Energy consumption


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Energy consumption

  1. 1. ENERGY CONSUMPTION AT HOME!First report !
  2. 2. This is what I saw!
  3. 3. Ren & Cozetteʼs!
  4. 4. “I am not a home, I donʼtcook, I donʼt need it” "About the dishwasher machine""“I pay the bill, so I donʼtmind what Ren says. If Ineed to I will set thethermostat a few moredegrees” – she laughs""They use light bulbs because Ren bought it. !“They were cheap and I think shewants to reduce the bill.” "
  5. 5. Renʼs family!
  6. 6. “We have to wash thedishes 2 or 3 times perweek. They are alwaysdirty!!!!” "About the dishwasher machine""“We like watching moviesand eat together, I think thatis why the TV and cookingis what make our billhigher” – she laughs""They can not live without the laptops on.During the interview they were playingscrabble online and they were in the sameroom. "
  7. 7. Carolyn and Doug!
  8. 8. “We love Christmas lights,and I think they dont usea lot of electricity, so weleave them on all day.” -she laughs""“We set the goal to change thetemperature in the thermostat byNovember 1st and the same forJune 1st, but sometimes is sodifficult…”""“Yeah, we use light bulbs "but you know I donʼt like "the color…”" They  agree  in  almost  everything  related  to  the   energy.  They  use  a  programmable  thermostat.  " On  from  6:oo  and  8:00  p.m.  Summer  is  68  and  in   Winter  is  78  
  9. 9. Sarah & Tom!
  10. 10. They donʼt use the A.C. She doesnʼt know but the house is very cool, so they prefer using fans or the portable heater conditioner. " " “Sometimes the kids need have one light on, so we leave the one from the living room on. Sometimes we have to work, so we have it on all night.”" !“What do you mean with power strip?Oh yes, yes we have one I think.” ""“I know my neighborsʼ bill is higherthan ours.” "She smiles.!  
  11. 11. This is what I learned!
  12. 12. People do try to conserve energy but they donʼt know much about it. " They make the effort to look good in front of the others. " " " "They compare to their neighbors and friends. " " " "" " " "Before, children imitate their parents, now they are the one that teach them sometimes." " Younger people donʼt care, they want to have fun. " When they are older they talk more about this topic." "The reasons to buy light bulbs "are still very different for everyone." " " " "They want to be green but donʼt know how "  
  13. 13. This is what it means!
  14. 14. Busy people""Need to know more. Knowledge. ""Social influences: Family and friends. ""Time, time and time.""They want to be admired, imitated and rewarded fortheir efforts.""Children are teaching their parents""Younger people imitate their parents, but they canadopt habits from their friends and trough internet,only in a fun way.""
  15. 15. And this is what I can do!
  16. 16. Talk to more users and discover the ways toapproach them.""Research about what companies and otherorganizations are doing to increase peopleʼsknowledge about conservation of energy.""Possible concepts:"-  Reward?"-  Social behaviors that influence decision making?""""