TCDA Social Media Workshop Nov 14, 2012
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TCDA Social Media Workshop Nov 14, 2012






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  • Top 25 Most Visited USA Websites   Google Facebook YouTube Yahoo! Amazon eBay Wikipedia Twitter Windows Live LinkedIn Go Bing MSN Pinterest AOL ESPN Tumblr CNN Interactive Netflix The Huffington Post PayPal Ask Bank of America
  • Social networking
  • Pinterest
  • 45-55
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook Least influence on purchases: Twitter
  • 45-55
  • 45-55
  • Over 167 million U.S. users
  • What are you trying to accomplish with social media?
  • 45-55
  • These points of differentiation become framework for your key messages
  • Why set core values? They give us a deeper sense of responsibility, commitment, motivation. (Many companies found their great success b/c of the core values they developed: -- Sears' commitment to trusting the customer . [From the 19th century onward, any product could be returned to the company with a money back guarantee, which engendered great trust in both directions, enabling booming sales, and, the great success for the firm that followed.] -- Apple Computer's belief in the values of solving problems of society . [The company created the IPod player and ITunes online music store to overcome a conflict between those who sought to download copyrighted music for free and the music industry which sought to protect its artists and its revenues.] -- Marriott's values of systemization and standardization . [The company created a standard model hotel, and then duplicated it hundreds of time around the world, enabling it to grow incredibly fast, and become the leader of its industry.] Once we put strategic plans in place that focus one our core values, we will often find it ’s easier to focus and to find success. Personal Example: BBYP and my core value “Balance” to re-balance my life and help others balance theirs. Core value “make yoga available to all” (financially and physically)
  • Over 167 million U.S. users
  • Retail is top industry that gained customers from Facebook
  • Over 167 million U.S. users
  • News accounts received 2x more engagement
  • News accounts received 2x more engagement

TCDA Social Media Workshop Nov 14, 2012 TCDA Social Media Workshop Nov 14, 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • Starting or Enhancing Your Social Media Strategy By Angela Keyser AK Communications Phone: 715-212-2910 Twitter: @Angela_Keyser
  • Before We Begin… “To succeed, we first must believe we can.” -Michael Korda
  • Todays’ Goal From this
  • Todays’ Goal To this
  • Overview1. Why social media is important2. How to get started3. Overview of top five social media networks4. Tools and tips for managing social media5. Measuring what matters6. Top tips for blogging, videos, contests7. Resources
  • A Little Bit About Me Where it all began…
  • A Little About MeB.S. Animal Science & International AgribusinessSpent the last 10 years working in food & agriculture marketing & public relations
  • A Little About Me Military Spouse New Mom Difficult to grow career given transient nature of the military Started AK Communications in fall 2011
  •  Coaching, Consulting + Freelancing  Marketing Strategy  Advertising  Public Relations  Events/Tradeshows  Websites  Branding  Social Media  Copy + Content Writing  Sales ToolsWe Grow Food and Family Fun
  • Why Social Media?
  • Why Social Media? What are the top 3 most visited websites?A. Amazon, Yahoo!, FacebookB. Wikipedia, Google, YouTubeC. Google, Facebook, YouTube
  • Why Social Media? What is the most popular online activity? A. Google-ing B. Social Networking C. News Reading
  • Why Social Media? What website drives more referrals than Google+, LinkedIn & YouTube?
  • Why Social Media?What is the fastest growingdemographic on Facebook?
  • Why Social Media?
  • Why Social Media? Social networks and blogs reach what percentage of the active U.S. internet users? A. 33% B. 55% C. 80%
  • Why Social Media?Last year, the followers on this network claimed it had 24% influence on purchase behavior. This year, the followers of that samenetwork claim it has a 47% influence on purchases.
  • Why Social Media? Other Important StatisticsThe ‘check-in’ trend never existed22% of Americans check social sitesseveral times/dayB2C companies who blog regularly seean 88% increase in median monthlyleads (B2B see 67% increase)
  • Why Social Media? Other Important StatisticsHalf of all local searches are performedon a mobile device49% of smartphone users use theirdevice for social networkingMobile & video are the fastest growingareas in marketing Social media helps your SEO
  • Why Social Media?In one minute online there are:100 new accounts created on LinkedIn100,000 tweets sent on Twitter277,000 log ins on Facebook2.8 million videos viewed on YouTube
  • How to Get Started
  • How to Get Started“Begin with the end inmind” Habit #2 of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • How to Get StartedGoing Back to Business Basics Do you have an existing marketingplan? If so, revisit it. If not, develop one.What is your brand image?  Fun, sophisticated, adventurous, creative, wholesome, family-focused?
