another dessert made with milk is sütlaç, rice pudding. Flour-based Desserts Kırma, Sac Tatlısı (Şillik), Topak Helvası, Nişevle, Tane Helvası (Grain halvah), Baklava
  15. 15. The End… Prepared by; Sevda ERDİL -- 7-A İlknur ATALAY– 7-A Consultant Teacher: Ahmet ÇETİNTAŞ