1. seed & grain cleaning & grading
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1. seed & grain cleaning & grading



India was witnessing a revolution in farm production and was struggling for increased food production to satisfy the needs of one of the fastest growing populations in the world. This required large ...

India was witnessing a revolution in farm production and was struggling for increased food production to satisfy the needs of one of the fastest growing populations in the world. This required large quantities of good quality seeds which, at that time, were being produced largely on imported seed processing machines. The cost was too high and unaffordable for a country short of foreign currency. It was in 1984, when AGROSAW™ took up the challenge and committed itself to providing world-class seed processing machines to the farmers and seed producers of the country, right here in India, and that too at the most affordable prices. It has been a hard work for all of us at AGROSAW™ all these years - needs of the farmer and seed producers were listed, research & studies conducted, continuous interaction with scientists at Agricultural Universities was made, new designs were developed to suit the Indian conditions, production facilities built, wide dealer network established - all brick by brick.



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1. seed & grain cleaning & grading 1. seed & grain cleaning & grading Presentation Transcript

    • Established in 1984
    5000 plus installations so far
    • Largest manufacturer of Post Harvest Equipment in India
    • Turnkey Plants / Machines
    Cleaning, Grading, Sorting and Handling
    Seed, Grain, Spices, Pulses, Oil Seeds, Fruits and Vegetables
    • Two manufacturing units
    Ambala & Saha
    • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, SA 8000 certified co.
    • Managing Director: Mr. Sanjeev Sagar
    • Sales Turn Over 2009-10: Rs. 50 Crores
    • More than 5000 plants operational in 50 plus countries
    • Experienced Design and Development Team
    • Latest Design Software
    Autodesk Inventor, Solid Works Premium, Auto CAD
    • Sheet Metal Processing Facilities
    CNC Turret Press, CNC Press Break, NC Shearing,
    Roll Plate Bending; MIG, TIG & Spot Welding
    • Skilled Production, QC and Installation Teams
    • Wide Marketing Network & Separate overseas office
    • of Denmark – in the area of seed & grain cleaning & grading
    • of Poland – for grain Silos and Dryers
    • of Denmark– for suction blower and aspirators
    • of Sweden – for seed coatingmachines
    • New Zealand – for fruits & vegetables cleaning & grading
  • Plant Layout
    Seed Cleaning/Grading Plant
    Shop Floor
    Fruit Cleaning & Grading Line
    Mobile Plant
  • A range of more than 70 types of machines, for various applications
    and capacities, to suit the client requirements
    Seed Pre-Cleaner / Grain Cleaner
    Fine Cleaner
    Rotary Drum Cleaner
    Indented Cylinder
    Universal Cleaner for Commercial Cleaning
    Gravity Separator
    Treater& Coater
    Width Sizer
    Groundnut Pod Cleaner
    Dust Aspirator System for the plants
    Vegetable Seed Extracting Machine
    Maize / Corn Sheller
    • Application
    Efficient Cleaning of all types of seed,
    grain, pulses and oil seeds
    • Working
    Material fed into Hopper
    Dust & Light impurities are separated
    by Aspirator fan
    Material falls on sieve layers
    Separation according to width & thickness
    • Models
    PC2, PC3, PC5, PC6, PC8, PC11, PC14, UC20, UC-30, UC-40,
    • PC Series
    PC2, PC3, PC5-NB, PC6, PC8-M, PC11-NB, PC11-RB, PC14-NB,
    • The numeral following the model signifies the capacities in TPH based on wheat
    • NB - Nylon BrushRB - Rubber Balls
    • Example. PC14-NB
    The pre-cleaner of PC series with a capacity of 14TPH and uses Nylon Brushes for sieve perforation cleaning.
    Optional Accessories: Dust Collector & Air Trunk
    • UC Series
    UC20, UC30, UC40, UC60 – 20, 30, 40, 60 TPH respectively
    • Suitable for efficient cleaning of all cereal grains, malting barley, coffee seed and seeds of all crops such as wheat, paddy, barely, maize, millets,
    sunflower, soyabean, oil seeds and Rice & pulse milling plants.
    • Same machine can be used as pre-cleaner as well as fine cleaner after changing the sieve pattern.
    Optional Accessories: Dust Collector, Air Trunk, Surge Bin, Feeding Elevator
    • Application
    Efficient Cleaning of all types of seed,
    grain, pulses, spices and oil seeds etc.
