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Private shop is an ecommerce script.It is a reliable gilt clone. It has features like product variations module to setup a website for any business vertical.

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Gilt clone

  2. 2. The Glorious online shopping • Online shopping is a form of ecommerce whereby consumers directly buy goods or services from a seller over the Internet without an intermediary service. An online shop, e-shop, e-store, Internet shop, web shop, web store, online store, or virtual store resembles the digital methodology of buying products or services at a retailer or shopping center. • The process is called business-to-consumer (B2C) online shopping. When a business buys from another business it is called business-to-business (B2B) online shopping. • The matter of fact is that a buyer may opt a particular shop for his purchasing activities only because he/she may find their favorite products, or they may like the site design or they may like the services or they may be very happy with safe and secured transactions on your website, so the reasons may be one or more but then we have to put all the basic things correct right from the start.
  3. 3. Product variance module strategy  Here we can list out few important factors that can create these feelings amongst the buyers. • Generate user reviews about your products, which can help in creating ‘impulse’ amongst the buyers. • Easy to ready contents and a neat presentation of the products, • Good site navigation structure to help users find and browse without thinking too much about where to click - The huge frustrating element: difficulty to find a specific product.  20% of online shoppers report feeling frustrated when they have difficulty finding a product when surfing on a shopping site. Site navigation is implied but so are search engines, whether they are too easy or else too complicated.
  4. 4. AIDA – It is important to create that first best impression • AIDA – (attention, interest, desire, action) with this method you can effectively capture the online buyers for making purchases on your shop. • You can drive attention amongst the site visitors only when you design your website properly, attractive callouts organized product displays, easy product searches, easy website navigations, providing all the details about the product. • we can recall our behaviors when we buy things with a certain percentage of discount, well we will be unknowingly persuaded to make the purchase before that end-date, well action is nothing but the purchases that the buyer makes. • The foremost goal of any website is to convert every tiny visitor into a buyer, you can surely achieve this to the maximum extent by involving all these techniques and methodologies into your website.
  5. 5. Advantages of A-Z online stores • We can imagine a shopper entering into your website for purchasing an electronic good. • The searches around your website and gets the accurate product, meanwhile when the buyer was searching for the electronic good. • The might have also had a chance to look at the other category goods as well he may be tempted to buy it right away or the buyer may bookmark it for his future sales references. • The products listed on your website, you will be just ensuring that the buyer will not leave your website for not finding any products, more than 50% of the buyers will get into a website to purchase a particular product but will end-up purchasing a different one every single time. • So listing the entire stock and making your web-store an A-Z site will surely help you in Creating multiple profits.
  6. 6. Why Shoppers are extensively opting for Online Shopping?  Recent survey conducted, proved that more than 80% of the people are fiercely opting for the online shopping than the Retail-outlet shopping's, when the situation was reviewed deep-down to find the probable reasons, the findings for the majority shoppers to opt for online-stores were these,  Increased Product selection/reviews,  Lowest base price on products,  Security for transactions,  Easy order cancellation or refunds.  Variety of Payment options.  cut back on overhead costs(For sellers or Merchants)  A technology and market research firm’s supervisor, Forrester says. Overall share of the retail market is expected to increase from 7% to 9% during the current period.
  7. 7. Feature Statements • What’s driving the growth? More consumers are shopping online every day. Last year, 167 million consumers — 53% of the U.S. population — purchased something online. That number is expected to grow to 192 million, or 56% of the population, by 2016. The study also projects that consumers’ average yearly online spending will increase from $1,207 per person in 2011 to $1,738 per person by 2016 • Researches : Forrester Research, an independent technology and market research company has estimated that the online sales in Europe are expected to amount to 171 billion Euros ($230 billion) in Europe by 2016 up from 96.7 billion Euros ($130 billion) in 2011.
  8. 8. Thank You Gilt Clone product is developed by Agriya, We are pioneers in Clone scripts and web development. We have built more than 300 websites. We give end to end solution for building a website, from the designing to coding we take care of it. Our services extend from online business to mobile application business as well. Contact us: Agriya Mail: Skype: ahsan.technologies Follow Us: Youtube: We have developed fantastic products like  Freelancer Clone, Etsy Clone, 99Designs clone, airbnb clone  Groupon Clone, etc