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SGA Corporate Deck
SGA Corporate Deck
SGA Corporate Deck
SGA Corporate Deck
SGA Corporate Deck
SGA Corporate Deck
SGA Corporate Deck
SGA Corporate Deck
SGA Corporate Deck
SGA Corporate Deck
SGA Corporate Deck
SGA Corporate Deck
SGA Corporate Deck
SGA Corporate Deck
SGA Corporate Deck
SGA Corporate Deck
SGA Corporate Deck
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SGA Corporate Deck


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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  • 1.
  • 2. SGA Overview<br /><ul><li>SGA is a global provider of end-to-end customized investment and business research, valuation and consulting services.
  • 3. Our clients include global financial services companies, large corporate and market research firms across US, Europe and Middle East
  • 4. Our global delivery centre is based out of Pune, India which is known as a ‘Oxford of East’
  • 5. SGA is powered by a pool of talented MBAs and CFAs from reputed institutes with experience across sectors and markets</li></ul>Recognition by Clients<br /><ul><li>Rated 2nd on ‘Quality and Cultural fit’ by clients amongst all KPO’s in 2009 by Black Book of Outsourcing
  • 6. Ranked as top 50 best managed services companies in the world by Data monitor (ranked 20th, top 1 percentile amongst 2751 companies) in 2010</li></li></ul><li>Services Snapshot<br />Research <br />&<br />Analytics<br />
  • 7. Approach<br />High end onsite interface<br /><ul><li>Experienced professionals interacting with client project owners to rapidly conceptualize solutions
  • 8. Offshore team primed to absorb large volumes with rapid response</li></ul>Scalable & cost <br />efficient with <br />offshore leverage<br /><ul><li>Substantial financial services industry experience with sensitivity to client needs & corporate culture</li></ul>Domain knowledge <br />& sensitivity to client<br />
  • 9. Delivery Team Profiles<br /><ul><li>More than 10 years of International working experience in Europe, US, India or Middle East
  • 10. Functional expertise in Investment Research, Analytics or Marketing
  • 11. Direct experience of Asset Management, Investment Banking, Commercial Banking, Private Banking or Consulting
  • 12. Qualified MBA’s, CFA’s or Economists from Institutes such as LBS, Insead, IIM, Duke University etc.</li></ul>Associate VP’s<br /><ul><li>5 plus years of working experience in the Financial Services Industry
  • 13. Functional expertise in Research & Analysis covering different Markets & Asset Classes
  • 14. Qualified MBA’s, CFA’s, CA’s or Economists from some of the leading schools in US, Europe or India often with engineering degrees from institutes such as IIT</li></ul>Senior Analysts<br />Analysts<br /><ul><li>3-5 years experience in Investment Research & Analysis in the Financial Services Industry
  • 15. Qualified MBA’s, CFA’s or CA’s from some of the leading schools in India such as IIM, Symbiosis often with engineering degrees from institutes such as IIT</li></li></ul><li>Client Segments<br /><ul><li>Investment & Private Banks
  • 16. Asset Management Firms
  • 17. Fund Administration Companies
  • 18. Corporate Finance & Investor Relation Firms
  • 19. Private Equity Companies
  • 20. Market Research Firms</li></li></ul><li>Service Impact For Clients <br />Improved analytics for <br />management decision <br />making<br /><ul><li>Working with unstructured data & deriving key insights
  • 21. Use of external research
  • 22. Sector expertise
  • 23. Multiple language coverage</li></ul>Increased research <br />coverage<br /><ul><li>Increased distribution of marketing information
  • 24. High quality presentation</li></ul>Higher impact to <br />clients and investors<br />
  • 25. Key Contacts<br /> Ahmed Hakki, VP Business Development<br />Email:<br /> Tel: +41 44 724 41 92; +41 79 576 15 86<br /> Simran Wadhwa, Senior Manager Business DevelopmentEmail: simran@sganalytics.comTel: +91 985 0248 555<br />SGA Global Delivery Centre<br /> A-3, 6th Floor,E-Space IT Park,Nagar Road,Pune – 411 006, India.<br />. <br />Disclaimer:<br />No part of this presentation may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means − electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise without the permission of SG Analytics. All materials in this presentation have been sourced from SG Analytics’ databases. For detailed sourcing information contact SG Analytics.<br />
  • 26. Appendix<br />
  • 27. Financial Services – Sell Side<br />Equity & Sector Research<br />Corporate Finance Support<br />Daily Briefings<br />Private Client Profiling<br />Quantitative Analytics<br /><ul><li>Equity research
  • 28. Valuations
  • 29. Financial modeling support to the existing resident analyst
  • 30. Deep sector research
  • 31. Thematic studies
  • 32. Investment memorandums & pitch books
  • 33. IPO fact books
  • 34. Prepare & publish annual & quarterly reports based on a company’s audited & unaudited balance sheet</li></ul>Regular (daily / weekly) coverage on:<br /><ul><li>Equity markets
  • 35. FX & FI
  • 36. Sectors & companies
  • 37. Special events
  • 38. Policy & compliance news
  • 39. Identification & profiling of UHNWI’s based on tracking of wealth generation events
  • 40. Both detailed & snap shot profiles provided
  • 41. Tick data management
  • 42. Quote tick analytics
  • 43. High frequency strategy analytics</li></li></ul><li>Financial Services – Buy Side<br />Market Intelligence<br />Marketing & Sales Support <br />Investment Research<br />Quantitative Analytics<br />Weekly global product launch monitor tracking all major investment product launches. Products covered include equity funds (incl. ETF), fixed income funds, balanced funds, hedge funds, private equity funds, real estate funds, commodity funds, mixed asset funds & structured products<br /><ul><li>Fund pitchbooks & fund launch brochures
