Persuasive speech outline 2013


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Persuasive speech outline 2013

  1. 1. Persuasive Speech Speech # 2 ATTENTION ALL PERSUASIVE SPEAKERSTo persuade is to advocate, or to ask others to accept your viewpoint. The success inpersuasive speaking requires attention to what motivatesyourlisteners. The most importantgoals of a persuasive speaker are to influence the attitudes, beliefs, values, and acts ofothers. Here Is Your Assignment Partners will follow the same format as Speech # One ( You all are required to hand-in the draft with outline/ make revisions and hand-in a final speech with outline on the day that you all delivery the speech/review March’s outline) Within each partnership, you all will decide the format of each speaker; however, you all are required to share equal time in the delivery process Professional hand-outs are required for audience members(only one page/front and/or back, please make sure that both of your names are on the hand-out) This speech will be delivered while you all are sitting down Speech is required to be written in a creative and conversational manner
  2. 2. The speech is timed/2 minutes or less (minus 10 points-if you all speak over 2minutes)If there are three people within the partnership, you all will have 3 minutes or less tospeak (minus 10 points-if you all speak over 3 minutes)Speakers will have a chance to debate with audience members after the delivery of thespeech/STAND ON YOUR POSITION!Partners, in your opening argument (introduction), you all are required to create a strongstandpoint(similar to what is known as a thesis/main point of view)Partners, in your closing (conclusion), you all are required create a closing standpointSurveys from audience members will be used as part of the primary datawithin thespeech (survey information is part of the speech and /or used in the hand-out)All speeches are required to have 3 citationsMLA format (or more)/ to build uponsupporting materials for the argumentAll persuasive speakers are professionally dressed with portfolio(s) (For thesurveypresentation and the delivery of the final Speech/ review monthly outline fordelivery dates and deadlines)The speech format is as follows: Brainstorming Topic Select topic Create Standpoint/Closing standpoint Develop survey questions (4 questions/open ended and or close ended) Outline & Draft Hand-out (make enough copies for everyone in the class/after the hand-out is approved by Instructor) Practice Delivery Practice Delivery Tape Practice Delivery& Review Practice Delivery Practice Delivery Outline & Final Speech Delivery of Final Speech/DebateNote:If you all do not follow the deadlines that are required (review March’s outline),points will be deducted from your (and partner) speech grade.Keep in mind, one speech grade for two (or three) people!
  3. 3. Next Class Due: Surveys for Audience Analysis Requirements Professional Dress Black Portfolios Stand point/ Example: We are strongly for the legalization of marijuana for medicinal usage. 4 questions typed/ opened and/or close ended questions Minus 20 points if you (or partner) are late to class ___________________________________________________________________ Examples of Survey Questions Questionnaire--a series of open and closed ended questions Closed ended questions—elicit a small range of specific answers. Should marijuana be legalized in the US? Yes or No Open ended questions—allows audience members to elaborate as much as they desire. How do you feel about the legalization of marijuana? ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________Next class, we will review a persuasive speech and outline.If you all have any questions, please email me at: .
  4. 4. Example of Stand point &Survey QuestionsNames:Standpoint: Survey Questions