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This presentation gives some tips to the fresh graduates about how to write a good CV

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  1. 1. MY CVPiTechnologies AhmedYossef
  2. 2. AGENDA• What is CV ?• What to include ?• CV contents• Do and Don’t
  3. 3. WHAT IS CV ?CV does not bring the job for you CV is Just a gate .. where you pass to the interview Keep is simple to pass smoothly
  4. 4. WHAT TO INCLUDE ? Include what theinterviewer wants to seeNot what you want to say
  6. 6. 1 CONTACTS• Include should be your name ....your“CV” - Title not• your mobile number professional email address email• Include your address - it is important
  7. 7. 2 PERSONAL INFO• Date of birth• Gender• Militarily Status - for males only• Social status
  8. 8. 3 OBJECTIVE• Write about skills that meets themotivation and your your passion, your job requirements you are applying to• Don’t exceed three lines
  9. 9. 4 EDUCATION• State your degrees start with the most recent• Stop at High SchoolKG grades need to mention your grade, no• BcS. Faculty of Grade: A+ .. [2011/2012], ..., University,
  10. 10. 5 CERTIFICATES• State here the well known certificates you have if any• Like: JSE, CCNA, ...• This is not to mention certificate of attendance of a free session
  11. 11. Top 6 Section EXPERIENCE• Start with theare applying to to the job you most relevant• It is OK to have different companies CVs to be sent to various versions of• In bullet style, state the fieldinand summarize your experience it•Remember: important things first and detailed
  12. 12. 7 OTHERS• Languages: if you know any language other than Arabic and English, blush it• Personal skills: don’t write much• Hobbies: swimming and reading ... no comment !
  13. 13. DO AND DON’T
  14. 14. Don’t Write a CV in more than two pages
  15. 15. DoCompress your CV into 1.5 or 2 pages as max .. Remove any unnecessary data
  16. 16. Don’tSend your CV attached in an e-mail without body
  17. 17. Do Write some info about you andabout your interest in the vacancy while sending your CV
  18. 18. Don’tPut many HR e-mails in the To field while sending your CV
  19. 19. Do Put them into the BCCor send each address an e-mail
  20. 20. Don’tUse colors in your CV, if you don’t know how exactly to use colors
  21. 21. Do Use only black, gray and you may use blue if neededUse bold style with important words