  • 44. Analysis of funds vis a vis peers in terms of performance & net flows
  • 45. Analysis of fund flows across different markets
  • 46. ROI estimation on different marketing activities
  • 47. Update & maintenance of latest fund information on global management databases
  • 48. Respond to RFIs /RFPs /DDQs using pre defined templates & softwares such as Kadient
  • 49. Updating & publishing fund fact sheets
  • 50. Equity research
  • 51. Valuations
  • 52. Financial modeling support to the existing resident analyst
  • 53. Deep sector research
  • 54. Thematic studies
  • 55. Deal support
  • 56. Tick data management
  • 57. Quote tick analytics
  • 58. High frequency strategy analytics</li></li></ul><li>Financial Services – Commercial Banks<br />Online Customer Analytical Workbench<br />Customer Data Aggregation, Cleansing & Segmentation<br />Channel Usage Analysis<br />Customer & Product<br /> Profitability Analysis<br />Customer Profiling, MIS <br />Reporting & Identification<br />of New Up-sell / Cross-sell Opportunities<br />Build an analytical workbench using customer data from multiple sources to: <br /><ul><li>Test segmentation scenarios
  • 59. Analyze customer data by segment, line of business, relationship managers & others
  • 60. Identify business opportunities based on codified business rules
  • 61. Analyze channel usage trend by customer segment to highlight usage patterns, SLA deviations & service gaps
  • 62. Benchmark existing channel usage to best-in-class practices & build channel roadmap to close the gap
  • 63. Identify opportunities to migrate customers to low cost channels
  • 64. Build profitability models at the product , customer segment or discrete customer level to identify profit drivers
  • 65. Analyze customer profile & transaction data at the product level using sophisticated multivariate regression models to identify actionable steps to drive higher profitability
  • 66. Integrate customer data from multiple back-end systems & use sophisticated tools for best data selection
  • 67. Improve data quality using statistical tools for cleansing & normalisation
  • 68. Segment customers to align them to business objectives & build multiple segmentation models
  • 69. Profile customers deeply based on their CRM data, key metrics & asset / liability balances
  • 70. Build sales dashboard for management which highlight performance & linkage to sales KPI’s
  • 71. Identify strategic & tactical up-sell / cross-sell opportunities in the existing customer base</li></li></ul><li>Financial Services – Fund Administrators<br />NAV Calculation Support <br />Reconciliations Support<br />Accounting Support<br />Calculations & reporting of:<br /><ul><li> NAV
  • 72. Dividend accruals
  • 73. Total expense ratio (TER)
  • 74. Taxable income by jurisdiction
  • 75. Security lending income
  • 76. Book cap stocks</li></ul>Corporate actions & cash reconciliations<br /><ul><li>Daily accounting, recording & maintenance of all investment activities including multi currency accounts
  • 77. Valuation of the underlying instruments in a PE fund
  • 78. Valuation of illiquid financial instruments</li></li></ul><li>Financial Services – Financial Information Providers<br />Data Aggregation<br />Database Creation & Updates<br />Editorial Writing<br />Support regular maintenance & update of information products related to financial services industry<br />Creation of specific back end databases to support organized storage of information<br /><ul><li>Snapshot information on companies, sectors or countries
  • 79. Summarisation of impact of regulatory & compliance related news </li></li></ul><li>Non - Financial Services – Corporates<br />Business Development Support<br />Corporate Strategy<br />Investor Relations<br /><ul><li>Corporate profiles
  • 80. Industry and market reports
  • 81. New market entry opportunity analysis
  • 82. Benchmarking company’s financial performance relative to its peers
  • 83. Investor analysis, relative valuation analysis, share price and trading volume analysis
  • 84. Qualitative and descriptive analyst presentations providing company and competitor analysis
  • 85. Analyst briefing packs
  • 86. Assisting in preparation of annual and quarterly reports
  • 87. Customer analytics
  • 88. New client briefing packs
  • 89. Pitch books
  • 90. Request for information / Request for proposal support
  • 91. Newsletters and updates on industry and peers</li></li></ul><li>Non - Financial Services – Business Consulting<br />Industry & Competition Research & Analysis<br />Company Analysis<br />Information / Data Aggregation<br /><ul><li>Company analysis reports
  • 92. Financial analysis
  • 93. Historic and forecast analysis
  • 94. Operational efficiency
  • 95. Pricing analysis
  • 96. Product and client analysis
  • 97. Scenario analysis
  • 98. Short and long form company descriptions & analysis
  • 99. Deep sector research
  • 100. Comprehensive industry research
  • 101. Financial and operational sector benchmark analysis
  • 102. Industry landscape SWOT analysis
  • 103. Market overviews including key players, trends and technologies, historic and forecast analysis
  • 104. Competitive positioning and intelligence
  • 105. Company filings from annual and quarterly reports and company presentations
  • 106. Market / industry data from public agencies and industry bodies</li></li></ul><li>Non - Financial Services – Market Research<br />Analysis<br />Research <br />Primary research: <br /><ul><li>Online questionnaires
  • 107. Telephone interviews both scripted & creative
  • 108. Focus group discussions</li></ul>Secondary research: <br /><ul><li>Sector research
  • 109. Market intelligence
  • 110. Media monitors & newsletters</li></ul>Research panels: <br /><ul><li>Consumer & mystery shoppers
  • 111. Sector & company analysis
  • 112. Market entry analysis
  • 113. Customer satisfaction research analysis</li>