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Survey firms

  1. 1. Pulse AsiaAccording to its corporate profile, Pulse Asia sees the public pulse as akey ingredient in a democracy. It committed itself to the advancement ofprofessional polling by Filipinos within the country, as well as in otherparts of Asia. It uses prudence and academic rigor to exploreinnovations in the gathering, use and analysis of social data. It alsoprobes new or under-explored areas of study, which bear significantrelevance or interest to the public.Pulse Asia has academic independence and has a professional team ofhigh caliber. It initiates its own research studies based on a regularmonitoring of prominent public concerns at a national, regional, local orsectoral level. It also solicits third-party sponsorship of or subscription toits research products and may also undertake specific surveys at therequest of interested parties, but it will not undertake proprietarysurveys where the client retains the exclusive right to the surveyfindings and withholds them from the public domain indefinitely. AllPulse Asia surveys are made available to the general public within ayear from the time they are released to a client.Pulse Asia endeavors at all times to serve the public interest indemocratic governance by undertaking studies on social, economic,political and comprehensive policy issues and by making available tothe widest audience the findings, analyses and policy recommendationsof its independent, non-partisan and academic probes. In doing so, thecompany has these commitments: (1) All work done by Pulse Asia shallmeet at least the generally accepted standards demanded of qualityacademic output; (2) Believing in the urgent necessity to facilitate thepublics access to information, all studies done by the company shallautomatically become public domain material within one year after theircompletion; and (3) Pulse Asia shall provide for a system of equitableaccess to information by materially assisting parties or individuals thatare unable to adequately finance their demonstrably critical informationneeds.[edit]Team of analysts
  2. 2. ▪ Prof. Felipe B. Miranda - professor of political science, University of the Philippines, founding fellow of the Social Weather Stations▪ Mercedes R. Abad - president and general manager of TRENDS- MBL, Inc.▪ Jose V. Abueva - former president of the University of the Philippines, now president of Kalayaan College▪ Arsenio M. Balisacan - professor of economics, University of the Philippines▪ Maria Rose Cynthia Banzon-Bautista - professor of sociology, University of the Philippines▪ Emmanuel S. de Dios - dean, University of the Philippines School of Economics▪ Ronald D. Holmes - executive director of the De La Salle University System and former director of the De La Salle-Santiago Zobel School▪ Jose P. de Jesus - is among the countrys top technocrats, has served the Government in various capacities▪ Romeo L. Manlapaz - retired professor of mathematics at the University of the Philippines▪ Rosa Linda Tidalgo Miranda - executive director of the Center for Asia-Pacific Women in Politics▪ Temario C. Rivera - professor of political science, University of the Philippines▪ Ana Maria L. Tabunda - former dean, University of the Philippines School of StatisticsZelda C. Zablan - professor of demography at the UP PopulationInstituteSWS
  3. 3. A membership organization, its members, called Fellows, make up theGeneral Assembly that elects its Board of Directors every year. TheFellows are distinguished social scientists in the field of economics,political science, sociology, statistics, market research, and others.Aside from the seven founding fellows, there are regular fellowscomprising the membership.[3][edit]Founding Fellows▪ Dr. MaharMangahas (currently the President and CEO)▪ Prof. Felipe B. Miranda▪ Mercedes R. Abad▪ Jose P. de Jesus▪ Ma. Alcestis Abrea-Mangahas▪ Gemino H. AbadRosa Linda Tidalgo-Miranda3. SynnovateIpsos Business Consulting (IBC) is one of several boutique globalbusiness consulting firms with special focus on market analysis. It is adivision of Ipsos which is the third largest research company in theworld, present in 84 countries. </ref>Ipsos Business Consulting doesnot have a Head Office, but its CEO is based in Hong Kong. IBC has apresence in locations such as the USA, United Kingdom, United ArabEmirates and Australia, but most of its offices are located in Asia.Synovate does not provide the mainstream consulting services typicallyfound in large global consulting firms. It specialises in marketintelligence and growth consulting, with the services falling into threekey categories - market analysis, competitive analysis and growthstrategy. They also provide a partner evaluation service that is akin tothe Head Hunting service for Executive Search. [2]History and originSynovate Business Consulting started out in the early 1990s as part ofAsia Market Intelligence (AMI). AMI was subsequently acquired byAegis Group a media and market research group founded by PeterScott in 1989 as a separate company based the original WCRS Groupmedia buying division which itself was centred around the French mediabusiness Carat. It is headquartered in London and listed on the London
