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Network ssecurity toolkit
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Network ssecurity toolkit


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  • 2. Agenda What is network security Importance of network security Network security toolkits Security Tools 1.Snort 2.Ettercap 3.Sam Spade 4.Backtrack 5.Hydra 6.Deepfreeze
  • 3. What is Network Security ? Network security consists of the provisionsand polices adopted by a network administrator to prevent andmonitor unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denialof a computer network and network-accessible resources
  • 4. Importance of Network Security
  • 5. Network Security Tools
  • 6. Snort→ Developed by Sourcefire, Inc. in 2012→ Snort is lightweight network IDS or IPS which is used to detect a variety of attacks and probes→ Snort have three modes : 1. sniffer 2.packet logger intrusion detection→ Snort uses a flexible rule-based language to describe traffic
  • 7. Features→ Small ,Portable (Linux, Solaris, *BSD, IRIX, HP-UX)→ Fast and Open Source Software→ Configurable (Easy rules language, many reporting/ logging options)
  • 8. Ettercap→ Ettercap is a tool for network protocol analysis and security auditing→ Capable of intercepting traffic , capture passwords, and conduct active eavesdropping against common protocols→ Supports active and passive dissection of many protocols
  • 9. Features→ Ettercap offers four modes of operation: 1.IP-Based 2.MAC-Based 3.ARP-Based 4. PublicARP-based→ Character injection into an established connection→ HTTPS support→ Plug-in support
  • 10. Features(contd…)→ Password collectors for→ Packet filtering/dropping→ OS fingerprinting→ Passive scanning of the LAN→ Hijacking of DNS requests
  • 11. Sam Spade→ Sam Spade utility was authored by Steve Atkins in 1997→ Sam Spade is a network tool suite, with some extra features that will enable you to track unsolicited email.→ The Sam Spade tool acts as a sleuth that finds as much public information about an IP address or DNS address→ It integrates the capabilities found in ping, traceroute, time, whois, nslookup, finger, DIG , etc
  • 12. Features→ DNS zone transfer→ SMTP Relay Check→ Scan Addresses→ Crawl website→ Browse web→ Fast and Slow Traceroute→ Decode URL→ Parse email headers→ Check cancels
  • 13. Backtrack→ Linux distribution designed for penetration testing, aka "ethical hacking“→ BackTrack is a Linux distribution that is security focused and contains over 300 security tools integrated with a highly polished user interface→ current version is BackTrack 5 R3
  • 14. Hydra→ very fast network logon cracker→ perform rapid dictionary attacks against more then 30 protocols, including TELNET, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, MS-SQL, MYSQL,SNMP, POP3, IMAP etc
  • 15. Features→ IPv6 Support→ Graphic User Interface→ Internationalized support (RFC 4013)→ HTTP proxy support→ SOCKS proxy support
  • 16. Deep Freeze→Developed by Feronics ,Deep Freeze makes computer configurations indestructible→Any changes made to a computer are wiped out at the end of the session→Provides immunity from: →Accidental system misconfiguration →Malicious software activity →Incidental system degradation
  • 17. Features→Multiple Thaw Spaces→Hidden Thaw Spaces→Improved Console Functionality →Remote Desktop Control →Remote EXE & MSI execution (using PSEXEC)→New Event Scheduler →Multiple, daily events now possible
  • 18. Conclusion No system or network is absolutely secure , as hackers ormany algorithms are there to break passwords and muchvaluable information, which leads to a great loss. Hencenetwork security tools provides the remedy by many ways.
  • 19. Thank You!!!