Poetry 2012 Presentation Spring Semester
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Poetry 2012 Presentation Spring Semester






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Poetry 2012 Presentation Spring Semester Poetry 2012 Presentation Spring Semester Presentation Transcript

  • Poetry Reading
  •  Poetry is an imaginativepoeta, a poet)experience Poetry (from the Latin awareness of is a form of literary artmeaning, language isrhythmic expressed through in which sound, and used for its aesthetic . so as to evoke an emotional language choices response.
  •  Examining Language Through Cultural & Ethnic Diversity Enhances the Notion of An Inclusive Speaker Overcoming Cultural Barriers Learning about a person of a different ethnic background
  •  What makes a Poet’s delivery outstanding?
  •  Gestures Vocal Variety/Conversational Style Facial Expressions Eye Contact Strategic Pauses
  • Sometimes words alone seldom suffice toconvey what we want to express; therefore,physical gestures fill in the gaps, as illustratingthe size or shape of an object and or expressingthe depth of an emotion.Gestures should arise from genuine emotions.
  • Speaking from Manuscript/with Black Portfolio Introduction/Poem/Slide NO DRESS CODE
  •  You are required to demonstrate 3 gestures within the delivery of the poem Where will you use gestures in the poem?
  •  Pitch, volume, speaking rate and pauses— work together to create an effective delivery Enthusiasm is key to achieving effective vocal variety When you are excited, vocal variety comes quite naturally
  •  Examine your poem, please underline words or phrases that you would like to emphasize in your voice vocal variety
  •  Facial expressions need to correspond to the tenor of the speech A smile (facial expression) is a sign of mutual welcome Use facial expressions that feel natural and express meaning
  •  You are required to use facial expressions in the delivery of your poem Make sure that your facial expressions are natural Facial expressions in the Poem?
  • Having eye contact with the audience is themost important physical action in publicspeaking Eye contact does the following:Maintains the quality of directnessLets people know that they are recognizedIndicates acknowledgement and respectSignals to audience that you see them asunique human beings.
  •  You are required to establish a positive relationship with your audience by using direct eye contact throughout the delivery of your poem
  • Pauses enhance meaning by providing a typepunctuation, emphasizing a point, drawingattention to a key thought, or just allowinglisteners to think……about what is being said
  •  Practice 25 times……..or more Be Direct/Eye Contact Use Pauses for Strategic Effect Convey Enthusiasm Project Your Voice Evoke Emotions Emphasize in Voice/Vocal Variety/Conversational Style Gestures