Nanda Devi  Expedition
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Nanda Devi Expedition






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  • The toughest climb I ever did was not everest
  • Even with altitude sickness
  • Adrenal

Nanda Devi Expedition Presentation Transcript

  • 1. N A N D A D E V I E X P I D I T I O N At 24,390  ft you are I M M O R T A L All new web series A film by Agrodut Chatterjee
  • 2. N A N D A D E V I E X P I D I T I O N A film by Agrodut Chatterjee 'Nanda Devi imposes on her votaries an admission test as yet beyond their skill and endurance‘. Hugh Ruttledge , The Times   If I have to answer, what was the most difficult climb i ever did, it was not Mount Everest; its Nanda Devi East. Tenzing Norgay Synopsis Off all the places on planet earth, there is none that inspire more than the Himalayas. This is the story of five film crew members, who traveled half way around the country for great adventure video. what they experienced would forever change the way they looked to the world and their place in it. Witness the true story as it unfolds before your eyes for the first time in the history of mankind. The first-ever guided attempt to film on the Nanda Devi mountain's East Summit, which is the only top with allowed access. In this part of the world, the altitude and intense cold can stop even the fittest of hikers in their tracks. T he team will attempt to reach an altitude of over 24,390  feet in one of the most inaccessible regions on earth and capture its beauty on film. A professional support team alone with film crew is engaged to help push, pull, and carry logistics over the rugged, steep terrain.
  • 3. N A N D A D E V I E X P I D I T I O N A film by Agrodut Chatterjee Route map of Nanda Devi East
  • 4. N A N D A D E V I E X P I D I T I O N A film by Agrodut Chatterjee Expedition Stages 10 th to 28th DECEMBER 2009 - dress rehearsal Film crew will spend 18 exhausting days in trekking some of the Himalayans toughest trains like, Deo Tibba & Menthosa Living in barren ice-fields and surreal high-altitude desert , surviving through some of the extreme climates of the world, Where temperature freeze up to -60 degree. Coping with altitude sickness, the film crew will challenge their mental and physical limits. 9 th JAN to 3rd FEB 2010 – certified training by IMF. Film crew will go through a extensive training to obtain certified lesson from Indian mountain federation. In this session they Will upgrade their mental and physical balance, they will also learn to face horrific situation, team work and all essential Skill set. 14th May 2010 – Certain raiser. Local rituals, Media briefing and the journey begins. Safety & rescue management The crew will be equipped will all the latest extreme trekking gear, medical kit, oxygen cylinders, communication devices like satellite phone, walki talki and global positioning system. In addition to that their will be a chopper in the base camp for any emergency rescue to air lift any crew member.
  • 5. N A N D A D E V I E X P I D I T I O N A film by Agrodut Chatterjee Outline route May 14th : Fly to Delhi May 15th : Briefing and clearance from Indian Mountaineering Foundation; meet Liaison Officer, Sherpas and Indian staff; catch overnight sleeper to Kathgodam May 16th-17th : Bus journey through foothills of Kumaon; overnight stay at Chakori hill station (2000m) which has superb views of the Nanda Devi ranges; then to roadhead at Munsiari (2200m); obtain local permits and meet porter team May 18th : Finish administrative procedures and start trek up Gori Ganga valley to Lilam (8km)  May 19th : 16km trek through the jaws of the Gori Ganga gorge to Bugdiar (2417m) May 20th : 15km trek up gorge with spectacular valley scenery to Rialkot (3130m);  May 21st : Trek to Martoli village (3300m) and to Lawan (3600m) in Lawan valley (14km) May 22nd-23rd : Trek Lawan to base camp on north side Lawan Glacier (4300m) (12km); set up base camp and rest May 24th - 28th : Establish route to Camp 1 at 4750m and Longstaff's Col (5910m) on rim of Nanda Devi Sanctuary; load-ferrying and acclimatisation May 29th - June 2nd : Occupy Camp 2 on the col, acclimatise, and push route out up lower pinnacled section of S Ridge of Nanda Devi East; rope-fixing and load-carry to establish Camp 3 at 6100m June 3rd - 5th: Rest at base camp June 6th - Tues June 16th : Summit attempts: follow snow and mixed ridge with pitches of 50-55°, establishing Camp 4 on snow shelf at 6500m; making summits bids from there with likely use of a summit bivouac camp at 6950m; clear mountain of fixed ropes and return to base June 17th - 19th : Trek out to Munsiari June 20th - 21st : Bus journey back to Delhi
