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Ahmad Hammoud Resume

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Ahmad Hammoud Resume

  1. 1. Ahmad Hammoud Objective PMO admin/ Project Manager: The mission of my work by using different types of project management methodology and business analysis methodology is to provide optimal solutions in response to specific client requirements. Procept is a niche strategic consulting firm helping organizations adopt a strategic plan to migrate towards an environment that based on business requirements. Drives self and others to successful achievement of results and goals. Achieves or exceeds goals. Pushes self for results; self-starter. Understands the complexity and works well in a matrix environment. Works through obstacles by identifying and implementing solutions. Pursues everything with energy, drive and a need to finish; doesn't give up. And Understands the business and uses information to make cost-effective decisions. Provides input into the development of effective strategies and tactics for the marketplace. Understands cost/financial/budget impact of decisions and deals. Thinks through total sales process (beyond immediate sale) to consider overall impact. Understands market forces behind customer needs. Understands the value of the deal to the customer and to the company and recommends business solutions Accordingly The objective as Project management and Business analysis to separating project to the tasks and techniques used to work as a liaison among stakeholders in order to understand the structure, policies and operations of an organization and recommend solutions that enable the organization to achieve its goals. LANGUAGES: Arabic: Read: Excellent Write: Excellent Speak: Excellent English: Read: Excellent Write: Very Good Speak: Very Good EDUCATION: Start Date End Date Name of Institute Degree Obtained Country 2001 2004 Philadelphia University BSc in Software Jordan Engineering Master in Software 2006 2007 DePaul University Engineering Architecture Jordan- USA(Chicago) Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming Canada 2009 2009 INLPTA Ahmad Hammoud--- Mobile: 0795369587 E-mail: ahammoud2001@hotmail.com Page 1
  2. 2. Master in NLP from American Board.(USA) 2009 2009 MNLP Jordan Projects: Project / Product Role Project description Tools Project / Name Product Name Orange-CCM Project R.U.P Orange-CCM manager MS-Project HBTF-CCM PMO Admin ACE HBTF-CCM MS-Project DocuTrack product Project Document ACE DocuTrack product manager and Management system Business principles Visio Analyst MS-Project Transportation and Project R.U.P Aljazi System Shipping System Management and Business Visio Analyst MS-Project EduWave Product Process R.U.P EduWave Product Architecture Visio MS-Project Jordan Customs unit Business Document Visio Jordan Customs (JC) Analyst Management system unit (JC) principles R.U.P Ahmad Hammoud--- Mobile: 0795369587 E-mail: ahammoud2001@hotmail.com Page 2
  3. 3. KNOWLEDGE Project Management Certified Project Manager (CPM) from IIAPPM's. 1 Year Expert 1 Year Expert Case Complete Tools For UML and Q.A 3 Year Expert Rational Unified Process (R.U.P) 3 Year Expert Software engineering methodology. 1 Year Expert Business Process Modeling. 1 Year Expert Poseidon for UML Business Process Visual Architecture Analyst. 1 Year Expert Primavera tools 1 Year Expert 3 Year Expert Ms-Project 2 Year Expert Dream Weaver. Eclipse Tools 3 Year Expert J2EE from DePaul University. 3 Year Expert Neuro-Linguistic Programming(NLP) Certificates' : • Certificate Project Management (CPM) from IIAPPM's. • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Diploma Certificates. • International Business Alliance (IBA) from CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement (SCAMPI). • Certificate Business Writing and Communication skills Ahmad Hammoud--- Mobile: 0795369587 E-mail: ahammoud2001@hotmail.com Page 3
  4. 4. Another Skills : • Project management process skills. • Business writing and Communication skills. • Technology management skills • Interpersonal and behavioral skills • Desired personal skills WORK EXPERIENCE: Start Date End Date Name of Institute Position Held Country April 2008 to president ITEC PMO admin Jordan And Business Analyst As Project Management Officer admin/ project manager: 1. Establish and maintain a balance between quality, cost, time and the customer. 2. provide a coordination and management structure for the development and implementation of projects. 3. Developing the project plan with the project team managers. 4. coordinate ,organize, follow-up tasks with each section head (project staff, Status tasks and delivery dates), check that these tasks are compatible with project Plan , drive the final results and send it to the PMO. 5. Organize and send Tasks via ACE to the staff based on the coordination with the sections heads follow-Up these task.( I am responsible for entire project and Development (DocuTrack) Product). 6. Monitoring and managing resources use. 7. Preparing and distributing project status reports. 8. Planning and coordinating team meeting. 9. Apply knowledge, techniques, skill and tools throughout the project phases of initiation, planning, execution, control and closure As Senior Business Analyst: 1. Meet with the pertinent parties, including management and employees, who Ahmad Hammoud--- Mobile: 0795369587 E-mail: ahammoud2001@hotmail.com Page 4
