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  • Hobsons is an education focused business
  • Note: Who are we the trusted authority for? the school, the student? Or are we just a trusted digital marketing authority?
    Hobsons has been helping Institutions for over 30 years recruit and enroll tradition undergraduate, graduate and international students.  As a result, our clients have learned to trust Hobsons as an authority in the Education Space. No doubt you are well aware as is Hobsons of the growing segment of non-tradition students furthering their education online or on the ground and increase revenue that enrolling these students can bring to their institution. So the big question is, how can I reach out to these students in an effort to enroll them at my institution. And that is what Campaign Management is designed to do. “Drive enrolled student to your online programs!
  • With that said, the market space that we are serving with this solution is
    Traditional Colleges and universities
    Non Traditional Students/Adult Learners
    Online or on-the-ground degree granting programs/certificates
  • Based on our research we are filling a gap in this space. Why?
    There are many more people that are wanting flexibility in learning
    Students want a reputable school and a reputable degree
    The for-profits are being scrutinized closely (and the findings have not been very positive)
  • The message to grow enrollment in these areas are typically is given at a higher level.
    In the strategic planning process goals are established but how to achieve those goals are often unknown/unclear.
    In this example you are asked to grow enrollment of online and graduate students by a total of 450 students in 3 years.
  • Notes:
    If you continue what you have always done then it doesn’t get you different results
    This presentation is about implementing new strategies to help you reach your goals (how? By starting with the end in mind/sight
    We get your enrollment goals and from that we work backwards to determine how many leads we need to get for you?
    Let’s look at an example:
    150 per year = 450 enrollments
    $13,000 tuition per yr = 5, 850
    Let’s say your app to enrolled yield is 50%. That tells us that we need to secure at least 300 applications per yr.
    Another important factor is the number of leads/introductions that convert to enrolled. On average 4%, that is 4% every inquiry pool enrolls (3750 x .04 = 150)
    Therefore, we have to delivery 3750 leads per year to yield 150 new student enrollments.
    The revenue impact this will have on your University over the 3 years --- nearly 5.9m!
    4% Hobsons leads that enroll (We need to tighten this up)
    confidence based on other lead sites??
    based on clients we work with - it has been 4% lead to conversion
    Based on experts in the area and client history
  • Here are some examples/case studies of clients that we are currently working with:
    Your enrollment objectives are the most important thing.
    We would be courage to know Is this how your mind works during the strategic planning process? (Allow for a response)
    Explain the Chart:
    MACU – 82 enrollments meant
    2132 leads
    Nearly 40K clicks
    Over 50 million impressions
    Similar example for the University of Toledo
    And ss you can see this campaign this campaign will mean different things to different stakeholders:
    Marketing – Branding
    VP – ROI and Revenue
    Admissions - Enrollment
  • Note: Do not read every bullet point. Pick 1 or 2 bullet points and expound on them. (first and last)
    You no doubt will agree with some of these challenges: Why is make sense for Colleges to partner with Hobsons a Market Leader in the Education Space:
    Colleges lack digital marketing expertise in general – They are people who special in Digital marketing as a full time job (most ed professional are not experts)
    They lack the time necessary to research appropriate educational directories to determine where to place your ads for maximum traffic
    Currently we are managing 7K websites for MACU; via ad networks to ensure they are in front of as many prospects as possible.
  • Note: I want to tell you very frank with you about what other options are out. Then give examples of them each.
    Agencies - work with you on designing your ads, editorial content and ad placements etc.
    Lead Aggregators – delivers leads to you and 500 other colleges and universities and that is how they make their money (paid per lead) prospects request info from a variety of schools. They have many choices, the site is not unique to your programs
    Retargeting – this is where the prospects search behavior is tracked and followed so if they showed some interest in your program but never completed the inquiry form and left the site, the cookie that was created allows their search to be tracked and followed so that your ad appears in their future search activities.