  4. 4. Stock Exchange. Other Aegis Group businesses included Carat,Vizeum, MMA and Posterscope.In 2003 Aegis Group consolidated all its market research activitiesunder the brand name „Synovate‟. AMI Consulting then becameSynovate Business Consulting.[3] In 2011, Ipsos purchased theSynovate business from Aegis Group, creating the third largestresearch company. At the start of 2012, Synovate Business Consultingstarted to trade as Ipsos Business Consulting, reflecting the newownership.[edit]Sectors and servicesIBC provides market intelligence and growth strategy consultingservices in a wide range of sectors. Ipsos Business Consulting coverssectors like automotive, banking, finance & insurance, energy & mining,petrochemicals & chemicals, retail & consumer goods, food,agribusiness & animal health, government & non-profit, healthcare,industrial equipment, info-communications technology, media &entertainment, professional services and travel & logistics.[4]The basket of services offered by IBC are regional consulting on marketentry strategies , competitive and customer intelligence, businesssizing, partner evaluation, product launch strategies, quantitativemodeling, technology forecasting & management, investment feasibility,distribution channel analysis, pricing analysis, location analysis andbusiness plan generation.[edit]Special methodologiesHaving conducted over 2500 engagements related to marketintelligence and growth strategy consulting, IBC has a suite of offerings/ methodologies / tools such as the ‘Partner Compass’. This is asystematic approach to conduct a business diligence on a potentialpartner. This would include an acquisition target, a joint venture partner,channel partner etc. Similarly another methodology of theirs is the ‘YourPath to Growth’. This is s systematic set of modules to evaluate andenter a market. zen
  5. 5. [edit]ClientsIBC has worked with clients across the globe in a variety of sectors.They have completed over 2,500 client engagements since 1994.[5] Abrief list of the international and local clients –Automotive Banking, Finance & Insurance PetrochemicalsHonda, Hyundai, Bosch, AXA, Visa, Standard Chartered, HSBC ExxonMobil, SheMichelinFood & Agribusiness Government & Non-profit HealthcareDanone, Heinz, Hong Kong TDC, Singapore EDB, Pfizer, OlympusSyngenta, Tetra Pak UNICEF, USDA GlaxoSmithKlineInfocommunications Media & Entertainment Professional SeTechnology Reed Elsevier, Reuters, Walt Disney, McCann WorldGSamsung, IBM, Fujitsu, Discovery Channel Jones Lang LaSNokia[edit]EmployeesThe people working at IBC are typically candidates with an engineeringor management background.Candidates with interest in internationalbusiness, strategy, marketing, and economic issues and provenleadership potential, strong team orientation are preferred.[6] Lateralrecruits come generally from the industry or from other consulting firmswith experience in management consulting, business advisory, orcommercial analysis. There are about a hundred business consultantsin the division.[edit]Knowledge resourcesBeing in the business of consulting, IBC has access to a wide pool ofsecondary resources. There is a dedicated knowledge managementteam. The internal knowledge management system is accessiblethrough a customized knowledge portal and is available to all theconsultants worldwide. This gives them access to not only subscribeddatabases, but also the whole library of past projects, methodologies,
