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  • 2. GUSTAVO AGUDELO 1939-2005
  • 3. She is my favorite grandmother, she is 66 years old, my grandmother is a housewife. She was born in Santuario, Risaralda and she have lived all her life in La Virginia. My grandmother was married with my grandfather Gustavo Agudelo, he was a hard working man in his butchery. When I was 11 year old, my grandfather died, I felt so sad because I loved him so much. He was my favorite grandfather.
  • 4. He is my uncle, he is 49 years old, my uncle is the elder brother of the family of my father, he has worked automotive mechanic in La Virginia. My uncle was divorced 10 years ago of my aunt Liliana, my mother's sister, they had a daughter her name Luisa Fernanda, she is 20 year old and she is studying at the University chemical technology.
  • 5. Jessica Juan Carlos Sebastián she is my favorite aunt is very pretty, she is 47 years old, my aunt has lived for eight years in Spain with her husband Juan Carlos and her son Sebastian, my aunt works in a cleaning company. Sebastian is 16 years old, is a footballer and he is studying in high school. his daughter Jessica is 28 years old, she lives in Medellin Colombia, and she is studying law at university.
  • 6. He is my father I love him with all my heart, he is 38 years old, he works as automotive mechanic in La Virginia. My father was separated of my mother five years ago. My father has another son his name is Miguel Angel and he is my younger brother, he is two years old and he is very sweet and cheerful.
  • 7. He is my favorite uncle, he is 34 years old, he is the younger brother of my father's family, my uncle has been an adventurer and bohemian guy. He has been living in Spain for eight years, and he works in a cleaning company, my uncle has not children and wife.
  • 8. They are my grandparents, they live in Virginia, my grandmother is 60 years old and my grandfather is 67 years old. They were married very young , they have 5 children. My grandfather is a pensioner and my grandmother is a housewife, they are a model family and they are very close. .
  • 9. Luisa Catalina My aunt Liliana lives in Pereira she is 39 year old, she has a hairdresser's, my aunt is a person enterprising. She is divorced, my aunt has two daughters, Catalina y Luisa, Catalina is 9 year old, she is intelligent and Luisa as I said, she is daughter of my uncle Fernando and aunt. she is 20 years old. Liliana
  • 10. She is my mother her name is Beatriz I love her with all my heart she is 38 years old, my mother is studied Visual Arts at the University and she is works weekends with my aunt as manicurist in the hairdresser's .My mother is an exemplary woman. Her daughter Stefania is 10 year old, she is the most intelligent of the house, and I am his oldest daughter , I am 19 years old, I am studying International Trade in the SENA and I am very responsible. We live in La Virginia and we are very happy. Stefania Angie
  • 11. Carlos Laura Vanesa she is my aunt Gloria, she is 34 years old, she is an English teacher ,she has two daughters Vanessa an Laura , my aunt lives in La Virginia with her husband Carlos and her younger daughter Vanessa , she is 10 years old ,and her other daughter Laura is living in Venezuela 8 months ago , she is 19 years old, she is studying at university Accounting .
  • 12. Jorge Daniel They are my uncles, George lives in Pereira, he is 27 years old, my uncle is a systems engineer and he is working in a company called "Indra" and my uncle Daniel lives in La Virginia, he is 22 years old and is the youngest brothers, he is studying in electric engineering and Daniel is the only son that live with my grandparents.