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Media q1

  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. Goodwin’s TheoryGoodwin’s theory states that for any music video to be prominent, it must adhere to at least some of these following elements:1. Have a link between lyrics and visuals.2. Have a link between visuals and music.3. Contain certain genre characteristics.4. Include inter-textual references.5. The demands of the record label are met.6. Frequent reference to notion of looking, particularly voyeuristic reference and treatment of women.
  3. 3. Correlations-Camera shots JayZ ft. Alicia Keys-New York Sloozie- Rain Falls DownWhen analysing music video’s I realised that many rap video’s generallyused street backgrounds, whilst JayZ and Alicia keys are standing in front oficonic New York, Sloozie is standing in front of where parts of the “Misfits”was filmed. Consequently I decided to go for that authentic rap conventionof the streets, where rap started. “Rain falls down” by Sloozie is a sub-genre of rock/rap, many artist’s who use this sub-genre adhere to mainlyrap conventions, yet containing some rock elements. Additionally in bothvideo’s low key lighting is used to create a chiaroscuro effect.
  4. 4. Correlations-Camera shots JayZ ft. Alicia Keys-New York Sloozie- Rain Falls DownHigh angle shots are used in both video’s, making the figure or object seemvulnerable or powerless. JayZ is prominent in his field, ranked as the 10thmost successful artist of 2000s by Billboard and ranked as the 5th top solomale artist, as well as the 4th top rapper , he also has companies such asrecord labels and clothing lines, this high angle shot reinforces the notionthat no matter how powerful he might be, he still has a boss. His recordlabel “Rock-a-Fella” is a subsidiary which only reinforces this notion.
  5. 5. Correlations-EditingJayZ ft. Alicia Keys-New York Sloozie- Rain Falls Down Jump cuts are used in both video’s. This editing technique is used to save time in the video, but more so to go in time with the beat to hopefully keep the audience excited. This is crucial as the most interesting video’s contain many different angles and location, made possible through jump cuts, which again keeps the audience watching. This edit was used in my preliminary exercise, however I developed how to use the edit effectively throughout the editing process of the music video.
  6. 6. Correlations-EditingJayZ ft. Alicia Keys-New York Sloozie- Rain Falls Down The Dissolve used in these video’s, allows the editor to describe a transition to and from a blank image. Furthermore I used the dissolve to soften obvious hard cuts which may startle the viewer, similarly it’s always good to use a variation of edits again to keep the audience attracted.
  7. 7. NarrativeNarrative is sometimes used in music videos to tell a story. Whilst Iacknowledge some artist’s, in various genre’s use non-linear narratives, Icould not see a good correlation between lyrics and a non-linear narrativewhilst carrying out my research. I therefore decided not to go down that path.
  8. 8. Mise-en-scene-Location JayZ ft. Alicia Keys-New York Sloozie- Rain Falls DownIn my music video I used various locations, however the most prominent is the oneabove. If you look at JayZ’s video situated in New York it allows the audience torecognise and even relate to the background. Despite the fact that my location isnot instantly known, it’s situated in Abby wood, East London, which was thelocation used by the “Misfits” production. This atheistically pleasing image wasdown to the lack of scenery in my preliminary, so I concluded that in my musicvideo the background should adhere to rap conventions of the streets, yet maintainsome elegance.
  9. 9. Breaking ConventionsSloozie- Rain Falls Down Lil Wayne ft. Nikki Minaj-Knockout JayZ ft. Alicia Keys-New York Sloozie is wearing a black coat, army style trousers and big black boots, this fashion style is unconventional as many rap artists show their bling, cars, baggy clothes and hats, JayZ on the far right adheres to these conventional and stereotypical perceptions. Alternatively Lil Wayne’s song “Knockout” which is also associated with the sub genre rock/rap, challenging these conventions as he is wearing skinny jeans, a chain strapped to his jeans, and trilby.