  6. 6. models, templates, etc.[edit]PublicationsIBC labels itself „Ipsos Business Consulting - Your Path to Growth‟.Given the specialist nature of the consulting work undertaken, and theboutique nature of the service line, the firm seems quite right about theirtag line.▪ Periscope[7] - The case study publication from IBC.▪ Change Agent[8] – This magazine basically showcases how market research is driving change in the enterprise, the marketplace and society.4. NielsenNielsen is a publicly held global information and media company, and isone of the worlds leading suppliers of marketing information (NielsenConsumer, formerly ACNielsen), media information and TV ratings(Nielsen Media Research), online intelligence (Nielsen Online) andmobile measurement (Nielsen Mobile). On January 25, 2011 thecompany issued an IPO raising $1.6 billion in the biggest private equity-backed U.S. IPO since 2006.[2]David L. Calhoun is Nielsens ChiefExecutive Officer. Calhoun came to Nielsen in 2006 from GeneralElectric. Susan D. Whiting is the Executive Vice President of Nielsenand Chairman of Nielsen Media Research. Whiting has been withNielsen since 1978 and was named one of the 100 Most InfluentialWomen in New York City business by Crains New York Business in2007.Nielsens major businesses include:[3]▪ Nielsen Consumer: provides measurement and analysis of marketplace dynamics and consumer attitudes and behavior▪ Nielsen Consumer Panel Services (Homescan& Spectra) Homescan: multi-outlet panel that captures consumer purchase behavior, demographic profiles, attitudes & usage
  7. 7. information and evaluations of the impact of media on actual behavior Spectra: suite of applications that provide segmentation and targeting analysis▪ BASES: combines primary consumer research with forecasting techniques to estimate the sales potential of new product initiatives prior to market entry.▪ Nielsen Claritas: provides companies with marketing research demographic data, marketing software and market segmentation services▪ IMS: media planning and analysis software for industry and proprietary research▪ Nielsen Business Media: includes trade publications, trade shows, digital products and services, serving markets across the entertainment, media and marketing, retail, travel and performance, and design industries▪ Nielsen Entertainment: provides market information, creative testing, marketing solutions and analytical tools through business units focused on film, music, home entertainment, books, and interactive entertainment Nielsen BookScan Nielsen Broadcast Data Systems Nielsen EDI Nielsen Music Control Nielsen SoundScan Nielsen VideoScan▪ Nielsen Ad Solutions (formerly Nielsen IAG): collects engagement metrics - including advertisements, product placement, and program sponsorship occurring across all broadcast and major cable networks during primetime as well as cinema and online advertisements▪ Nielsen Media Research: measures the size of audiences for television, radio and print, as well as advertising spending and creative content information and services▪ Nielsen Mobile: provides syndicated consumer research to the
  8. 8. telecom and mobile media markets▪ Nielsen Online: measurement and analysis of online audiences, advertising, video, blogs, consumer-generated media, word of mouth, commerce and consumer behavior▪ PERQ/HCI: reports on advertising expenditures and content in healthcare journals in the U.S.▪ Scarborough Research: measures the shopping patterns, lifestyles and media habits of U.S. consumers▪ SRDS: provider of media rates and data[edit]Company history[edit]Arthur C. Nielsen and the company’s foundingArthur C. Nielsen founded the AC Nielsen Company in 1923 with theidea of selling engineering performance surveys. It was the firstcompany to offer market research.[4] The company expanded itsbusiness in 1932 by creating a retail index that tracked the flow of foodand drug purchases. This was the first retail measurement of its kindand for the first time allowed a company to determine its “share” of themarket.[4] Arthur C. Nielsen is credited with coining this business term.[edit]Radio and televisionIn 1936, Arthur C. Nielsen acquired the Audimeter, which measuredwhich radio stations a radio had been tuned to during the day. Aftertinkering with the device for a few years, the company created anational radio rating service in 1942.[5] The company collectedinformation on which stations were tuned to in 1,000 homes. Then, thissurvey data was sold to manufacturers who were interested in thepopularity of programs and demographic information about listeners foradvertising purposes. This was the birth of audience measurement thatwould become the most well-known part of Nielsen‟s business whenapplied to television.[5] Today, these are commonly referred to as“Nielsen ratings.”The company began measuring television audiences in 1950, at a time