    (very targeted based on behavior)
    Research Firms – to determine where you should advertise and buy media ads for the best response
    Ad Networks – Google, Bing, etc. Ad is a small network that focuses in on African Americans, Urban Americans and Latinos,
    When you partner with Hobsons, This is what we bring to you in one package!
  • This is just an example of what you can expect:
    Built on research and reporting – As a Hobsons Partner, you are entitlted to the our annual research reports (Undergrad, Graduate and International Marketing – next year, we will include the non –tradition student).
    Research - Our philsophy is to be as transparent as possible – weekly/month tune-up meeting to review the campaign and make adjustments if necessary.
    Focused on education, school, and program – we drill down to the program level so students can hone in on exactly we they are looking for
    When that is the case it improves the quality of your lead!
    Focused on the exclusivity of each lead delivered – of students that specifically and exclusivity is interested in your institution
    Focused on introduction your school to new audiences of active shoppers -
    Focused on daily monitoring for peak performance
    Focused on building the relationship through transparency and increasing online enrollments– trusted authority.
  • Notes: let’s see some examples:
    This is the equivalent to an institution’s site map
    To find the program of interest and the inquiry form to complete, you have to drill down multiple levels
    This is about making it easier for students to find you and for you to readily access their inquiry form
  • So with that said, how do we introduce your school to students who are looking for online programs?
  • May still need language
    How we approach reaching in that barrel? Instead of drilling down so many layers, we pull that prospect Micro site out so prospects can find you. We have a team that is dedicated to do that enabling your prospect to find you! They will handle the
    Creative Design
    Media Buying
    SEM – which research shows is 45% of all online advertising
    45% of advertising dollars are spent on search terms and we are doing this for you
  • Some examples:
    The university of Toledo
    The url is branded Toledo (even though we are managing and tracking it on the back-end) logo, fonts, colors are your school’s brand
  • So are where prospects finding it?
    We partner with the ad networks such as
    And if appropriate – education directories such at Best Nursing of
    We are currently working with Notre Dame College and they are interested in targeting Veterans for their teaching programs: So we are looking into affiliates sites such as: (example -,,,,, &
    Somehow indicate the 7,000 sites we manage for them
  • This is where Digital Media Buying comes in and that encompasses:
    Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    Display Advertising
    E-mail marketing
  • Another Example MACU for their Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministries
    built the microsite to highlight specific program features and directs you the inquiry form
    Our experts can make recommendations such as putting the inquiry form on the right side as it increases the opportunity for conversion
    Keep the page free of distraction and opportunities to exit (designed for conversion – it is working, remember the stats we shared with you on MACU
  • There are examples of display ads on the sites we mentioned earlier
  • An example of re-targeting to catch those non converters
    once they land on your site but do not complete the form/they exit
    retargeting allows us to track their activity and positions your ad on sites of interest during later web activity
    (Ed can give example)
  • Example of a keyword search campaign that our SEO/SEM experts conducted for U of Toledo for an online Book keeping Certificate program
    Researched, purchased and monitored 61 keywords in every combination you can think of how a prospect would search to find it
    This resulted in a position of 4.7 on Google search engine in addition it helped with their branding:
    76,000 impressions, 462 clicks and 18 inquires
    Hobsons pays Google $2.37 per click or $54.00 an inquiry - do we need this??

  • What? Select 1 or 2 bullet points to expound on!
  • University of houston distance education

    1. 1. Enrollment Marketing For Continuing & Professional Education October 26, 2010
    2. 2. CM Vision To be the trusted digital marketing and enrollment authority for traditional colleges and universities recruiting non-traditional and graduate students.
    3. 3. Market Space • Colleges and universities • Non-traditional students (Undergraduate) – Ground, hybrid, online • Graduate – Ground, hybrid, online
    4. 4. Market Factors = Opportunity • 20% growth in 22-29 age demographic and 14% in the +30 age group • Student preparedness at for-profit institutions • Debt-payback at for-profits • Student demands for flexibility in course delivery • Community college enrollment growth Like so many prospective students, he turned to the obvious first stop: Google. The search engine steered him straight to the University of Phoenix. But, he says, its reputation left "a bad taste in the mouth." So he kept on Googling and soon struck a more attractive option: Northeastern. Mr. Tricoli filled out an online form requesting more information.
