ENG 101 – BoltonEssay Assignment 1: Responding to a Film                                  Important Dates and Requirements...
Guidelines (cont.):       Include an appropriate summary of the movie for your readers (see Chapter 2 of They Say I Say   ...
Student Name(s): __________________________                                       PeerMark Grade: _____/20                ...
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Essay 1 - Responding to Film


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Essay 1 - Responding to Film

  1. 1. ENG 101 – BoltonEssay Assignment 1: Responding to a Film Important Dates and RequirementsPre-writing and Outline Due: Monday, February 4 (at class time)Introduction Due: Wednesday, February 6 (at class time)Draft Due: Monday, February 11 (at class time)Draft Due to TurnitIn for PeerMark: Monday, February 11 (by 11:59 pm) – will do in classPeerMark Must be Completed By: Friday, February 15 (by 11:59 pm)Final Paper Due to Instructor: Monday, February 18 (by 5:00 pm)Length: 800-1300 words*Outside Sources Required: Two—the film you are responding to and one additional source—must me requirements below!*Submission Methods: Hard copy (to me), electronic copy to TurnitIn * Essays that are too short, too long, or don’t meet the source requirements will receive half credit. Note: You will also be required to turn in additional work that you complete as part of the writing process—see below for details.Since everything you write should be a response to the ideas of others, your first essay will respond to afilm. Your group must choose the film together, and no two groups may do the same film—put in yourrequest to me via e-mail as soon as possible. In terms of the essay itself, you may write it as a group(one per group), as a subset of your group (maybe two of you want to work together), or individually.The remaining essays in this course will be individual, so this is your opportunity to collaborate on anessay if you choose—the option is yours. If you turn in the paper as a group, members will get the samegrade on it, no exceptions.Here are your guidelines: Choose ONE of the following films to respond to(essays on other films won’t get credit!): o The Island (2005, PG-13, Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson) o Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004, R, Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet) o Limitless (2011, PG-13, Bradley Cooper) o The Social Network (2010, PG-13, Jesse Eisenberg) o Gamer (2009, R, Gerard Butler) o Last Holiday (2006, PG-13, Queen Latifah) o Déjà Vu (2006, PG-13, Denzel Washington) o Into the Wild (2007, R, Emile Hirsch) o Garden State (2004, R, Zach Braff and Natalie Portman) (Note: The library should have all of these on reserve, meaning you can’t check them out, but you can get a study room and view them within the library—make sure that you are able to view the film you choose for this essay assignment!) Identify the film’s claim/statement/lesson. Each of these films attempts to teach readers something (often about our relationship with technology), and most teach several different lessons. You identify what statement you want to respond to—this is what the focus of your essay will be.
  2. 2. Guidelines (cont.): Include an appropriate summary of the movie for your readers (see Chapter 2 of They Say I Say and/or Chapter 46 in your Norton Field Guidefor additional information on summarizing) o Your summary should include the film’s claim you will be addressing Quote at least once from the film (see Chapter 3 of They Say I Say for details on quoting) Respond to the film’s claim (see Chapter 4 of They Say I Say for an explanation/options for responding and templates you can use to do so) Offer reasons for your response—the body of your essay should refer back to the film and offer your own ideas on the film’s argument—you must add to the conversation/topic Include one additional, credible article that helps support your claim/reasoning (you may not include more than one additional source) o This source MUST come from Academic Search Premier, a library database o You must cite/quote from it once in your essay (you may paraphrase/summarize additionally if you wish, but you must cite/quote at least once) o You will work on this in your second Research Lab Follow MLA format (you should have a Works Cited page with the film and your additional source listed on it!) Consult the additional handouts on D2L for this assignment Read the rubric (on the last page) carefully since it lists details on the essay requirements and is what I will use to grade your paperAdditional AssignmentsDue dates for these assignments are listed above and on the course syllabus. Remember, they are due in class on the date listed and are accepted via hard (printed) copy only; the only exception is if you are absent, and you then must contact me by the end of the day to discuss submission and late penalties.The point value for each item is listed here and on the rubric; points may be deducted if all requirements are not met. You will also turn these items back in with the final copy of your essay.Pre-writing and Outline for Essay 1 (10 points): There is a handout on D2L you can fill out for anoutline; for the pre-writing, all you need to do is take notes while viewing the film you choose for thisassignment. Your notes should make it clear that you are actively watching the film and considering itsstatement(s). There is no length requirement on the pre-writing or outline as long as it’s clear you areconsidering the shape of your essay.Introduction for Essay 1 (10 points): You will complete the introduction paragraph of your essay andturn it in. Your introduction should include a summary of the film, an identification of the film’sstatement, and your thesis statement (at the end). There’s no length requirement here as long as allrequirements are met.Draft of Essay 1 (20 points): This draft must meet the length requirement for the essay and must becomplete. It cannot include your additional source since you will not have done the research for that yet.What I want you to do is have your draft completed before the research portion so that you will knowwhat you are looking for when researching and won’t have trouble putting it into your essay. In fact, theonly things that should change from this draft to the final copy are the addition of your article andmaybe some small grammar/technical changes—everything else should be done by the draft submission. Note that if working with a group on this essay assignment, only one copy of each assignment is required per group—make sure, though, that you communicate clearly so you don’t forget one!
  3. 3. Student Name(s): __________________________ PeerMark Grade: _____/20 Essay 1: Responding to a Film (100 points) Scale: 10 = perfect/excellent, 8 = good, 6 = fair, 0 = poor or missing 10 8 6 0Introduction summarizes film, presents film’s claim, interests reader, andbuilds to (and then includes) thesis statementThesis statement clearly responds to the film’s claim, and is the last sentenceof the introductionEach body paragraph includes a topic sentence that outlines that paragraphand connects to the thesisBody paragraphs (support) are appropriate, concrete, and well-developed;Examples are specific, appropriate, logical and effective in supporting thesisIn-text citations (from both the film and additional source) are formattedcorrectly and used effectively to support thesis statementConclusion avoids introducing new ideas, adequately summarizes essay, andleaves reader with a final thoughtTransitions effectively enhance essay’s ―flow‖ by guiding readerVocabulary, language use, and word choices are correct and appropriateNote: You should avoid second-person (“you”)!!Grammar, spelling, and mechanics demonstrate correct use of Standard EditedAmerican EnglishMLA Format is followed throughout essay (including Works Cited page) * Please consult your essay for details; if you do not understand a comment I made, please don’t hesitate to come see me during office hours to discuss your essay. Additional Assignments In addition to turning these items in on the due dates listed on the course outline, you must also return them with the Essay Grade = _____/100 final hard copy of your essay—put everything in your folder. Your may lose points for any items missing. Pre-Writing/Outline = _____/10 Introduction = _____/10 Draft = _____/20 Other Items You Must Turn In: These items are also due with the final copy of your essay; for each missing, your essay will be penalized 20 points. □ Copy of this rubric (print and turn in) □ Additional source used for support (print and turn in)