  9. 9. when the medium was just getting off the ground. Just as with radio, asampling of homes across the U.S. was used to develop ratings. Thisinformation was collected on a device that was attached to a televisionthat recorded what was being watched. In 1953, the company begansending out diaries to a smaller sample of homes (“Nielsen families”)within the survey to have them record what they had watched.[4] Thisdata was put together with information from the devices. Thiscombination of data allowed the company to statistically estimate thenumber of Americans watching TV and the demographic breakdown ofviewers.[4] This became an important tool for advertisers and networks.In the 1980s, the company launched a new measurement device knownas the “people meter.” The device resembles a remote control withbuttons for each individual family member and extras for guests.Viewers push a button to signify when they are in the room and push itagain when they leave, even if the TV is still on. This form ofmeasurement was intended to provide a more accurate picture of whowas watching and when.[6]On November 18, 2008 Nielsen announced that will return to the USradio ratings business after discontinuing the service in 1968. The newradio rating service debuted in 50 US mid-size radio markets in thespring of 2009 and the results were available in the summer.[7] Nielsenwill use its address-based sampling (ABS) to recruit samplehouseholds. The Nielsen-pioneered method uses randomly selectedaddresses rather than telephone numbers in its domestic televisionmeasurement in order to reach the 34% of U.S. households that are notcovered by current sampling methods, including cell-phone only andmany unlisted land line phone households, according to the company.[8]In July 2008,[9] Nielsen released the first in a series of quarterly reports,detailing video and TV usage across the „three screens‟ – Television,Internet and Mobile devices. The A2/M2 Three Screen Report alsoincludes trends in timeshifted viewing behavior and its relationship toonline video viewing, a demographic breakdown of mobile videoviewers and DVR penetration.[edit]Mergers and acquisitions
  10. 10. The company was acquired by the Dun & Bradstreet Company in1984.[10] D&B, as it is known today, broke Nielsen into two separatecompanies in 1996. These were Nielsen Media Research, which wasresponsible for TV ratings, and AC Nielsen, which was responsible forconsumer shopping trends and box-office data.[11] The Dutchpublishing company VNU (VerenigdeNederlandseUitgeverijen) acquiredNielsen Media Research in 1999.[12] It later recombined the two halvesof the business when it acquired AC Nielsen in 2001. In between, it soldits newspaper properties to Wegener and its consumer magazines toSanoma.In 2004, Nielsen began a joint venture called AGB Nielsen MediaResearch with WPP Groups AGB Group, a European competitor whichprovides similar services.[13]VNU combined the Nielsen properties with other research and datacollection units including BASES, Claritas, HCI and Spectra. Thecompanys publishing arm also owned several publications includingThe Hollywood Reporter and Billboard magazine. VNU began acquiringcompanies that added to its measurement capabilities. In 2006, itacquired a majority stake in Buzzmetrics, a company which measuresconsumer-generated media online. Under the new ownership, Nielsenbought the remaining shares of the company in 2007.[14] In the sameyear, Nielsen acquired Telephia, which measures mobile media,[15] andBilesimMedya, a Turkish advertising intelligence firm.[16]In 2006, VNU was acquired by a group of six private equity firms: theAmerican Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co., Thomas H. Lee Partners,Blackstone Group, Carlyle Group and Hellman & Friedman, and Dutchequity firm AlpInvest Partners[17] for £5bn.[18] In the same year, thegroup hired David L. Calhoun, formerly of General Electric, as CEO.[19]He renamed VNU as The Nielsen Company in 2007.VNU sold its business publications division in 2006 for €320m (£210m)to venture capital group 3i, which then sold the UK division (VNUBusiness Publications Ltd) to Incisive Media.[18]In 2008, the company acquired IAG Research which measures viewerengagement with TV commercials.[20] The same year Nielsen made astrategic investment in NeuroFocus, a California firm applying
  11. 11. neuroscience brainwave techniques for consumer research.[21] In 2009and 2010, Nielsen sold its business magazines; its well-knownentertainment properties went to the new company e5 Global Media.In June 2010 Nielsen paired with Mckinsey to create the social mediaconsulting company NM Incite.[22] Through "NM Incite," Nielsencombines its Buzzmetrics listening platform technology with McKinseysmanagement consultants, to offer a broad range of social consultinginfluenced by social media data and analytics.[23] NM Incite hasoperations in 13 global markets, including: US, UK, Germany, Spain,Italy, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, India, Brazil, Canada andKorea.