    • Working
    Material fed into Hopper
    Dust & Light impurities are separated
    by Aspirator fan
    Material falls on sieve layers
    Separation according to width & thickness
    • Models
    Junior, Junior-ii, Ultra, Classic, Deluxe, Super, Super-ii, Seed Master, TSG,
    Coral, Venus, Majestic, SG-3, SG-4, Omni, Vibam – 1013, Vibam – 1026,
    Optional Accessories: Dust Collector, Air Trunk, Surge Bin, Feeding Elevator
    • Model Capacities
    Junior – 100 kg/hr Junior-ii – 100 kg/hr
    Ultra – 150 kg/hr Classic – 400 kg/hr
    Deluxe – 1TPH Majestic – 3 TPH
    Super – 400 kg/hr on coriander Super-ii – 1.2 TPH
    Seed Master – 1.5 TPH TSG – 1.5 TPH
    Coral – 2 to 2.5 TPH Venus – 800 kg/hr on coriander
    SG-3 – 3 TPH SG-4 – 4 TPH
    Omni – 3.5 to 4 TPH
    Vibam 1013 – 5 TPH Vibam 1026 – 10 TPH
    Nova – 15 TPH for Commercial Cleaning
    • Application
    Commercial Cleaning & Grading (width & size)
    of all serials, pulses, oil seeds etc. by using both
    screen & air
    • Working
    Material fed into a set of rotary drum screens of different perforation sizes
    Air aspiration removes dust, chaff & light impurities
    Material falls into rotating screens
    Material graded according to width and size
    Different grades collected separately
    • Models
    RDC-25, RDC-50, RDC-100 – 25, 50, 100 TPH based on wheat
    • Application
    Used for additional separation or
    up-gradation of material on length basis
    • Working
    Short grains lifted & lodged in indents
    Fall out under gravity force into internal trough
    Long grains travel along and discharge out
    • Models
    IC1, IC2, IC3, IC4, IC5, IC6, IC8, IC10 – where number indicates to the capacity in TPH based on wheat
    IC-V – 100 Kg/Hr
    • Application
    Achieve very high grading quality for
    any free flowing granular material, and
    all types of seeds, grain, spices, etc on
    the principle of specific weight
    • Working
    Material fed on porous oscillating deck
    Material is fluidised by pressure fan
    Material allowed to stratify by combination of air pressure & deck oscillation
    Heavy particles sink into the deck & light particles suspended in fluidised state
    Heavy and light particles travelling in stratified paths are collected separately
    • Models
    G1, G2, G4, G6 – 1,2,4 and 6 TPH respectively
    GT – 100 Kg per Hour
    Optional Accessories: Additional Deck, Vibro-Feeder, VFD for Deck, Dust Canopy, Surge Bin
    • Application
    Treatment of all kinds of seed by applying insecticide
    and fungicide in dry or liquid or slurry form
    • Working
    Seed fed into a weighing pan till a pre-determined
    weight is achieved & allowed to be dumped into blending chamber
    Simultaneously pre-determined dosage of chemical in liquid form or power form or slurry form is applied to the seed in a mixing chamber
    The slow moving cylinder helps in thorough mixing of seed & chemical
    Chemically treated seed discharged from cylinder
    • Models
    Slurry Seed Treater
    Universal Type Treater
    Film Coater
    Optional Accessories: Surge Bin, Feeding Elevator
    • Slurry Seed Treater
    Used for Slurry treatment of seed
    ST1RD, ST2RD, ST4RD - 1, 2, 4 TPH respectively
    • Universal Type Treater
    Used for Dry, Liquid & Slurry treatment of seed
    UT1, UT2, UT3, UT4 – 1, 2, 3, 4 TPH respectively
    UT-V – 100 Kg/Hr
    • Film Coater
    Used for liquid chemical film coating of seed
    SC15 FA, SC30 FA, SC15 SA, SC5 M, SC-L –15, 30, 10, 5 & 1 Kg/Batch respectively
    • Application
    Removal of heavy foreign contaminants like
    stone, metallic & glass pieces etc on the principle
    of weight difference
    • Working
    Material fed on the porous oscillating deck
    Material is fluidised by pressure fan
    With the combination of fluidisation & deck
    oscillation, heavy particles migrate to upper levels
    of the deck and the light particles move to the lower level of the deck
    • Models
    Positive Pressure Type:
    D2-PEX – upto 2 TPH based on wheat
    Negative Pressure Type:
    D4-NE, D6-NE, D10-NE, D15-NE, D20-NE - upto 4, 6, 10, 15 and 20 TPH based on wheat
    • Application
    For removing awns, tips, glumes etc.
