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Description of key projects I have been working on as an Innovation Strategy

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Project Portfolio - Agung Hikmat

  1. 1. Agung Hikmat/ Innovation Strategist Hello! I’m an Innovation Strategist. I have been helping individuals and organisations on reframing business opportunities and re-focusing their strategies to win and create a new game in the market. With more than 7 years of industrial and academic experience, I have worked on various projects within different industries and countries, mainly in South East Asia, Europe, and the UK. Here are my details, and select key projects I have worked on...
  2. 2. Details Employment MSc. Candidate Global Innovation Management (University of Strathclyde, Scotland and University of Aalborg, Denmark/ 2012-2014) University of Strathclyde Scotland Part Time Researcher (May-August 2012) Address Ny Kastetvej 16H, 1, -5 Aalborg, 9000 Denmark Qualification Phone +45 (0) 42 65 58 22 Email agung.hikmat@ Language Indonesia (native) English (IELTS: 7.5) French (DELF: A2) Avocations Social Work Initiated a social cause focusing on education in Indonesian rural area called Kelas Inspirasi XL Axiata Indonesia Corporate Strategy (2011 – 2012) B.Eng Industrial Engineering (Institut Teknologi Bandung, Celcom Axiata Indonesia/ 2005-2009 ) Malaysia Technology Strategy (2010 – 2011) LAPI ITB (University Research Body) Indonesia Part Time Researcher (January – May 2009) Graphic Design Occasional design projects freelancer (Logo, ad, banners) Sport •  Completed various of 10K running events in Jakarta •  Member of “Jago Dulu” Rugby Club (Jakarta) Music Occasional vocalist and guitarist Countries Visited/ Cultural Exposure Business and Academic Purposes: •  Singapore •  Malaysia •  India •  United Emirates Arab •  England •  Scotland •  Denmark Other Purposes: •  Thailand •  Cambodia •  Saudi Arabia •  Germany •  France •  Sweden •  Switzerland •  Netherland •  Italy •  Malta
  3. 3. Select Key Projects Key Achievements University of Aalborg - Denmark: •  European Union’s Erasmus Mundus Awardee 2012-2014 University of Strathclyde - UK: •  1st Prize Winner of University of Strathclyde Enterprise Challenge 2013 Implementation of effective strategy planning on a small high tech firm Exploitation Strategy and Marketing Communication on EuroVIP Project Diageo – UK Manufacturing (bottling) line improvement XL Axiata - Indonesia 3G national roll out strategy Recruitment process redesign New business blue print Merger and Acquisition of telecom operator (valuation, negotiation, integration planning) •  Competition stratagems •  •  •  •  Celcom Axiata - Malaysia •  Business plan on LTE deployment •  WiFi national roll out strategy •  Marketing strategy to win Urban Chinese Market LAPI ITB - Indonesia •  Business intelligent architecture design to support fuel supply and demand at PT Pertamina (Indonesian national oil & gas company) •  XL Axiata Top Performer 2012 •  Best analyst of Axiata War Game 2011 •  Finalist of Procter & Gamble’s B-Champion Indonesia 2008
  4. 4. Exploitation Strategy and Marketing Communication Shipyard/ University of Strathclyde/ Scotland 2013 Project brief •  EuroVIP is a web-based collaborative ship-design platform development project funded by the European Union (FP7) and led by the University of Strathclyde (UoS) •  As the project and funding nearing their end, UoS and partners were looking for ways to sustain EuroVIP Project stakeholders •  Department of Design, Manufacture & Engineering Management, University of Strathclyde Role •  Contracted to provide advise on exploitation strategy and communication How I add value •  Conducted internal-external scanning analysis •  Delivered end-to-end business model recommendation to ensure project’s viability (unique selling point identification, customer segment & relationship, channel, resource requirement, cost structure and revenue sources identification) •  Built branding and marketing communication concepts (logo, advertisement) Result/ impact •  Recommendations and deliverables were to be incorporated as one of the main parts of UoS’ report to the EU upon the completion of funding BETTER TOGETHER