  • How to Get StartedMarket Research  Who are your target customers?  Ages?  Lifestyles?  Where do they spend their free time?  What needs/wants do they have?  Where do they go for information?  What challenges do they have that you could help out with?
  • How to Get StartedMarket Research  Who are your competitors?  What are their strengths?  What are their weaknesses?  What’syour competitive advantage?  What are your strengths?  What are your weaknesses?  How are you different/better?
  • How to Get StartedProduct  What are you selling?  What adjectives can you use to describe your product?  What are the tangible things you sell?  What are the intangible things you sell?  What are the benefits of your product?  How does your product make your customer’s life better/easier?
  • How to Get StartedWhat are your company’s core values & key messages?
  • How to Get StartedWhat is your annual marketing activity calendar?  Review social media Gantt chart
  • The Top 5 Social Networks
  • The Top 5 Social Networks  Twitter  Facebook  YouTube  Google+  Pinterest
  • Top 5 Social NetworksOver 1 billion monthly users globally47% male, 53% femaleTraffic is highest mid-week btwn 1-3pmEngagement is 18% higher on Thurs & FriBrand engagement in 2011 increased by 176%
  • Top 5 Social Networks77% of B2C companies acquired customers from FB (43% of B2B)9:1 ratio of views to sharesAuto-posting to FB decreases likes and comments by 70%95% of all wall posts are not answered by brands
  • Top 5 Social Networks Is it right for you? Most likely should be #1 SM priority ifyou’re a B2C businessAre you willing to commit to posting dailyDo you have the capability to answer all wallposts?Can you identify at least 1 other person thatcan help?
  • Top 5 Social Networks How to get started Watch & Listen  Identify 3-5 pages you admire/are similar to your business and study them  Notice what comments get the most engagement and which ones don’t  Pay attention to how the brand words things
  • Top 5 Social Networks How to get startedStart Your Page  Fill in as much company information as possible  Post several pictures/videos  Make several posts before you make your page public
  • Top 5 Social Networks How to get startedLaunching & Engaging  After making your FB page public, let everyone know  Share in your eNewsletter, advertising, website, brochures, etc.  Don’t focus on number of followers, focus on engagement  Use your platform for a variety of things:  Promoting your services/products (sales, promotions)  Product education  Market research  Product development
  • Top 5 Social Networks How to get startedFine-Tuning & Exploring  Multiple postings per day  Posting at different times of day  Focus on call-to-actions  Less is more (photos, short videos & short posts)  Partner up with other like-minded pages  Using apps  Develop contests
  • Facebook Contest Tips
  • Facebook Contest TipsContest TipsKnow the rulesWhat is your goal/why are you doing this?What type of contest are you having?  Sweepstakes, essay, photo, videoWhat’s the prize?  Needs to be enticing  Ideally promotes your brand, product, service
  • Facebook Contest TipsContest TipsKeep it simplePromote it everywhereUse it to gather information/insightResources  for 3rd party Facebook apps ’s – How to Master Facebook Marketing in 10 days ’s – 9 Tips for Running Successful Facebook Contests
  • Top 5 Social Networks MeasureTrack Monthly LikesPay attention to which posts get mostengagementAsk for feedback from followersReward most engaged followers
  • Top 5 Social Networks500 years of YouTube video are watched on Facebook every day4 billion YouTube videos are viewed per day800 million unique visitors a month700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter each minuteTraffic from mobile devices tripled in 2011
  • Top 5 Social NetworksYouTube was bought by Google so you can access YouTube through your Google account
  • Top 5 Social NetworksTo create a channel  Log into Google  Click on YouTube along top of window  Sign In on YouTube  Go to upper right hand corner where your picture or a blue picture icon is and click on the drop down menu  Click on ‘Advanced’ underneath your name and email  Under Channel Settings, click on ‘Rename Channel’
  • Top 5 Social Networks How to get startedWatch and learnWhat is your purpose, goal, expectedcustomer action?Does the content fit/support/complementyour brand image, marketing plan activities &goals?Who will be your spokesperson/actor?
  • Top 5 Social Networks How to get startedDo you have a suitable set?  No background distractions  Pleasing to the eye and complementing the actor  Ideally showcasing your product, service, brand in an indirect wayWould an animated slide show bettercommunicate your information?
