Establishment of Milk Collection Center. NWICDP, Somaliland.


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North-western Integrated Community Development Programme -NWICDP
Learning Route, Women empowerment, new businesses and sustainable natural resources management in Nepal. 13 - 21 September 2013

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Establishment of Milk Collection Center. NWICDP, Somaliland.

  1. 1. Establishment of Milk Collection Center Mr Sulub Aman
  2. 2. VISION • The livelihood of livestock herders particularly women will be improved. • Family income will be increased. • Rural women will be empowered by being economically self sufficient.
  3. 3. BACKGROUND • Milk trade is predominately carried out by women in Somaliland • Women have an ample experience in milk trading. • Milk selling is purely income for rural women • Milk selling covers day to day family expenses as needed.
  4. 4. PROPOSAL • To empower women by increasing their income. • To reduce burden of over load work for rural women. • To save time and have time to other activities at home.
  5. 5. ON-GOING ACTIVITIES • Women groups established. • Women groups were empowered by providing literacy class. • Women groups were given business plan and mgt. • Women groups were disbursed seed capital for us$ 2,000.00.
  6. 6. LESSONS LEARNED • Yes!! Learnt from Rayale cooperative VDC in particular family owned milk collection center as service providers to the cooperative members. Also it was creation jobs to youth. • Instead family private business, we propose to work as women group innovation. • Farmers bring their milk to collection center sell to the service provider.
  7. 7. GENERAL OBJECTIVE • To improve Milk quality to sell better price. • To reduce spoiling of milk on the road. • To save time spending to sending milk to market.
  8. 8. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES • Establish community women group owned Milk Collection Center. • Sell milk collectively to have strong bargain. • Reduce spoiling milk • Attract milk consumers and other traders buy at the community center. • Reduce cost of transporting milk to market as individuals.
  9. 9. TARGET GROUPS • Rural women groups • Livestock owners • Milk processing enterprises • Milk traders • Milk consumers • Boarding Schools
  10. 10. PARTNERS • Rural women groups • ICDP/IFAD • MOL • Dairy processing enterprises • Procasur
  11. 11. ACTIVITIES • Setting criteria of selection (1 wk) • Contacting of experience actors (1wk) • Selection of partners (1wk) • Selection of the rural community (1wk) • Selection of the site (1wk) • Training skills as needed (2-3wk) • Sensitizing and mobilizing rural target community (1wk) • Mobilizing resources (3-4 months) • Provision all materials/equipments as needed (3-6 months) • Construction of cooling room /stainless tanker (45 days) • Setting electricity unit
  12. 12. RESOURCES • Material: (stainless containers, buckets, laboratory equipment & materials, scales, table, chair, electricity parts etc) • HR: (lab-technician, sales person, accountant, cashier, manager) • Resources: Rough estimate= (US$ 10,000.00)
  13. 13. SUSTAINABILITY • After skill trainings such as business management, maintenance, sales, and women empowered they will be able sustain their small project. Community Participatory M&E system will be development and trained. Indicators such as numbers livestock owners bring/selling milk to collection will be registered daily, amount milk collected daily be recorded, amounts per day will recorded, profits made daily will be recorded, number of clients will be registered weekly.
  14. 14. COMMENTS&SUGGESTIONS • The community selection and pricing of material will be consulted with our field officers and procurement/logistics officer respectively.