    For clipping of oats
    For breaking of alfalfa pods
    For de-whisking of carrot seeds
    For decorticating of sugar beet seeds
    For hulling white caps in clover seeds
    For de-clustering of tomato seeds, grass seeds etc.
    For polishing and removing mold from pepper balls, coffee beans etc.
    • Working
    Material fed in a variable speed rotating cylinder with beaters mounted on it
    Crop processed in-between beaters and concave
    • Models
    DB-1, DB-2, DB-3, DB-5 – 1, 2, 3 and 5 TPH respectively based on wheat
    DB-V - 100 Kg/Hr
    • Application
    Drying of grains/seeds, cereals, pulses,
    oil seeds, fodder, spices, garlic, onion etc.
    • Working
    Used indirect heat or hot air
    The chimney discharges affluent gases, hence no mixing with air burnt gases
    with material
    • Models
    Tray Type Dryer:
    a) BDM – 1 Ton per batch
    b) BDV – 100 Kg per batch
    c) BD-1, BD-2, BD-4, BD-6 – 1, 2, 4, 6 Tons per Batch respectively based on wheat
    Re-circulating Batch Type Column Dryer
    a) BCD1, BCD2, BCD4, BCD6, BCD8 – 1, 2, 4, 6 Tons per Batch respectively based on wheat
    • Application
    To achieve different grades according to
    width of grain
    • Working
    Material fed into variable speed perforated
    cylinder having 2 or more perforation sizes
    Material is graded according to different perforation
    sizes & collected in hoppers below each size
    • Models
    WS-1, WS-2, WS-3, WS-4, WS-5, WS-6 where the numeral indicated the capacities in TPH based on wheat
    • Application
    Removes undersize and lighter impurities by size
    Removes hollow pods from the raw mass by air
    • Working
    Hollow pods separated from air – Rejects
    Good & Heavy pods graded according to size
    • Models
    GC-1, GC-2 – 1TPH and 2TPH respectively
    based on Groundnut Pods
    Optional Accessories: Additional Screens, steel foundation frame, inclined belt conveyor
    • Bucket Elevator for Seed / Grain
    • Inclined Belt Conveyor for Delicate Seed / Spices
    • Horizontal Belt Conveyors
    • Screw Conveyor
    • Bag Stacker
    • Sack Cleaner
    • Holding Bin / Surge Bin
    • Dump Hopper / Dump Pits
    • Auto Slide Gates
    • Electrically Operated Discharge Valves / Gates
    • Vibro Feeders
    • Auto Flow Samplers
    • Auto Weigher
    • Bag Stitching Machine
    • We Manufacture CE certified Machines as per client requirements
    • We provide Automation solutions for Machines / Plants
    • We provide HMI (Human Machine Interface) integrated with machines / plants
    Two Way Valve Vibro-feedor Electrically operated Bin
    Touch panel
    for the
  • 5000 plus installation across 50 plus countries, including India
    Seed Processing Plant
    Grain Cleaning Plant
    Spice Cleaning Plant
    Pulse Cleaning Plant
    Vegetable Seed Processing Plant
    Mobile Seed / Grain Processing Plant
    • Application
    To process seed directly in the fields
    • Working
    A plant made with a combination of
    graders, indented cylinders, and gravity
    separators is mounted on a mobile trolley
    and is powered by a generator.
    • Models
    A mobile plant, with any combination of
    machines available with Agrosaw, can be
    constructed and delivered based on
    requirement of the client
  • 1. To ascertain suitable machines for handling
    a particular crop by the customer
    2. To Find out percentage of impurities in a
    given sample of seeds/grains
    • We also execute grain storage Silos projects
    • In collaboration with Araj, Poland
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • AMC / Need based Service
    • Readily Available Spare Parts
    • Seed Industry
    • Grain Industry
    • Pulse Industry
    • Spice Industry
    • Coffee Industry
    • Oil Industry
    • Flour mills
    • Rice Mills
    • Breweries
    • Feed Mills
  • Looking forward to work with you