  • Top 5 Social Networks How to get startedDo you have all the tools?  Camera  SD Card  Tripod  Lights  Microphone  Video editing software
  • Top 5 Social Networks How to get startedIs you ‘actor’ comfortable speaking in frontof the camera?What are your talking points?Do you need a script?Do you have the appropriate props to besttell the story?
  • Top 5 Social Networks How to get startedKeep it short: less than 3 minutesFocus on product education vs self-produced advertisementKeep it entertaining  Action shots but not too much action  Use simple sets, images, demonstrations  Show that you’re human!  Give the viewer something to do (Call-to-Action)
  • Top 5 Social NetworksWhat’s trending on Twitter today oftenbecomes tomorrow’s newsIt’s becoming search-engine-likeOver 60% are womenGreat place to network with  Media  Follow magazines/news/influencers  People you would otherwise never meet
  • Top 5 Social Networks
  • Top 5 Social Networks How to get startedYour handle (@Angela_Keyser) should beconsistent with your brand nameUse key words and your website in your profiledescriptionMake sure your profile image reflects your logo orbrand imageDON’T tweet on someone’s behalf unless youpublicly notify your followers
  • Top 5 Social Networks How to get startedWatch, listen and learnStart following like-minded people & organizationsUse key words, phrases used in other marketingcommunicationsUsing a hashtag (#) directly before a word(#twitter) gives your tweet stronger searchabilityFocus on direct messaging and mentioning peoplevs. always blasting out information
  • Top 5 Social Networks How to get startedOne of the best networks for news sharingMake sure you site your sourcesThe information can be overwhelming so learn touse lists or social aggregatorsLimit your timeMake sure you determine your goal every time youhop on the network
  • Top 5 Social NetworksThird most popular social network in regards to traffic10.4 million usersSpend 97.8 minutes per visit80% femalePrimarily crafts, gifts, hobbies, interior design, fashion, recipes
  • Top 5 Social NetworksBest time to pin in the day: 2-4pm ESTBest time to pin in the evening: 8pm-1am ESTRemember the focus is on imagesHow to Get StartedGo to and request permission to sign-upOnce you are granted permission, start following people or companies to learn the ropes
  • Top 5 Social Networks170 million usersUsers spend 3.3 minutes each time they visitPrimary users are college students and software developersPrimarily maleThink of Facebook on steroids that hasn’t caught on yet.
  • Top 5 Social Networks How to get startedYou need a Google accountSign up for Google+ on the top left hand corner ofthe Google account home screenBegin searching for people and adding them toself-determined circlesGreat for organizing your friends and pages intomore manageable groupsCan really help your SEO b/c backed by Google
  • Don’t Forget… Blogging Companies that blog have 55% more web visitors than those that don’t One of the most valuable social media activities yet the most often under utilized b/c of time investment 60% of blogs are updated twice a week
  • Blogging TipsDetermine the blog leader and 1-2 people to supportDevelop a list of blog topics that compliment your marketing plan and expertiseSet aside a chunk of time weekly or bi-weekly to write several blog postsPost on a regular basisFocus on call-to-actions and engagementIf possible, integrate your blog with your websitePromote the content on all social media networks
  • Blogging TipsVary the content: slide shows, videos, guest posts, interviews, reviews, commentaryKeep it shortPay attention to what drives engagement and what doesn’tChoose headlines wisely (look to newspaper, magazine and other blog headlines for guidance)Remember to tag your postsUse Blogger (Google) or for blogging
  • Don’t Forget…LinkedInMore than 135 million usersB2B companies experience a 61% success rate withcustomer acquisitions from LinkedIn75 out of the Fortune 100 companies use LinkedInto hireGroups are hit and miss but overall networking isextremely effective
  • Managing Social MediaSocial Media AggregatorsHelp you manage everythingin one placeAllow you to gather andtrack more specific data   
  • Measuring What MattersMeasure based on goalsEstablish benchmarksBe patient – it’s a social scienceFocus on quality vs. quantity  Engagement vs number of followers  Your target audience activity vs random visitor activityAs soon as possible, try to track conversion rates  Click-through rates  Clicks that result in purchases
  • Sources & Resources   m   
  • ConclusionSocial media is completely doable given the right plan, focus and daily dedicationDon’t go it alone, find a partnerKeep up with the changes – find a social media resource you like and try to read their information regularly. Or, meet with someone that does and get the download on a regular basis.Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Slow and steady wins the race
  • Questions? By Angela Keyser AK Communications Phone: 715-212-2910 Twitter: @Angela_Keyser