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Basics of twitter
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Basics of twitter


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Twitter workshop offered to library faculty and staff at Atkins Library, UNC Charlotte

Twitter workshop offered to library faculty and staff at Atkins Library, UNC Charlotte

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Basics of TwitterPresented by Professional Activities Committee
  • 2. Why use twitter? Networking Promotion of the library and your work Follow news Raise issues Communicate with vendors Keep up with the university and your peers
  • 3. Private vs. PublicPrivate If you want to use it like Facebook, go private You approve of those that want to follow you Great for connecting with a group of people youalready know and trustPublic Capability for building a larger network Tweets are public – so watch what you say
  • 4. DM (direct message) DM allows you to hold a private conversationwith another Twitter user, but you can only DMpeople who are already following you It is the closest thing to e-mail in Twitter Check yours by clicking on the envelope icon
  • 5. @ (reply or chat)Use to reply to or simply chat with another user@donnalanclos thanks!@donnalanclos found this article and thought ofyou
  • 6. Composing tweets No more than 140 characters The shorter the better Best to use 120 characters for re-tweeting Shorten links with URL shorteners bi.tly ( ( (
  • 7. RT (re-tweet)Re-tweet to say…“I like or am interested in what you’re tweeting – Iwant to promote it or share it with others”
  • 8. RT examples Original tweet: Maureen Sullivan: President Obama’s budget gives libraries funding boost Modifications: RT @amlibraries: Maureen Sullivan: President Obama’s budget gives librariesfunding boost MT @amlibraries: President Obama’s budget gives libraries funding boost President Obama’s budget gives libraries funding boost via@amlibraries Must read RT @amlibraries: Maureen Sullivan: President Obama’s budget giveslibraries funding boost
  • 9. Best Practices Follow people that interest you Be prepared for people to respond to your tweets –decide how you want to deal with it Promote your work and the work of your colleaguesand friends Congratulate people on their accomplishments Twitter persona: How personal do you want to get?
  • 10. Following These are people/institutions you follow It is not creepy to follow people that you do notpersonally know – that is part of the networkingopportunity that is unique to Twitter Start with some of your colleagues or otherpeople/institutions that interest you. Who do theyfollow? Follow people that you meet If you try to follow people that have private accounts,you will need to wait for their approval (like FB)
  • 11. Followers These are people who follow you! After you follow some people, they mayautomatically follow you You do not need to follow your followers Build your following with peers and hash tags
  • 12. # (hash-tag) Use in tweets to connect people to your thoughtsor findings on an idea/subject/trend Broadens your reach beyond your followers Search hash tags to follow certaintrends/ideas/conferences#highered#ebooks#libraries#edtech#infolit#DH#UNCC#ClubAtkins#UNCCproblems#ala13
  • 13. Favorites & Lists Favorites serve as bookmarks Create lists or subscribe to lists to follow certain groups orinstitutions Lists can be private or public People may add you to lists Subscribing to lists can be used as a substitute forfollowing people/institutions
  • 14. Campus/Library Tweeters Find your faculty or other units to follow: Jim Hathaway also started a list of UNCC facultyand staff: you can subscribe to or ask to be added to Library Staff on Twitter: Heather McCullough,Stanley Wilder, Lareese Hall, Donna LanclosSee
  • 15. Try it out!Activities:o Search for and “follow” the other Twitter teamo RT somethingo DM the other Twitter teamo Respond to the other team’s DMo Reply to (@) a tweet from the other teamo Compose tweet using hash tag #atkinstest
  • 16. Next week… Twitter communities – chat via Twitter Tweet-ups Using #hashtags at conferences Following conferences via #hashtags Advanced Twitter management tools Drafting and scheduling tweets
  • 17. Questions?Amanda Binder@ahbinderAtkins LibraryUNC Charlotte