Sustainability approach by design optimization for advanced layer manufacturing


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EOS - Sustainability approach by Design Optimization for Advanced Layer Manufacturing

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Sustainability approach by design optimization for advanced layer manufacturing

  1. 1. This presentation may contain confidential and/or privileged information.Any unauthorized copying, disclosure or distribution ofthe material in this document is strictly forbidden.Sustainability approach by Design Optimizationfor Advanced Layer ManufacturingUdo BehrendtBusiness DevelopmentManager Aerospace
  2. 2. E-Manufacturing_May2012_UB.pptx | EOS | 2~ 1200 systems thereof ~ 450 M-systemsEOS is a global organization with a significantinstalled machine baseEOS installed baseCustomers in more than 50 countriesEOS sales/service/applicationin11 countriesRevenue 108 Mio € (FY 2011/2012)Worldwide ~ 450 HCStrong patent portfolioEOS global footprintEOS sales/services offices EOS technicalcenter R&D/application office DistributorsAMS RMS EM-PI-ES PROTEC 3D DESIGN LRPS PROMECH ALPHADETEKTDIGITAL-CANNDESFREEFORMBIBUS-MENOSTEMACONSULTAB-UNIVERSAL YING FENGSNCDOYANGROLAND-SINGEREurope:~750Asia: ~200ROW:~120NA: ~150
  3. 3. E-Manufacturing_May2012_UB.pptx | EOS | 3Focus industriesLightweightcomponentsSubstitution metalby plasticFootwearWeb platformsJewelry / InteriorMicro electronicsMicro toolingEOS is focusing on selected industriesMedicalAerospace/TurbinesToolingAutomotive/IndustrialApplicationsConsumerGoods & LifestyleMicroLaser SinteringDental applicationsImplantsMedical devicesAero engine partsMRO applicationsAirplanecomponentsInjectionmolding toolsPackagingcomponents
  4. 4. E-Manufacturing_May2012_UB.pptx | EOS | 4Strong focus on engine and interior marketFocus markets M – AerospaceSelective growthInvest & Growth Further investigationAM is established at jet enginesHigh temperaturesuper alloysDifferent applicationsAlready used in severalaircraftsLow weight solutionsCost reductionCustomizing/VIPHigh value through AMMost UAVs already containing AMpartsFast growing marketTest bench for new technologyJet Engine Interior UAVFocus markets M – Aerospace
  5. 5. E-Manufacturing_May2012_UB.pptx | EOS | 5Industry viewSource: PressCitation´s“….in ourlifetime, at least 50% of theengine will be made with additivetechnologies…” - Robert McEwan, GeneralManager, Airfoils and Manufacturing, GE Aviation,2011“On a 6,000-pound engine, we expect tosave 1,000 pounds….” Todd Rockstroh, GEAviation in Modern Machine Shop, March 2012“I truly believe that additivemanufacturing will develop to becomethe most important, the most strategicand most usefulmanufacturingtechnology ever…”–T. Wholers, WholersAssociates Inc., August 2012
  6. 6. E-Manufacturing_May2012_UB.pptx | EOS | 6No ToolingLong product life cycleLow quantities / Modifications / UpgradesSpare parts on demandHigher flexibilityLose WeightLight weight structuresHighintegratedsubsystemsImproved functionalityReduced CostInvesting in parts not tools (Just intime investment)Less part countsReducedassemblyandqualitycontrolNovel MaterialsHigher melting pointsSOURCE: EOSALM – Benefit´s for the aviation industrySource: 4dsysco.comSource: medicom.deSource:
  7. 7. E-Manufacturing_May2012_UB.pptx | EOS | 7Hydraulic Manifold(Oil block with lattice structure)Source: 3T RPD, WithinDesign study for a medicalinstrumentSpecial surfacestructure with grooves or cavities fordefined positioningHollow and thin-walled designEOS StainlessSteel PH1Building time: 25 hProject: 3T RPD, Within
  8. 8. E-Manufacturing_May2012_UB.pptx | EOS | 8From block to advanced solution…
  9. 9. E-Manufacturing_May2012_UB.pptx | EOS | 9From nature to product….Source: IPA, Messe MünchenProject partner:The gripper is able to withstand 2 bar permanently(>15.000.000 cycles in fatiguetesting)End stops for angle limitation are realisedHigh gripping powerExtremely low weightWalter Reis Innovation Award for Robotics 2006
  10. 10. E-Manufacturing_May2012_UB.pptx | EOS | 10Integrated functionalitySource: HPComplex plastic parts in small quantity for EOSINT Systems
  11. 11. E-Manufacturing_May2012_UB.pptx | EOS | 11Production Applications – Multi-FunctionalDesigns reduce cost and weightAttach Straps EliminatedPart Count ReductionQuick & EasyInstallationMultiple Ducts Combinedto Single-Piece DuctPA 2210 FR / PA 2241 FRUL 94 V0 confirmedFAR/JAR qualificationTestedon:FlammabilitySmoke DensitySmoke ToxicityHeat ReleaseConformalShapes Achieved and InternalFlow Features AddedPrevious (Kevlar/Rotomold)Configuration New (SLS) Configuration
