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Why Do Corporate Sales Leaders Fail
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Why Do Corporate Sales Leaders Fail



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  • 1. "Why Do Corporate Sales Leaders Fail"?Having been a corporate sales leader for many years and yes have had my share offailures there are consistent behaviors "Sales Directors", "VP of Sales", and "COOs"demonstrate that have caused them to circle the drain. The chief goal of any salesleader is to drive income for the company....plain and simple.....short and sweet.Going about achieving this straight forward objective....well thats the question.Many sales leaders have focused primarily on the numbers in an analytical feverfiguring our market share figures, performance quotients, profit margins, profit & loss,customer buying cycles etc etc and this is not to say these activities are futile on thecontrary keeping in tune to the figures is critical...but is it the MOST important?Other sales leaders concentrate on the "corporate politics" of the position "internalschmoozing", "lobbying", and "alignment...again these activities are very importantfor someone deemed "the face" of the company especially as it relates to customerinterface.I submit the most important responsibility a corporate sales leader has is the"Coaching" and "Development" of his/her people. Whether its one-on-oneconsultations, training, succession planning, additional education, mentoring, and peerpartnerships just to name a few the entire aspect of staying on top of onesdevelopment through coaching and assessment is often neglected by sales leaders.Early in my career as a sales manager I focused a great deal on the analytics of theposition (Im an analytical by nature) and quite frankly very little on coaching anddevelopment....the result a very high vacancy rate and rampant morale issues. I did nottake the time to measure and explore the personality/temperature of my team and it bitme in the fanny. Today, because of immense competition, higher customerexpectations, and growth demand devoid of the economy many sales leaders just donot have the time to focus microscopically on coaching and development...sadly.Theres a ton of information on the information highway that suggests a well coached/developed sales employee is not only productive but "Competent", "Confident", andimportantly "Successful". A competent/successful sales team will guarantee asuccessful "income driven company".....THE CHIEF GOAL OF THE SALESLEADER!"Coaching, Coaching, and Development The Foundation Of Leadership" By Andre Harrell (Vice President Sales & Marketing Operations) http://aharrell2000.wordpress.com/ http://www.linkedin.com/pub/andre-harrell/5/13/382