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Does Railscamp scale?
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Does Railscamp scale?


How to improve Railscamp.

How to improve Railscamp.

Published in Technology
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  • 1. Does Railscamp scale? Leveraging synergies Andrew Grimm
  • 2. Disclaimer
    • None of this is intended to criticize individual organizers, or the hard work they put into railscamp
    • 3. Aim is to suggest the benefits of different approaches
  • 4. RORO nights Analog Blog? Lightning talks Presentations Chatting with others over beverages
  • 5. Hack nights Presentation pitches and voting Coding Demoing what we managed to achieve
  • 6. Werewolf nights / LAN parties Werewolf First person shooters
  • 7. Railscamps Coding Presentations Werewolf First person shooters Cards Sleep What we achieved on the weekend Prizes? Asking what others are doing
  • 8. For increased scalability Presentation pitches and voting Collision avoidance FTW! (Schedule breaks between talks) Presentations Presentation room 1 Presentation room 2 Presentation room 3
  • 9. Scalability of Railscamps
    • O(1000000):
    • O(1000000 log n):
      • Internet caches (apt-get, homebrew, tutorials)
  • 12. Benefits of bigger railscamps
    • Bigger railscamps => more railscampers
    • 13. More railscampers => more organizers
    • 14. More organizers => better specialization
    • 15. Better specialization => better defined responsibilities
  • 16. More railscampers FTW!
    • So what if not everyone knows everyone?
      • Nobody knows everyone in real life
      • 17. Learn from people with similar interests
    • How are people who book within one day of tickets going on sale more worthy of coming to Railscamp?
    • 18. Aren't people who aren't already “In the loop”, the new rubyists, the people we want the most?
  • 19. More rubyistas FTW!
    • We want more rubyists:
  • 25. Dealing with oversubscription
    • Ticket quotas?
      • Allocate tickets for organizers / tutors
      • 26. Allocate tickets for ruby newbies
    • Ticket lotteries?
      • Allow indication of interest for one month after opening
      • 27. Hold a lottery if there's more people than tickets
    • Take a break if been to previous 2 camps?