2014 August - eXo Software Factory Overview
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2014 August - eXo Software Factory Overview



Overview of the eXo Software Factory and especially all resources that it provides for its community

Overview of the eXo Software Factory and especially all resources that it provides for its community



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2014 August - eXo Software Factory Overview 2014 August - eXo Software Factory Overview Presentation Transcript

  • eXo Software Factory Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
  • • Software Factory Team • Development rules and recommendations • Methods and Tools • To improve quality and productivity • Teams training • To improve ours skills • Support & Services • About tools, methods, processes, and technical Software Factory Team
  • • Development practices • Unit tests, integration tests, functional tests, web tests, performances tests • Code quality • Java/JEE & Production Architecture • Development tools • Build, Packaging, IDE .. Skills Catalog
  • • Documentations • http://int.exoplatform.org/portal/g/:spaces:development_standards/ development_standards • http://developer.exoplatform.org (should be the place to go) • https://wiki-int.exoplatform.org/display/exoSoftwareFactory/Home (deprecated but but not moved in intranet) • Activity/Requests tracked in Jira : • https://jira.exoplatform.org/browse/SWF • Contact us : • Email : exo-swf@exoplatform.com • Skype : aheritier How are we working ?
  • SCM Source configuration management
  • Git on GitHub • https://github.com/exoplatform/ • Blessed repositories • Rights limited per profiles/roles • https://github.com/exodev/ • Development repositories • Pull/Push rights for all eXoers • https://github.com/exo-addons/ • Platform Add-ons
  • Nexus Binaries management
  • Nexus
  • Nexus for productivity
  • Nexus for collaboration Deploy 3rd Party Artifacts Collaborate with Internal Repositories Distribute to the community with Public Repositories Distribute to customers with Private Repositories
  • Jira Issues and tasks management
  • Jira
  • Jira with Jira Agile
  • Jira with Jira Capture
  • Jenkins Automation and scheduling : Build,Tests, Deployment
  • Jenkins
  • Continuous Integration Build,Test and Deploy ASAP using Maven 2/3 from sources (SVN,GIT googlecode, jboss, exo, github repos) to Maven repositories managed by Nexus (if build/tests are passing)
  • Reporting *-sonar jobs are loading data into sonar to provide code analysis. *-site are generating Maven site on projects.exoplatform.org They are launched once a day if the codebase change otherwise once per WE
  • Mobile developments - continuous integration and deployment
  • Reporting and dashboards • Jenkins => Teams • Emails (email-ext plugin) • Teams => Jenkins • Dashboard views • Radiator views
  • Dashboards
  • Unstable Build Notification
  • Build Failure Notification
  • Radiator views
  • Sonar Quality management
  • Sonar, a quality dashboard
  • Sonar, analyze your project
  • Sonar, Continuous Improvement ?
  • Acceptance Tests and validation platform
  • Acceptance • Access to all test instances deployed each night • Monitor features branches statuses
  • Acceptance
  • Acceptance
  • Fisheye & Crucible Sources browsing and code review
  • Fisheye/Crucible
  • Teams Code Reviews Asynchronous, distributed discussions
  • Have fully threaded conversations about source code with your others.
  • Simply click on some lines to add comments.
  • Comments can be displayed inline or next to the code they refer to.
  • Flag a comment as a defect to highlight it.
  • Teams Code Reviews Manage reviews
  • Features • Pre-commit: reviewing content that is not under version control. Upload a piece of code, a file or cut-and-paste from your IDE. • Post-commit: reviews after the code is committed to the repository. • Moderated: reviews can have a moderator responsible for a review; creating, approving, and determining when a review is finished. • Un-moderated: a streamlined process where the review author is the sole person who starts and stops the review is a simple default. • Snippet: a pastebin service meets peer review - you can simply paste some code and start discussing it with the team, without the need for any formal code review workflow. • Changeset discussions: commit messages allow a developer to provide information with a commit. Provide free form comments on commit messages.
  • Browsing changesets, searching for files, or uploading a patch to add content
  • You can use the classic review roles Moderator, Author and Reviewer or let anyone do anything.
  • Only a title and code are needed to start a Snippet Review.
  • Use change set comments as a catalyst for code discussions.
  • Reviews evolve as your code evolves
  • Live updates and notifications
  • Teams Code Reviews Dashboard & Reports
  • Activity Stream
  • Who is holding up
  • Which issues are being held up by reviews?
  • Teams Code Reviews Jira Integration
  • Create Jira issues
  • Resolve subtasks from Crucible
  • Create reviews from Jira
  • Follow reviews attached to a jira project
  • Conclusion
  • SWF links Git : https://github.com/exoplatform https://github.com/exodev https://github.com/exo-addons Nexus : https://repository.exoplatform.org Jenkins : https://ci.exoplatform.org Jira : https://jira.exoplatform.org Fisheye/Crucible : https://fisheye.exoplatform.org Sonar : https://sonar.exoplatform.org Acceptance : https://acceptance.exoplatform.org Maven sites : https://projects.exoplatform.org
  • Questions