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This is the first lecture in the iPhone Course in FCI - Cairo University by PiTechnologies

This is part one of the first day about "Introduction to iOS"

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I os1

  1. 1. iOS 1 A H M E D Y O S S E FPiTechnologies
  2. 2. AgendaAbout usAbout meThis courseMobile development .. whyiPhone development .. whyiPhone development .. howOS conceptsiOS Main FeaturesiOS and ApplicationsiOS and MultitaskingiOS and Jailbreak WWW.PITECHNOLOGIES.NET
  3. 3. About Us
  4. 4. PiTechnologiesEgyptian startup company for technical trainingCompany is founded and managed by young engineers.Company aims to develop the training process in Egypt.Company aims to increase the international rank of Egypt in the ITand software exporters, by offering intensive product basedtraining programs.Contacts: www.pitechnologies.net info@pitechnologies.net WWW.PITECHNOLOGIES.NET
  5. 5. About Me AHMED YOSSEF
  6. 6. This course IPHONE DEVELOPMENT
  7. 7. iPhone CourseCourse objectives To make you able to design, create, debug, run and upload your applications to the app store.Methodology Course is based on lectures, interactive labs and weekly assignments. WWW.PITECHNOLOGIES.NET
  8. 8. Course contentsCourse is divided into three modules: Introduction to iOS Objective-C iPhone applications development WWW.PITECHNOLOGIES.NET
  9. 9. Mobile Development .. why
  10. 10. Mobile, web anddesktop developmentTime of development: varies according the applicationitself, but in general, mobile applications developmentis the fastest.Customers: mobile users are more than web anddesktop applications users.Job availability: it is more likely to develop mobileapplications as freelancer than web and desktopdevelopment. WWW.PITECHNOLOGIES.NET
  11. 11. iPhone Development .. why
  12. 12. iPhone developmentbenefitsCustomers Every iPhone holder is a customerEase of marketing Just upload to the store Customers are ready to try, you don’t have to convince them. WWW.PITECHNOLOGIES.NET
  13. 13. iPhone Development .. how
  14. 14. Development EnvironmentiPhone, iPad and Mac applications development isrestricted, only certain IDE on a certain OS works.In order to develop for iPhone you have to get Mac machine Developer license XCode iOS SDK WWW.PITECHNOLOGIES.NET
  15. 15. How to get a MACYou have three optionsBuy a MacUse a Mac OS X retail CD.Try Hackintosh for Intel Install native Use a virtual machine WWW.PITECHNOLOGIES.NET
  16. 16. Developer licenseRegistration is optional when you develop, but it isa must if you want to put your apps on the store.When you are registered you can download yourdevelopment tools for freeYou register for an iPhone developer license for99$ per year.You are in Egypt, so you have to send a fax, youcan’t register online... even after WWW.PITECHNOLOGIES.NET
  17. 17. iOS SDKiOS SDK: enables you to develop iPhoneapplications on XCode, as XCode is used todevelop by default applications for Mac OSiOS SDK Contains: XCode iOS Simulator iOS developer documentation WWW.PITECHNOLOGIES.NET
  18. 18. XCodeXCode: is your soulmate IDE XCode 3 is free, XCode 4 is not To download or buy, you must have an iTunes accountIt contains: iPhone simulator Instruments WWW.PITECHNOLOGIES.NET
  19. 19. OS Concepts
  20. 20. Why OS ?OS is the government in computer countryMain objective of the OS is serving applications Interfacing hardware resources to the applications. Managing shared resources between active processes. WWW.PITECHNOLOGIES.NET
  21. 21. iOS Features
  22. 22. iOS FeaturesConsists of four layers, provide easy developerinterface to the device hardwareLayers are built in Objective-C and C. WWW.PITECHNOLOGIES.NET
  23. 23. iOS And Applications
  24. 24. Applications CategoriesiPhone built-in applicationsSDK - 3rd party - native applicationsWeb technology applicationsBrowser based applications WWW.PITECHNOLOGIES.NET
  25. 25. iOS And Multitasking
  26. 26. Parallel computingconceptsSingle processThreading and multitaskingClustering and parallel computing WWW.PITECHNOLOGIES.NET
  27. 27. Multitasking LevelsNo multitaskingSpecific applicationsAll applications WWW.PITECHNOLOGIES.NET
  28. 28. iOS And Jailbreak
  29. 29. iPhone RestrictionsApplications downloadApplications developmentService Provider WWW.PITECHNOLOGIES.NET
  30. 30. Jailbreak Locked iPhoneJail breakingiOS update WWW.PITECHNOLOGIES.NET
  31. 31. Any Questions ?