St. Louis Day of .NET 2013 - Delivering Push Notifications to Millions of Mobile Devices


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Push notifications are critical to craft engaging app experience and increase usage and user interest. Windows Azure Notification Hubs support multi-platform push with Windows, iOS, and Android, publish/subscribe routing to particular groups of users or devices, and low latency broadcast to millions of devices. Join us to learn how to use Notification Hubs to target millions of devices at once and single targeted users with just a few lines of code.

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  • St. Louis Day of .NET 2013 - Delivering Push Notifications to Millions of Mobile Devices

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    4. 4. Windows News app uses Notification Hubs
    5. 5. Client app Platform Notification Service App back-end
    6. 6. iOS app Windows Store app App back-end APNs Notification Hub WNS
    7. 7. var hub = new NotificationHub(“<hub name>", "<connection string>"); var channel = await PushNotificationChannelManager.CreatePushNotificationChannelForApplicationAsync(); await hub.RegisterNativeAsync(channel.Uri);
    8. 8. var hubClient = NotificationHubClient.CreateClientFromConnectionString("<connection string>", “<hub name>"); var toast = @“<notification payload>"; hubClient.SendWindowsNativeNotificationAsync(toast);
    9. 9. (void)application:(UIApplication *)application didRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithDeviceToken:(NSData *) deviceToken { … SBNotificationHub* hub = [[SBNotificationHub alloc] initWithConnectionString: @"<connection string>" notificationHubPath:@"mynh"]; [hub registerNativeWithDeviceToken:deviceToken tags:nil completion:^(NSError* error) { if (error != nil) { NSLog(@"Error registering for notifications: %@", error); } }]; }
    10. 10. In your main activity: Notification Hub hub = new NotificationHub("<hub name>", "<connection string>", context); GoogleCloudMessaging gcm = GoogleCloudMessaging.getInstance(context); String regid = gcm.register(SENDER_ID); NativeRegistration r = hub.register(regid);
    11. 11. var hubClient = NotificationHubClient.CreateClientFromConnectionString("<connection string>", “<hub name>"); var toastForIos = @“<notification payload>"; hubClient.SendAppleNativeNotificationAsync(toastForIos); var toastForAndroid = @“<notification payload>"; hubClient.SendGcmNativeNotificationAsync(toastForAndroid);
    12. 12. var azure = require('azure'); var notificationHubService = azure.createNotificationHubService('hubname', 'connectionString'); notificationHubService.wns.sendToastText01(null, { text1: 'Hello from Node and Mobile Services!' }, function (error) { if (!error) { // message sent successfully } } );
    13. 13. No need to store and maintain ChannelURIs. Device registrations expire.
    14. 14. App back-end Tag:”Beatles” Notification Hub Tag:”Wailers” Tag:”Beatles”
    15. 15. Notification Hub App back-end
    16. 16. // POST api/register public async void Post(bool instId, bool channelUri, bool userId) { // We assume a windows store app (if coding a multiplatform app, a ‘platform‘ parameter should be passed) … if (!authorizedToRegisterTag(userId)) { throw new Exception("User not authorized to register"); } var regsForInstId = await hubClient.GetRegistrationsByTag(instId, 100); bool updated = false; bool firstRegistration = true; foreach (var registrationDescription in regsForInstId) { if (firstRegistration) { var winReg = registrationDescription as WindowsRegistrationDescription; winReg.ChannelUri = new Uri(channelUri); winReg.Tags.Clear(); winReg.Tags.UnionWith(new string[] {instId, userId}); hubClient.UpdateRegistration(winReg); updated = true; firstRegistration = false; } else { // if templates are not used, delete all extra registrations with this installation id. hubClient.DeleteRegistration(registrationDescription); } } // if not updated, a new registration has to be created for the device if (!updated) { hubClient.CreateWindowsNativeRegistration(channelUri, new string[] {instId, userId}); } }
    17. 17. <toast> <visual> <binding template="ToastText01"> <text id="1">$(message)</text> </binding> </visual> </toast> Hello! { message: “Hello!” } App back-end Service Bus Notification Hub Hello! { aps: { alert: “$(message)” } }
    18. 18. <toast> <visual> <binding template="ToastText01"> <text id="1">$(tempF)</text> </binding> </visual> </toast> 73 {tempC: “23”, tempF: “73”} App back-end Service Bus Notification Hub 23 { aps: { alert: “$(tempC)” } }
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