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Athena FirePAC for firewall analysis
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Athena FirePAC for firewall analysis


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FirePAC is an extremely affordable, easy to use, downloadable, light footprint software product that demonstrates immediate value without requiring any technical training. …

FirePAC is an extremely affordable, easy to use, downloadable, light footprint software product that demonstrates immediate value without requiring any technical training.

FirePAC helps both large and small companies who are actively seeking ways to reduce their expenses around conducting periodic audits, managing security risks, and improving the network's structure and design.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Athena FirePAC works to clean out conflicting rules and eliminate the security risks in firewall policies
  • 2. It shows how multiple routing, address translations, and filtering rules are working together to affect your firewall's behavior
  • 3. details the firewall behavior resulting from inter-rule interactions Policy Analysis Rule Conflicts identifies overlapping and conflicting rules for optimizing rule sets Policy Comparison shows added and deleted policies resulting from the changes to a configuration Policy Query allows users to generate customized reports based on detailed policy queries
  • 4. Compliance management / need for periodic audits Avoid potential risks to business continuity Reduce efforts in firewall review Need to optimize configuration Manage configurations BUSINESS DRIVERS Source: Frost and Sullivan
  • 5. Designed for Network Engineers EASY Downloadable software takes seconds to install POWERFUL Cuts manual firewall analysis down by 85% AFFORDABLE Lowest cost solution for comprehensive analysis SAFE Injects no packets into the network NON-INTRUSIVE No connections requiring passwords or permissions
  • 6.
    • FirePAC analyzes the
    • interactions between
    • ACLs
    • Routing Tables
    • NATs
    Policy Check Drill-down to policy detail Drill-down to rule detail Details services allowed from external zone to internal zone H C27 Description Risk Rules 8 277 257 237 antispoof settings 28 eth1c0 to eth-s1p2c0 Entering/Exiting interfaces h-wcsdevssl Translated Destination Automatic NAT Rule from Static Destination Nat on h-wcsdevssl any any any any 237 Comment Translated Service Translated Source Service Destination Source No
  • 7. Requires only the configuration file and the routing table to generate all reports IMPORT FIREWALL SUMMARY Acts as a guide to navigate the detail level reports
  • 8. Firewall statistics summarize the firewalls primary structure Findings show the total number of risks categorized by severity level
    • Click on the hyperlinks to view:
    • definition of the risk
    • ruletrails that contributed to the risk
    • original rule in the context of the configuration
  • 9. Rule conflicts show the exact inter rule relationships and the number of each type that were found The firewall connectivity table provides basic topology information
    • Policy Summary acts as a table of contents for all policies that are:
    • Passing through the firewall
    • Originating from the firewall
    • Terminating at the firewall
  • 10.
    • Based on complex analysis, not simple pattern matching
    • Calculates every possible packet that could traverse the firewall
    POLICY SUMMARY Shows the services that are allowed from each direction on every interface
  • 11. RULE CONFLICTS Identifies the order dependencies and inter-relationships between rules Generalization of <7>, <10>, <15>, <21>, <23>, <24> Anomaly Comment Action VPN Service Destination Source No Redundant to <68> accept Any ssh h-accfta001 h-accfta001m net-ACC- 27 Correlated to <8>, <12>, <13>, <16>, <17>, <18>, <20> drop Any Any Acmecorp-Cluster Any 25
  • 12.
    • Greatly reduces the need for testing to ensure the correct policies have been implemented
    • Can be used to model the effect of a change before it is deployed to the network
    POLICY COMPARISON Shows the impact of rule changes to the overall behavior of the firewall
  • 14.
    • Athena FirePAC uses safe, offline analysis to:
      • Reduce up to 85% of the manual effort to audit any Cisco, Checkpoint or Netscreen firewall
      • Verify the policies that are impacted by rule changes
    • Try FirePAC at no risk or buy it for only $1495!