Jaspersoft Reporting v5


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A short presentation on the new features that Jaspersoft Reporting v5 offers.

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Jaspersoft Reporting v5

  1. 1. Jasper Reports v5 What’s New? Open Source Business Intelligence
  2. 2. Jasper 4 what wasn’t perfect?• Unable to create joins between different data sources Source Source One Two
  3. 3. Jasper5 - Powerful in-memory enginefor Data Analysis+ JDBC, EJB, POJO, Hibernate, MDX,XML, CSV and custom data sources
  4. 4. I wont allow you to use large data sets
 -Jasper 4
  5. 5. Jasper 5 - Explore large data sets
  6. 6. Explore large data sets• In-Memory Data Exploration • Push down query processing architecture • Exceptional Performance for any data source • Intuitive Analysis UI • lets non-technical users drag & drop, filter, sort, pivot, slice, drill, or chart
  7. 7. More Export Formats• PDF• XLS• XLSX NEW Can export larger datasets to excel!• XML• HTML• XHTML• CSV• DOC• ODT
  8. 8. Enhanced Ad-hoc Reporting
  9. 9. What else isnew?Interactive iReportsMobile BIDashboardsWeb based AJAX UIMore Export FormatsURL Addressable ContentWeb Services, Java, JSPAPIsData access metadata layerMonitoring and Diagonistics
  10. 10. Interactive Reporting
  11. 11. Mobile BI - Jasper Web UI
  12. 12. JasperMobile iOS app
  13. 13. Dashboards
  14. 14. AJAX UI• Less Load
• Speed and Simplicity! • Easier than ever to use for non-technical users
  15. 15. Sub-reports Ad-hoc Reporting Topic iReport• Improved usability iReport DataSource DataSource• For building complex reports • Create reports out of existing reports • Combine different reports to bring out new reports • Follow naming rules for the sub-reports
  16. 16. Better Security• Secure access control by User, group, and role for • Reports, • Report resources • Methods • Web Services • Built-in single sign-on capability • Better integration with external authentication and authorization systems
  17. 17. Better Report Management• Scheduling and automatic distribution of reports by email as attachments or secure links • Storage of a broad range of content types • report definitions • report output instances • fonts • images • data source definitions • sub-reports
  18. 18. Seamless Integration• Reports can be embedded into any Java or non-Java application • comprehensive set of public Java APIs • metadata repository • secure object-level access control • Complete set of SOAP, REST, and Web Services • Can use JDBC and NoSQL sources such as Hadoop HIVE, HBase, and MongoDB. • A single report may use data from multiple data sources • Spring Security framework for integration with inhouse authentication systems
  19. 19. Effective Monitoring and Diagonistics
  20. 20. Jasper is available indifferent flavors• Its open source• Its available with or without support• Its available on the cloud• Enterprise Edition available• Design Interactive Reports & Dashboards• Explore Data with Interactive Charts• Integrate with your App or Business Process• Get a free trial version / cloud version here: • Jaspersoft Reporting | Business Intelligence
  21. 21. Thank you for watching !• Like this presentation? Share it... • Questions?
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