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  • 1. Enable & InspireGuide for Frog Teacher Champions
  • 2. Frog Teacher ChampionsTasksi frogPersonalDashboardCalendar& BookingCalendarMyDocumentsLessonResources CommunitySite/The PondForums&EmailSocialNetworkingFrog VLETraining
  • 3. IntroductionWelcome to the Enable and Inspire phase of theTransformation Programme!Congratulations on being selected to be part ofThe Frog Team!As a member of thisteam, you will play a keyrole in the successfulimplementation of theFrog VLE in your school.You will beresponsible forpromoting theFrog VLE and itsbenefits to yourcolleagues andstudents.Your enthusiasmand commitmentwill spur othersto join you onthis excitingjourney withFrog.Your role iscrucial for thesuccessfulimplementationof this project.
  • 4. FrogVLETrainingEnjoy your Frog VLE training anddon’t forget to:explore yes.my and activate your1BestariNet IDcreate a Facebook and Twitter account
  • 5. PersonalDashboardYour Personal Dashboard is the first page youare presented with upon logging into the VLE.Explore the use of the Widgets to change thelook of your Dashboard frequently.For a start, you can add personal content such as:photographsvideos, orlinks to your favourite websites
  • 6. This week, you should:make a booking using the Booking Calendarpopulate the following:Personal CalendarClass CalendarCo-curricular Unit CalendarCalendar& BookingCalendarThe Calendar allows everyone to keep track of allevents and appointments while theBooking Calendar simplifies the booking ofrooms and resources.
  • 7. The My Documents areais your own personal filestorage area. All filesuploaded to this area remain privateand are inaccessible to other users.Upload your files and organize them bycreating folders for:Personal DocumentsReports and MinutesPicturesVideosMyDocuments
  • 8. The Lesson Resources folders contain allof the teaching and learning resourcesfor your school.It is recommended that each department has its own folder.Create subject folders for teachers to upload their ownresources into.Organise these folders according to:SubjectYearTopicLessonResources
  • 9. The Community Site is a place whereteachers can find guides and videos tosupport their Frog journey. It allowsteachers to share their ideas and learnfrom each other.CommunitySite/The PondTake some time this week to explore:The Community Site, andThe PondThe Pond is a place where students canjumpstart their Frog experience with tipsand ideas on how to get the most out oftheir VLE.
  • 10. Forum topics are a great wayto provide teachers andstudents with an opportunityto participate in engagingdiscussions.Forums&EmailTry the following activities during this week:Participate in a ForumAccess your Yes Mail and send an Email toyour school Implementation Consultant (IC)Explore Chat and Hangout via yourYes Mail AccountExplore Google Drive
  • 11. Join the Frog community in the following ways:Like the FrogAsia Facebook pageParticipate in our weekly #FrogChat on TwitterExplore the following:www.1bestarinet.netwww.frogasia.comhttp://blog.frogasia.com (Hop On Board)SocialNetworking
  • 12. Congratulations!you have completed theEnable & Inspirephase!Our next phase is Empower!Find out what the next phase holds by contacting yourImplementation Consultant (IC).
  • 13. Fastest 4G Mobile Internet with Voice