[24]In Aug 2011 Nielsen acquired Marketing Analytics, Inc., one of thepioneers of marketing mix modeling and a recognized leader inanalytics and advanced planning software. Headquartered in Evanston,Ill. and founded in 1991, Marketing Analytics, Inc. helps companiesmeasure the impact of their marketing plans on sales by combiningdeep modeling expertise with robust software applications. Link, a long-time innovator in marketing modeling, will continue to lead the groupand work to integrate these capabilities into Nielsen offerings. Theacquisition enables Nielsen to provide marketers of fast movingconsumer goods with the most complete and timely view of the impactof media and marketing - a distinct advantage when developingmarketing plans across multiple channels, such as online and offlineadvertising, in-store promotions and consumer promotions.In July of 2012, Nielsen acquired the advertising tech company Vizu.The acquisition was made so that Nielsen can better analyze theeffectiveness of online advertisement as Nielsen was previously onlymeasuring the reach of ads. [25][edit]Competitors Top 9 of the Market Research Sector 2009 Sales inRa 2009 Growth Companynk (millionUS in % D)
  12. 12. 1 Nielsen 5,000.0 2.62 Kantar Group 2,000 2.5 IMS Health3 1,958.6 8.9 Inc.4 GfK AG 1,397.3 5.45 Ipsos 1,077.0 6.56 Synovate 739.6 9.57 IRI 665.0 6.68 Westat 425.8 0.89 Arbitron 400.0 5.9[edit]The Nielsen CodeIn 1931, Arthur C. Nielsen, Sr., wrote the Nielsen Code,[26] defining theprinciples that would guide Nielsen to global leadership in marketingresearch. The Code remains relevant today and continues to guide tocompany and employees practices. The 8 pillars of this code are:▪ Impartiality▪ Thoroughness▪ Accuracy▪ Integrity▪ Economy▪ Price▪ DeliveryService4. StratPOLLSStratPOLLS, inc. is a privately-held national research and consulting firm specializing in bothquantitative and qualitative research works and analysis. It provides strategic information andadvices for a portfolio of clients in the corporate, political, legal, education, government,
  13. 13. public affairs, non-profit organizations, advocacy groups and media sectors.It also plans, directs and manages market research activities for commercial products andservices using person-to-person (face-to-face) method and web-based models and formatssuch as on-line polling.StratPOLLS, inc. is a convergence of some of the most experienced and very knowledgeablepeople in the profession having proven themselves in their chosen fields of endeavorespecially in political science, journalism, marketing, political polling, political economy,demography, information technology, local government and the academe. Fast but accurate polls Online polls are Internet-based surveys that are very effective modes of reaching or feeling th either for market research on commercial products or for measuring political opinions. One su be accomplished quickly but accurately, from approval of the survey questionnaire to the deliv results, depending on the size of the targeted number of respondents which could vary in grou thousand, 15 thousand, 20 thousand, or even more depending on the requirements of the clie StratPOLLS has compiled a fairly huge list of email addresses of adult consumers (voters) fro different parts of the country. These addresses include demographic background such as gen age bracket, marital status and socio-eco classification. Demography is essential in determinin designs of advertising and marketing campaigns for your products, or in shaping the minds of electorate. Compilation of the list is a work in progress. Incentives to Panel Members (Respondents) The process of online polling works on the promise of benefit wherein each respondent or em address is considered outright as a Panel Member (PM) eligible to earn points every time the participates in an online survey. Accumulated points are qualified either to redeem token gifts the much larger draw for bigger incentives. And to ensure that only the registered Panel Memb the one replying to the survey, security checks and passwords are required to be keyed in bef the respondents could submit his reply. A. Summary of Market Research Services (Online and Face-to-Face) The different research services under Online Polling by StratPOLLS are shown in this section which are: ▪ ADVERTISING AWARENESS ▪ INCIDENT FOLLOW-UP ▪ BRAND AWARENESS ▪ MARKET INTELLIGENCE ▪ BRAND PREFERENCE ▪ PRODUCT/BRAND EVALUATION ▪ COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS ▪ SHOPPING/PURCHASING EXPERIENCE ▪ CONSUMER/CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ▪ TESTING NEW PRODUCTS & SERVICES ▪ CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT ▪ USAGE/CONSUMPTION PATTERN & FREQUE ▪ EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION OF PURCHASE ▪ EVENT ATTENDANCE FEEDBACK DETAILS OF RESEARCH SERVICES