  5. 5. plays a significant role in the successful completion of the analysis. They will interview the individuals and determine whom they are dealing with and what areas need to be addressed the most. 2. Analyze important data related to the business such as SRS Document, business records, operating manuals, business guides and other pertinent documents. Anything which can help the business analyst best perform their duties should be reviewed. 3. perform training sessions, construct new procedure manuals, institute new company procedures and take any other important and necessary steps towards resolving any problems with the business. I also prepare graphs, charts and analyze documents (SRS Documents, Use Case Diagram and description, Sequence diagram, Activity Diagrams ) which show what changes need to be taken by the company and why. Start Date End Date Name of institute Position Held Country Jun 2007 October 2007 ITG Company Process Architect Jordan Responsibilities and Duties: Responsible for creating or selecting the most appropriate architecture for a system (or systems), such that it suits the business needs, satisfies user requirements, and achieves the desired results under given constraints. This article describes the myriad responsibilities of a software architect, and attempts to identify human personality traits that naturally aid a person in such position. Start Date End Date Name of Position Held Country Institute October 2007 Jun 2008 PALCO Portal system Consultant Jordan Responsibilities and Duties: Consultant on the oracle Portal Application Server product for oracle and using J2EE language. Start Date End Date Name of Institute Position Held Country Jun 2004 Jun 2008 Aljitawi Company Senior System Analyst Jordan Responsibilities and Duties: - Formulates and defines overall system scope, design, and functionality. - Gathers and analyzes complex user and institutional requirements and devises optimal solutions, including process reengineering, and translates system specifications into programming requirements. - Establishes project team development procedures, methodologies, and guidelines. - Serves on task forces to review user needs and evaluate existing systems. Interviews users regarding requirements, and analyzes current operations of systems to improve efficiency and accuracy. - Develops plans for new systems and system enhancements and determines data security, backup, and recovery requirements. - Designs software architecture for multi-platform, multi-user systems, and designs complex authentication and authorization systems for security. - Integrates the different systems into a common informational system and coordinates the different Ahmad Hammoud--- Mobile: 0795369587 E-mail: ahammoud2001@hotmail.com Page 5
  6. 6. needs of users into a common system design. - Coordinates the development of detail design specifications such as narrative descriptions and system flowcharts, system inputs, processing logic, database/file definitions and structure, program specifications, system outputs, and system interfaces. - Coordinates the development of databases and files to insure data integration and - Uniqueness of data between application systems. - Develops unique software, which is unavailable in the marketplace; works in emerging - technical environments and develops software involving complex data exchange among - Multiple programs that requires sophisticated program logic. Develops programming for individual administration projects. - Develops programming standards to insure efficiency and consistency between programs, Such as common modules to eliminate programming duplication. - Determines programming requirements to interface enhancements to existing systems and reviews program design with assigned programmers. - Develops software test procedures; designs system test; coordinates system and parallel testing; evaluates test results and determines whether program(s) can be considered Operational; and performs software quality assurance testing. - Prepares system implementation plan and determines major tasks that need to be completed, such as file/database conversions, load system tables, and create new Files/databases. - Coordinate scheduling of tasks and task-responsibility for technical staff and fiscal users. - Installs new systems. - Monitors and reviews system performance and user problems to determine system changes or enhancements; bug fixing; and fine-tunes the system. - Implements controls to eliminate or minimize production mistakes. - Coordinates the identification and resolution of production-related problems with System Services. Start Date End Date Name of Position Held Country Institute Jun 2004 Jun 2008 Aljitawi Company System analysis, Jordan J2EE, and Project Management Instructor. Responsibilities and Duties: Teaching Employees, Student in the following topics: System analysis, R.U.P, Business Visual Architecture, Project management, J2EE language. PERSONAL INFORMATION: Name: Ahmad Hussien Hammoud Nationality: Jordan Email: Ahammoud2008@hotmail.com Mobile: +962795369587 Ahmad Hammoud--- Mobile: 0795369587 E-mail: ahammoud2001@hotmail.com Page 6