Surface treatment seminar introduction
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Surface treatment seminar introduction



surface treatment seminar's introduction

surface treatment seminar's introduction



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Surface treatment seminar introduction Presentation Transcript

  • 1. 1
  • 2. • Introduction Process Design- OEM Perspective Process Operation – Operator Perspective Process Qualification Concerns Product Quality Concerns How to Improve Process Quality Focus Point – Process Criticalities 2
  • 3. • Seminar Overview Surface Treatment – An Overview Pre-Processes & Criticalities Plating Processes & Criticalities Post Processes & Criticalities Review of Some Existing Plating Processes 3
  • 4. Processes Design- OEM Perspective A process is designed after extensive studies, research work verified by experiments Thus; each and every step as described by the OEM has its own importance and implications; may it be a simple / repetitive step e.g too many hot-wash, cold-wash, blowing dry air or ensuring continuity of some steps in the process 4
  • 5. Processes Operation – Operator Perspective Process operators take the process as a set of certain steps to be performed with a sole concern of acceptance / rejection of out-coming products Operators, over a period of time, based on their observations / experience start taking shortcuts / omitting process steps, which they think, do not have any effect on the product & Their assumptions remain true due to various reasons like non-detection of underlying adverse effects, incapacitation of process control parameters being monitored to show the effects 5
  • 6. Process Qualification Concerns Specifications/requirements of process qualification as specified by the OEM be met/ensured/monitoredProduct Quality Concerns Is the product coming out of a process a Quality Product? Who/How a product will be defined as Quality Product. Answer is “ in our case Products meeting OEM’s requirements & in general Products meeting User’s requirements” 6
  • 7. How to Improve Process/Product Quality Process Qualification Implementation Intelligent Embedding of Quality Control Element Knowing What, Why & How of the Process Process Criticalities Awareness 7
  • 8. Focus Point – Process Criticalities Process Criticalities can only be understood / ensured through Knowing What, Why & How of the Process 8
  • 9. Surface Treatment An Overview Finishing and Polishing Coatings Deposition Organic Coatings 9
  • 10. Pre-Processes Surface PreparationMechanical Preparation Blast Finishing Shot Peening Mass Finishing Polishing BuffingChemical PreparationPre-process BakingPreheatingEffects of Discontinuity in processEffects of Poor Cleaning process 10
  • 11. Plating Process & CriticalitiesWhat & Why of ElctroplatingFactors Influencing Electro Deposition Current density Cathode Efficiency Agitation Bath composition & Solution concentration Water Requirement The presence of impurities & FiltrationHydrogen Embrittlement and its Effects 11
  • 12. Post Processes & Criticalities Drying with Air (Hot/Cold) Post Process Baking Hot / Cold Water Rinse Heat Treatment Inspection Quality Control 12
  • 13. Review of Some Existing Plating Processes Lead – Indium Zinc Plating 13