  14. 14. ADVERTISING AWARENESSMeasure the effectiveness of your ongoing advertising campaign as to specific reactions:consciously aware or subconsciously aware. Assess how your product or service offerings areperceived as compared to your competitors’. What headlines, value propositions, and call-to-actions have the greatest marketing impact in your advertising? You can use ad awarenessmeasurement to determine which advertisements will cut through the clutter and leave a lastinimpression.BRAND AWARENESSYour company’s brand is a valuable business asset. What is the present “top-of-mind” brand imarket? What are the attributes of your product compared to those of your competitors? Whatcustomer perceptions regarding your brand versus competition? What is the strength of your brecognition?BRAND PREFERENCEHow far is your product (services) from the competitors?COMPETITIVE ANALYSISIdentifying customer expectations that have an impact on satisfaction such as product quality,price, customer experience and level of technical support can result in new marketing strategiand tactics to capitalize on organizational strengths and improve standing in the market.CONSUMER/CUSTOMER SATISFACTIONMake sure your hard-earned consumers/customers do not go elsewhere or do not switch branMarketing experts say that average business does not hear from 96% of their unsatisfiedcustomers; that a 10% customer retention typically increases profits by 30%. Knowing what yocustomers really think is critical to retaining your customers---and keeping your profits. Whatcreates loyal and happy customers? We identify their needs, wants and expectations.CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENTWhen consumers do not perceive true value from your company’s products, services and branthey go elsewhere. While satisfied consumers may be satisfied with your product at present, hdo I make an emotional connection with my product? How do we convert loyalty to create anemotional connection with my company? How can I develop and grow my brand?EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION(Opinions, attitudes and perceptions) An employee engagement or satisfaction survey revealsvaluable information regarding the corporate culture of your company. The employee survey caddress some or all of the following issues: How is staff moral? What are the root causescontributing to employee burnout? Do employee satisfaction levels vary significantly fromdepartment to department, or at separate locations?EVENT ATTENDANCE FEEDBACKRating of audience satisfaction on a given scale. Audience preference/attendance in events a
  15. 15. frequency of attendance.INCIDENT FOLLOW-UPLearn more about recent service delivery, cancellation of service, (other incidents)MARKET INTELLIGENCEAnalyzing your product’s Strength and Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) usingInternet-based Critical Market Intelligence Research. Is your market in need of a new productcomplement a new product that you and your competitors offer? Who is your real competitor imarket?PRODUCT/BRAND EVALUATION(Needs, wants and desires) Developing a better understanding of customer experience with yproducts is the key to improved quality and greater customer satisfaction.SHOPPING/PURCHASING EXPERIENCEFor shopping malls and shopsTESTING NEW PRODUCTS & SERVICESGauge consumer interest in a new product (service), price, featuresUSAGE/CONSUMPTION PATTERN & FREQUENCY OF PURCHASEHow often does the consumer purchase your product, or the leading brand, and how many timit used a day, a week, a month?We are offering a low trial priceAs a trial run, we are offering a very low four-digit trial price (in Philippine pesos) for a two-pagonline survey questionnaire to reach a minimum of 10,000 respondents or Panel Members peengagement or survey. Please call us at telephone (02) 812 9143 and ask for ALICE or througcell phone 0916 536 0003 and ask for ART or email us at right nowWith Proof of Service Results of each survey shall be submitted in hard copies (and soft copy if so requiredthe Client) with a duly signed Proof of Service either in Excel Report or Email Tracking SystemReport containing the list of respondents or Panel Members who participated in the survey.eMARKETINGNow you can reach your market and keep in touch with your customer basethrough the fastest and most economical way----the StratPOLLS Email BlastMarketing Campaign clustered in groups of 50,000 or 100,000 emailaddresses, or even more, using our data base.
