PRESS RELEASE: 2013 07-26 Ahern & associates Mentoring Program


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Ahern & Associates launches brand new mentoring program for transport trucking companies.

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PRESS RELEASE: 2013 07-26 Ahern & associates Mentoring Program

  1. 1. Page 1 AHERN & ASSOCIATES LAUNCHES BRAND NEW MENTORING PROGRAM FOR TRANSPORT TRUCKING COMPANIES The transportation consulting business is utilizing their forty years of experience to help owners of transportation companies. PHOENIX, AZ–July 26, 2013–Ahern & Associates have recently announced a brand new mentoring program for transportation businesses. The Phoenix based logistics and trucking consultation firm is frequently asked to consult on the progress of a business due toAhern’s industry knowledge and business acumen and is now seeking to proactively assist industry managers and owners. The mentorship program will allow trucking business owners the opportunity to have their business assessed by the auditors of Ahern & Associates, who will provide the company with recommendations that will allow the business to continue and grow if followed. The program charges a flat annual fee, with no additional costs once engaged. The trucking industry is constantly evolving and is extremely competitive, which requires businesses to invest in intellectual capital to succeed. Ahern & Associates has launched their mentoring program especially for the trucking companies that may not havethe necessary knowledge to succeed. All of Ahern & Associates auditors are ex-presidents or CEOs of small and large transportation companies, and have comprehensive business knowledge that cannot be found in any textbook. All of the auditors have retired early due to their business’ success, and joined CEO Andy seeking to lend their knowledge to struggling business owners. The concentration of industry knowledge present in Ahern’s auditing team as well as their constant global market exposure allows them to understand the common mistakes that befall business owners, and helps them to actively fix these mistakes. With their continuous and varied field expertise their advice and experience evolves as the industry does and allows them to apply knowledge of global and national trends to local or individual company issues. For more information on Ahern & Associates’ new program, visit:, or contact them at 602-242-1030. ### About Ahern & Associates, Ltd. Ahern and Associates is North America’s leading trucking and transportation management consulting firm. The skilled consultants at Ahern and Associates specialize in mergers and acquisitions of trucking and logistics companies as well as the restructuring and evaluation of existing carriers that seek to
  2. 2. Page 2 increase operating efficiency and improve profitability. Since 1987, Ahern and Associates has aided hundreds of buyers in the acquisition of trucking and logistics companies throughout the U.S. and Canada as well as assisting many transportation and logistics companies in reducing their overall operating costs and increasing their profitability. For more information, please call 602-242-1030 or visit