  12. 12. E-Manufacturing_May2012_UB.pptx | EOS | 12Southampton University Laser Sintered AircraftSULSA - UAV− Projectcreated in aboutone month− Builtin five parts with ~ 3 kg weight− Wingspan ~ 2 meters− Flapswith hingesintegrated (no fasteners or screwsused)− Snap fit techniques for easy and quick assembly− Geodetic structuresand elliptical wingsThe world first printedAircraft with historical Design´sSource: 3 T RPD
  13. 13. E-Manufacturing_May2012_UB.pptx | EOS | 13Complex Metal PartsSource: EOS GmbH
  14. 14. E-Manufacturing_May2012_UB.pptx | EOS | 14CobaltChrome MP1 superalloy for fully-functional aircraft engine partsSource: PEP/Turbomeca/Best in ClassPrototypes forTest RigsRequirementFunctional prototypes for developing helicopter gas-turbine engine componentsCapable of running in test-bed conditions, e.g. highstrengthat high temperatureSolutionEOSINT M 270 with EOS CobaltChrome MP1superalloyResultCan be built fully dense in 82 hoursCan be automatically polishedProperties fulfill requirements for running on test-bedStraightener for an helicopter gas-turbine engine.PEP/Turbomeca/Best in Class
  15. 15. E-Manufacturing_May2012_UB.pptx | EOS | 15Source: Materials SolutionsAerospace applicationsDemonstration partEOSINT M enables product optimizationFor aerospacedevicesNew design conceptsAerospace part designHigh complexityThin walledLargesize(max Ø 248mm ~10 inches)New materialsEOS Nickel Alloy IN718EOS Nickel Alloy IN 625HastalloyXThin walled turbine combustion chamber, produced onEOSINT M 270, material EOS Nickel Alloy IN718
  16. 16. E-Manufacturing_May2012_UB.pptx | EOS | 16With the design freedom of EOSINT M you canintegrate all sorts of functionality into productsSource: 3T RPD, AssystemIntegralinstrumentation with curvedpathwaysCooled aerofoilsFlange design for weight saving andload distributionEnclosed and perforated honeycombstructureWeight saving internal cavities oilways and service channels Complex bosses
  17. 17. E-Manufacturing_May2012_UB.pptx | EOS | 17Door hinge build with DMLSSource: Evo Maganize and EADS IW Filton, from: a "light weight" nacelle hingeSolutionStress and load path proved design by EADS engineersHighly complex design built as "one piece" withintegratedfunctionBuilt on M270 XtMaterial: Ti64BenefitsA 60% weight saving was achieved through topologyoptimizationSignificant cost reductionOptimized A320 Nacelle Hinge – DMLS and ConventionalEOS Ti64 produced on EOSINT M 270Xt at EADS IW
  18. 18. E-Manufacturing_May2012_UB.pptx | EOS | 18P3 used EOSINT M 270 to produce a bionicbracket that is 40% lighter than the originalSource: EOS GmbH, P3Project summaryRequirementsReduce weight by keeping product requirements foruse in aerospaceindustrySolutionInnovative designed bionic bracketManufactured on EOSINT M 270 using aluminummaterialResultWeight reduction by 40% (23g)Concave bionic bracket weights only 33g(original bracket weights 56g)Built full automatically in one pieceIntegratedthreadand thus reduction ofassembly partsOriginal milled and new designed bracket manufacturedon EOSINT M 270Project partner
  19. 19. E-Manufacturing_May2012_UB.pptx | EOS | 19Fuel Injection & SwirlersChallengeImprove fuel efficiency of jet enginesOptimize airflow and fuel swirlingCooling with integratedfuel channelsSolutionLaser sintered on M 270Material: EOS CobaltChrome MP1BenefitsHighly complex design built as "one piece"Cost - < 50%Weight reduction - < 40%Increasedrobustness – no joining sections
  20. 20. E-Manufacturing_May2012_UB.pptx | EOS | 20Gas – Turbine development with EOSINT M 270Source: SturzkopfProject: R. Sturzkopf, MunichGas Turbine TJ 42Turbine wheels in IN 718Maximum RPM: 100,000Maximum EGT: 750°CTurbine weight: 3kgThrust @ max. rpm: 420NThrust-weight-ratio: 14(note: Typical values areabout 8 for standardaircraft engines)So far 5 test cycles completed, no creep, …Application: UAV, auxiliary engine for gliderGas turbine TJ 42 on a engine test rigGas turbine TJ 42EOS NickelAlloy IN718turbine wheel
  21. 21. E-Manufacturing_May2012_UB.pptx | EOS | 21Tel:Fax:eMail:web:+49 89 89 336 2220+49 89 89 336 2288Udo.behrendt@eos.infowww.eos.infoContactEOS®, EOSINT®, DMLS®, DirectPart®, DirectTool®, DirectPattern®, DirectCast® and Alumide® are registered trademarks of EOSUdo Behrendt(Business-Development-Manager Aerospace)EOS GmbHElectro Optical SystemsRobert-Stirling-Ring 1D-82152 Krailling (Munich) Germany