  16. 16. Our system could reach hundreds of thousands of email addresses with Proof ofService. You can order in multiple frequencies at discounted price. For example:Email blast of 100,000 e-addresses per week x four times in a month withintervals per blast.We strongly suggest that you keep your brand name “top-of-the-mind” by reaching out to your market on a weekly basis with the latest newsand information about your business and products. 
 Our scaled rates:Available upon request on a case-to-case basis depending on the size of thetarget market.
 (Plus 12% VAT and minimum charge for art layout ofP1,500.00 per page).INCREASE YOUR SALES, INCREASE YOURINCOME..NOW, IT WOULD COST YOU ONLY 65 CENTAVOSPER HIT TO ADVERTISE AND REACH YOURMARKET…1. You can reach your market directly and keep in touch with your customer base through the fastest and most economical way---- eMarketing.2. This is a computer-based form of direct advertising that delivers your advertising message and displays your advertising copy in color right on the buyers’ computer monitor screen at the cost of only a few centavos.3. We can deliver your
  17. 17. advertisement and reach a given market of consumers clustered in groups of 50,000 or 100,000 email addresses (consumers) or even more, using our data base. This is the most economical way of advertising today.4. And to show that we have delivered your advertisement, we shall provide you with Proof of Service and a log file of the numbers that we have reached.5. Call us today and place your order in multiple frequencies at discounted price. For example: eMarketing blast of 100,000 e-mail addresses per week x four times in a month with intervals per blast would only cost you lesser than 65 centavos per consumer. Our telephone numbers are (02) 812 9143 or text/call 0916 536 0003
  18. 18. / 0932 983 4082. You can also email us at m or visit our website: 6. We strongly suggest that you keep your brand name “top-of-the-mind” by reaching out to your market on a weekly basis with the latest news and information about your business and products. 7. Our scaled rates are available upon request on a case-to-case basis depending on the size of the target market and the frequency of your advertisement.Proximity SMS MarketingThis service allows you to reach ALL THE CELLPHONE UNITS (that are compliant with GSM03.41 or Short Message Service-Cell Broadcast SMS-CB model 1977 and upwards) within aproximity of 2-kilometer radius in population centers or central business districts.This is possible through the use of a technology developed by a Filipino inventor. The newtechnology is compliant with existing laws and implementing rules of the NationalTelecommunications Commission. The broadcast is through 160-character text messages orSMS which does not have to pass through telecommunications companies.Using a Remote Base Station, the system broadcasts your message which is captured byALL cell phones within the 2-kilometer radius. The first units that will catch the text messagere-echo this to the second batch of cell phones, and the third wave, in turn, echoes the samemessage to the 4th and so on until the residual effect fades outside of the 2-km broadcastzone.
  19. 19. Example: The proximity area is the Makati Central Business District where there is anestimated 500 thousand cell phone units within the 2-km radius. Therefore, applying theworking process as described above, your product promo or advertising message couldreach the 500 thousand potential consumers.The costs are available upon request. CONVENTIONAL Face-to-Face POLITICAL POLLS
 QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH (Face-to-Face Surveys) Assumptions, hunches, gut feel and observations are sometimes erroneous. Although they all connote the same, we have to go to the statistics for validation and verification. And data could only become valid if they have been gathered scientifically through Quantitative Research, or surveys as popularly called in the country. The principal method is called Multi-Stage, Area Probability Sampling (MSAPS) which takes into account the proportionate distribution of respondents in the key samples.
  20. 20. StratPOLLS survey results of the year 2009-2010 campaign were at par with the leaders.The most accurate quantitative analysis of a survey combines the elements of demographicprofiling (age bracket, gender, socio-eco classification) with contextual survey questionsthat are neither ambiguous nor leading in form and substance.