  • 6. N A N D A D E V I E X P I D I T I O N A film by Agrodut Chatterjee Proposal for Corporate Sponsorship The producers of ‘ Nanda Devi Expedition ' are desirous of seeking corporate sponsorship's to underwrite the cost and related expenses of developing, producing and distributing of the content on the Global web video marketplace. The demographics and market penetration of ‘ Nanda Devi Expedition ' will be unparalleled by anything that has come before it. This will be one of its kind journey to be attempted in the history of mankind to film great Nanda Devi and to capture some rare priceless footage. ‘ Nanda Devi Expedition ' will consist of forty-six daily episodes composed of on-board segments augmented with pre-recorded edited clips and an opportunity for audience interaction . Additionally, the cast and crew of ‘ Nanda Devi Expedition ' will land in specific determined destinations for supplies resulting in a brief expose of the culture and historical sites presented in a travelogue format. The benefits of sponsorship participation of ‘ Nanda Devi Expedition ' are many fold. Since a program of this kind has never before been seen, the potential for a massive television audience to shift their focus on reality-based extreme adventure series . In addition to that, all Crew members jackets and trousers will bear the logos of all the respective sponsors to catch the eye balls of your audience. To maximize of ‘ Nanda Devi Expedition ' popularity and commercial success, special updates, intimate profiles along with cross-cultural and philosophical viewpoints of the crewmembers will be globecasted via our 24/7 internet web site, allowing an uninterrupted window to this non-stop team environment. This internet window will likewise provide the sponsors with the same 24/7 advertising extravaganza.
  • 7. N A N D A D E V I E X P I D I T I O N A film by Agrodut Chatterjee Target audience Primary target audience is the educated, urban and rural, young & adult. It is any and everyone who sits in front of pc and watch video even for mare ten minutes. Demographically, the viewer would be 16+, living in a ‘well off ’neighborhood.
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  • 8. N A N D A D E V I E X P I D I T I O N A film by Agrodut Chatterjee Filmmaker Bio: Agrodut Chatterjee – Producer / Director / Editor With over 6 years of experience in the corporate film, television and advertising industry, this is my ultimate venture to capture some of the stunning and breathtaking beauty of Himalaya. I have started my career as an editor and after getting a good exposure to work with local & nation channel, I slowly move towards advertising and corporate film making, where I have directed and produced a couple of corporate video. From past two years I am working with digital agencies and experimenting with community development and video syndications. In this process the only thing I have understand is that, a great content is the only option to create a great brand story and user engagement. WHAT MAKES INVESTING IN ME IS UNIQUE? I work with brands and content creators to pitch new media formats that can extend content to create ancillary revenue options or sponsorship opportunities that can better position ideas for greater revenue opportunities.
  • 9. N A N D A D E V I E X P I D I T I O N A film by Agrodut Chatterjee How the story begins? It was 2005 when I went for one of the world’s classic road trips from Jammu to Nubra valley via Shrinagar, Dras, Kargil, Leh and khardungla . Lush green valleys, barren ice-fields and a surreal high-altitude desert are all became the part of my journey over the highest motor able road in the world at an altitude of 18,485 ft. Even with altitude sickness, roads that are no more than rubble and the inevitable sore that comes with being thrown out of your seat every five minutes making it an incredible journey. This journey has given me enough adrenalin to plan my next Himalayan expedition after four years, this time I haven't follow the common tourist trail, rather taken some daring path to Nanda Devi. The entire concept of this film is to share some breathtaking video footage in the format of reality series. Get ready to experience the adventure, witness the beauty and share the discovery.
  • 10. N A N D A D E V I E X P I D I T I O N A film by Agrodut Chatterjee Rates for sponsorships Title sponsor - RS.8,00,000 Co sponsor - RS.6,00,000 Communication partner - Rs.4,00,000 Tour partner - Rs.4,00,000 Beverage partner - Rs.4,00,000 In film branding – Rs.3,00,000 (watches, sunglasses, camera, skin products, clothing and accessories) Media partner - pr, promotion and coverage (Print & TV ) Online partner -pr, promotion and video streaming Crew members jackets and trousers will bear the logos of all the respective sponsors
  • 11. N A N D A D E V I E X P I D I T I O N A film by Agrodut Chatterjee N A N D A D E V I E X P I D I T I O N A Film by Agrodut Chatterjee Length: 380 minutes Format: Digital Master English, Hindi with subtitles For media rights & sponsorships Contact: Agrodut Chatterjee Himalayan bioscope Manali, India