Java Education Network Egypt (JENE)


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Java Education Network Egypt (JENE)

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Java Education Network Egypt (JENE)

  1. 1. Java Education Network Egypt Ahmed Hashim Egyptian Java User Group Founder Java Champion
  2. 2. DisclaimerThe content of this presentation is copyrighted to the Egyptian Java User Group presented by Ahmed Hashim as JUG Leader.
  3. 3. Introduction• OSS: Open Source Software• Java: Most popular programming language• JSR: Java Specification Request• JCP: Java Community Process• JUG: Java User Group• EGJUG: Egyptian Java User Group• JEDI: Java Education Development Initiative• JC: Java Champion
  4. 4. About• Who is Ahmed Hashim? – Egyptian JUG Founder and Leader – Java Champion (only one in Middle East and Africa) – JCP member – Java Black Belt (only one in Middle East and Africa)
  5. 5. My background• Computer Science graduate, Cairo University.• Former EDS, Etisalat employee.• Interviewed big number of Java developers including ITI graduates.• Assessed ITI training “JETS”.• Assessed training providers!• Delivered and organized a lot of courses.• Aware of most of MCIT programs.
  6. 6. In co-operation with• Frans Thamura: JC, Founder of JUG Indonesia• Project planned advisors in the next steps – Sang Shin: founder – Bruno Souza: Founder JUG Brazil, OSI Director – Egyptian software architects – Egyptian academic staff
  7. 7. Objectives• Increase the number of trained Java developers per year.• Increase the quality of Java developers.• Support students as well as graduates to learn the latest technologies.• Learn the latest technologies “on time”.• Link the industry with education.• Learn the state of the art.• Raise the percentage of entrepreneurship.• Teach students how to learn!
  8. 8. What are the results?• Higher rate for our developers which will increase the income for the ICT sector.• Availability of resources which support the MEGA deals which can get new investors and support expansion in Egypt.• Increase the quality of the developers to compete with the near-shore market (Poland, Romania, Ukrania, Estonia ..etc).• Increase the innovation in the technology and Open Source contributions.• Increase the entrepreneurship and VC.
  9. 9. Why Java, Linux?• Java is platform independent.• Java is the most popular language.• Java is Open Source.• Java is everywhere “ESAC”.• Java is used in R&D.• Linux/Unix/Java are the best choice for enterprise applications.• Linux is powerful, secure, free and Open Source.
  10. 10. How Java is popular
  11. 11. Java is used in R&D• European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC) use Java since 199x and proved that it was the correct decision.
  12. 12. Program components1. Students2. Teachers3. Courses4. Exams “evaluation”5. Projects6. Credibility7. Employment and entrepreneurship
  13. 13. 1-Students• Faculty of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Science students. We need our graduates to be super stars.• Developers also need development but they can’t spend a lot of time on training.
  14. 14. 2-Teachers• University staff.• Full time teachers “with hands on experience”.• Part time teachers.• Developers “sponsorship from companies”.• International instructors.• Video conference with overseas consultants.• Our graduates will not become teachers!
  15. 15. 3- Courses• Multiple vendor• Up to date technologies• State of the art• Hands on labs• Fulfill the market needs
  16. 16. JEDI: Java Education Development InitiativeJEDI is a project of the University of the Philippines JavaResearch and Development Center and Oracle and inpartnership with various groups from education and industry.Country Schools Teachers StudentsPhilippines 422 3242 175,668Brazil 49 49 43,637Vietnam 40 323 34,273Indonesia 47 800 10,282
  17. 17. 3- Courses JEDI JENI JENE JavaPassion OracleAcademy
  18. 18. 4- Evaluation• In house exam system Advanced Java score 3.0/5.0 rate is $15-$40 per• Java Black Belt exams hour• ODesk exams “immediate ROI”
  19. 19. 5- Projects• Open Source Software• Collaborative projects• Projects for NGO’s• Projects for the Gov• National projects• Research and Development
  20. 20. 6- Credibility• ITIDA• Egyptian JUG• JEDI• JavaPassion• Java Black Belt• Institute name (Cairo University ..etc)
  21. 21. 7- Employment and entrepreneurship• Program portal has all info about graduates for employers.• EGJUG has a big network including SME as well as multinational big companies. We are approached by many companies yearly.• The course content will be matching the market needs.• Public relation with the industry.• Quarter survey to be upto date.• Business Incubator.
  22. 22. Extensions• We can deliver this project in African countries like – Democratic Republic of Congo – Tunis• We can extend the scope to include other technologies/products like (Php, Drupal, perl, python, compier, SugarCRM)
  23. 23. How ITIDA can help?