  21. 21. Feild operations teams prepare for a nationwide quantitative survey
  22. 22. The results of our survey are tools for the crafting a merketing and campaign strategies.Recommended Quantitative Research activities are:▪ Quarterly Performance Polls▪ Occasional Opinion Polls on Significant Social/Political Topics▪ Benchmark Poll (for political campaign)▪ Monthly Tracking Poll (for political campaign)▪ Weekly Tracking Poll (for political campaign)▪ Exit Poll (for political campaign)
  23. 23. 5. TNSThe history of TNS as a market research company began in 1946 withthe establishment of National Family Opinion (NFO) in the UnitedStates.[2] Since then, various mergers and acquisitions involving largecompanies from the US, Europe and Asia Pacific eventually became theTaylor Nelson Sofres group.The 1960s saw the establishment of the six main companies that todayform part of TNS. Starting with NFO in the 1940s, Intersearch in the USin 1960; then AGB in the UK in 1962; Sofres in France in 1963; FrankSmall Associates (FSA) in Australia in 1964; Taylor Nelson in the UK in1965.[2] Over the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, these companies grewsignificantly as individual businesses.The 1990s and early years of the new millennium saw consolidation inthe industry. In 1992, Sofres acquired Secodip. In 1992, Taylor Nelsonjoined with AGB. In 1997, Sofres combined with FSA. In 1997, Sofresacquired Intersearch and then merged with Taylor Nelson AGB. In2000, Taylor Nelson Sofres acquired CMR, followed by the NFOWorldGroup in 2003.[2]The TNS Group continues to grow, mainly by acquiring small researchcompanies to strengthen its position in markets in which it already has apresence. For example, in December 2007, TNS acquired LandisStrategy & Innovation in the United States, a specialist research-basedconsultancy.[3]TNS logo that was used between 2003-2012.In the same month, TNS announced that it had reached agreement toincrease its ownership of LatinPanel Holdings from 33.3% to 100%.TNS was formerly a joint venture partner with the NPD Group and the
  24. 24. IBOPE Group in this continuous consumer panel business serving LatinAmerica operating in 15 countries in Latin America, and covering 96%of the region‟s GDP, providing local and international clients with accessto a household research panel across the packaged groceries, toiletriesand cosmetics, fresh foods and textile retail markets.[4]In early March 2008 TNS announced the merging of its North Americanoperating units TNS Media Intelligence, TNS Media Research with therecently acquired firms Compete and Cymfony to create TNS MediaGroup.[5][6]On 29 April 2008 TNS announced that it was in talks to merge withGerman market research company GfK.[7] The announcement wasfollowed in May by two conditional offers from WPP to buy TNS for acombination of cash and shares, both of which were rejected by TNS‟sboard. The hostile WPP bid led to GfK and TNS abandoning theirmerger plans. GfK sought without success to find backing for a rivaloffer, leaving WPP‟s hostile bid as the only one on the table. On 9October 2008 WPP declared that its latest bid had been successful andthat it was buying TNS for $1.93bn.[8] TNS now sits in WPP‟s KantarGroup. Many Kantar subsidiary companies are currently undergoingrestructuring and rebranding as a result of the TNS deal. TNS itself willsee various units either merged with other Kantar units or spun out intoseparate Kantar entities.[edit]OperationsTNS has chosen to specialise in eight market sectors:[9]▪ Automotive▪ Consumer▪ Finance▪ Healthcare▪ Media▪ Political and social▪ Technology▪ WorldpanelTNS separates its worldwide operations in over eighty countries into
  25. 25. four main divisions: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and emergingmarkets.[edit]LogoIn 2003, when company went from being Taylor Nelson Sofres withseveral local names, to one unified TNS a new logo was designed.Wolff Olins was the agency behind the 2003 rebrand. Then in early2012 a the old logo was altered alittle: The odd shape it has used hadbeen straightened out to a square, and the lowercase letters have beenexchanged for uppercase ones with more authority.[edit]Financial performance[edit]Top ten of the market research sector 2006 Sales inRa 2006 Growth Companynk (millionUS in % D)1 Nielsen Company 3,696.0 5.62 IMS Health Inc. 1,958.6 8.9 Taylor Nelson3 1,851.1 2.5 Sofres4 Kantar Group 1,401.4 4.15 GfK AG 1,397.3 5.46 Ipsos 1,077.0 6.57 Synovate 739.6 9.58 IRI 665.0 6.69 Westat 425.8 0.810 Arbitron 329.3 5.96.