  5. 5. Manufacturing Line Improvement Consumer Goods/ Diageo-University of Strathclyde/ Scotland 2013 Project brief •  The project objective was to improve overall equipment efficiency by 10% of Johnnie Walker Bottling line in Diageo Shieldhall, Glasgow Project stakeholders •  •  •  •  Plant Operation Manager European Supply Manager Line Leaders University Supervisors Role •  Team leader (rotational) •  Analyst How I add value •  Set up team and its fundamental management procedures •  Conducted critical analysis on problem solving methodologies and root cause finding •  With the team, recommended Diageo to put attention on human factor issues by conducting an improvement team initiative (operator to cowork with line managers) Result/ impact •  Management acknowledged the spotted root cause and claimed that the recommendation to be applicable throughout the lines across European operation •  An improvement team is now being implemented in the company as part of the team’s final recommendation
  6. 6. Merger & Acquisition Telecommunication Industry/ XL Axiata/ Indonesia 2012 Project brief •  XL Axiata was on the brink of losing enough capacity to serve its growing 46 million subscribers, due to the limited number of spectrum license granted by the government •  Finding ways to capitalize on other operator’s spectrum became necessary Project stakeholders •  •  •  •  XL Axiata and Axiata (holding) Board of Directors Axiata Corporate Strategy team Saudi Telecom Company (STC) management XL Axiata senior management Role/ capability •  Corporate strategist How I add value •  Provided recommendation to acquire smaller operator •  Provided valuation analysis of target company to the Board of Directors (Axiata and XL Axiata) •  Direct involvement on negotiation with target company’s representatives •  Coordinated integration planning among XL Axiata senior management executives Result/ Impact •  XL Axiata successfully acquired Axis (September 2013) for USD 865 Million on cash and debt free basis
  7. 7. New Businesses Blue Print Telecommunication Industry/ XL Axiata/ Indonesia 2012 Project brief •  XL’s ‘traditional telephony’ products (call, text) were maturing •  Business was shifting towards internet based product •  XL needed to strategize and create new sources of revenue upon their massive investment on mobile internet infrastructure Project stakeholders •  XL Axiata Board of Directors •  XL Axiata senior management •  XL Axiata young talents Role/ capability •  Corporate strategist How I add value •  Coordinated collaborative workshops with teams of senior management and select talents from different departments •  Co-created line up of different internet based products with collaboration teams Result/ Impact •  Product line ups were approved by to the Board of Director •  Discussion on the blue print triggered the formation of New Business division, as the first step towards the company’s business transformation
  8. 8. Marketing Strategy to Win Urban Malaysian Chinese Market Telecommunication Industry/ Celcom Axiata/ Malaysia 2011 Project brief •  Celcom Axiata aimed to win Urban Malaysian Chinese market as a strategic move to attain number one position in the industry •  The company had been having difficulty to tap the market and has constantly been perceived as native Malay segment telecom provider Project stakeholders •  Director of Marketing, Product Marketing Division Role •  Team leader •  Management associate How I add value •  Conducted empirical research to investigate target customers’ preferences •  Came up with a recommendation to launch a new product, titled as “xLovex”, a 2-in-1 SIM card starter pack with special customized content offerings and pricing between the two bundled SIM cards Result/ impact •  Recommendation was escalated to the directorate level •  The proposal was processed to the new product research and development
  9. 9. Initiation of a Social Education Movement Education/ Voluntary Work/ Indonesia 2012 Project brief •  Indonesian’s economy is growing rapidly, followed by the increase of number of middle class society but not with better economic situation in rural areas •  A pool of voluntary workers from the middle class society can help to bridge the disparity •  Education is viewed as the most strategic area to start bridging the gap Project stakeholders •  Indonesia Mengajar (Teach for Indonesia) •  Suburban/ rural elementary public schools •  Voluntary workers (mostly urban Professionals) Role •  Initiator •  Volunteer relations How I add value •  Initiated the movement and build collaboration with Indonesia Mengajar •  Ensured sustainability of the initiative by being actively involved as a thought partner Result/ impact •  On it’s debut in Jakarta, Kelas Inspirasi lured 800 professionals to join the initiative only in less than one month period of limited publication. •  The movement is now on the national replication stage
  10. 10. Agung Hikmat Ny Kastetvej 16H, 1,-5 Aalborg 9000, Denmark +45 42 65 58 22 @_agunghikmat_