    5. 5. Example Strategic Goals • Online: 250 to 500 • Graduate: 50 to 250 – 450 student enrollments over 3 years
    6. 6. Enrollment Goals To reach these goals, Hobsons would need to introduce you to 3,750 prospective students a year.
    7. 7. Case Studies •MACU Total Investment = 200K / ROI = $1,066,000 (Tuition) •UT Total Investment = 115K / ROI = $944,000 (Tuition) MACU           Impressions Clicks Leads Enrollments Subtotal for 2010 Fiscal 50,785,580 39,905 2,132 82 Subtotal for 2011 Fiscal 11,710.76 18,379 935             U of Toledo           Impressions Clicks Leads Enrollments Subtotal for 2010 Fiscal 13,189,867 36,143 2,437 118
    8. 8. Challenges in Online Marketing • Lack digital marketing expertise in general • Have not identified quality, affordable, scalable lead sources • Are unable to effectively convert “shared” leads (a single lead  gathered on behalf of multiple schools) • Lack an effective tracking methodology or mechanism for lead management and therefore lack performance data • Lack the staff to effectively develop and execute a digital strategy • Feel a need to protect their brand from associations with for-profit  schools • Lack the time necessary to research appropriate educational  directories
    9. 9. Agencies Lead  Aggregators Retargeting Companies Research Firms Ad  Networks
    10. 10. Unique Solution •Built on research and reporting •Focused on education, school, and program •Focused on quality vs. quantity of leads •Focused on the exclusivity of each lead delivered •Focused on new audiences of active shoppers •Focused on daily monitoring for peak performance •Focused on building the relationship through transparency and increasing  online enrollments– trusted authority.    
    11. 11.    It sure is crowded in here!!            Can anyone see me?  University Website
    12. 12. Step 1 Goal: Making Introductions • People are ‘shopping’ for online programs • How are we making the introduction to your school?
    13. 13. Project/Process Workflow Online Division Programs Prospects Hobson's Team Prospect Microsite Creative Design Media Buying Services Search Engine Marketing Online Directories Reporting Services Your site 45% of all online advertising Client Relationship Manager Online Media Buyer Analyst Developer Visual Designer Project Manager Copywriter
    14. 14. Microsite for Prospects • 1
    15. 15. E-mail and Daily Files Able to place these inquires directly into your prospect database and CRM
    16. 16. How are people finding it? * * *
    17. 17. Digital Media Buying • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) • Display Advertising • Retargeting • E-mail marketing
    18. 18. Display Advertising
    19. 19. Re-Targeting Non-Converter’s
    20. 20. • SEM Keyword Campaign – 61 keywords constantly monitored and tuned. – Average position: 4.7 – 76,000 impressions, 462 clicks and 18 inquires – Hobsons pays Google $2.37 per click or $54.00 an inquiry SEM Example “Bookkeeping” Hobsons follows same model for all 35 UT DL programs
    21. 21. Service Overview 1. Extends your prospective student website at the program level 2. Engages prospective students with microsites designed for conversion 3. Carefully researches and selects web directories 4. Optimizes your search engine marketing 5. Handles your media placement through display and retargeting campaigns 6. Delivers to you real-time exclusive inquiries
    22. 22. Quoting Process 1. Determine the number of programs we are managing 2. Determine the enrollment goals and lead volumes needed based on conversion rates 3. Research supply and demand of your online programs 4. Generate program-level keywords 5. Keyword expansion - further carve out 5-6 keywords (long tail search) 6. Enter keyword info and impressions into a spreadsheet and determine estimated CPL and overhead 7. Quote