Agrimir Farm Equipment Manufacturer


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Agrimir Farm Equipment Manufacturer

  1. 1. 2011 AGRIMIR INDUSTRY & COMMERCE CO,. LTD.2011 PRODUCT CATALOG CONTACT Address : Selcuk San. Sit. Ehad Cad. No:26-9 Konya - TURKEYMulti Disc Harrow Phone : 0090 5066586448 – 0090 3322482685 Web : -
  2. 2. Multi Disc HarrowGeneral SpecificationsIt is a very effective machine of mixing the soil with fertiliser and the substances. Its good ability ofmanoeuvring makes the highly recommended machine for gardening operations as well as others. Afterharvesting you can prepare your land directly for planting. It is very good at soil preparations and getting ridof residuals of harvested plants. It is suitable for tractors with 50 and 90 Hp.Time Savings during in thefields. Fuel savings. Reliability bearing blocksTechnical Details MODELS TechnicDetailsSpesifications U.M. ARMDH 20 ARMDH 24 ARMDH 28Number of disc Pcs 20 24 28Total Width Cm 260 310 360Working Width Cm 250 300 350Space between Cmdisc 24,5 24,5 24,5Diameter of disc Cmxmm 51x5 51x5 51x5Required motor Hp 80-90 100-110 120-130Total Wight Kg 890 1180 1450Total Wight Kg 1260 1480 1750
  3. 3. French Type SubsoilerTechnical Details MODELS Technic DetailsSpesifications U.M. ARFS2 ARFS4 ARFS6Number of rows Pcs 2 4 6Width mm 1600 2200 3200Working Width mm 745 1800 2800Hight mm 1600 1600 1600Lenght mm 1000 1400 1700Wight Kg 450 650 750
  4. 4. Feed Mixer and Distribution WagonGeneral SpecificationsThe purpose of the machine is to make a homogeneous mixture of fodders and to distribute this mixture tothe animals evenly.The mixed feed is easy to digest and nutritious.A visible increase in meat and milkyields of animals is ensured.Feed prepared in the trailer (ration) is more digestive as compared with hand-mixed feeds. This increases the appetite of the animal.Since the animals that will consume the feed prepared with the feed mixing trailer at the same rate andhomogeneity, their meat and milk yields will be identical.The machine slices fibrous fodder materials with itsslicer blades.Its built-in mixing augers mixes fibrous fodder materials with other materials ensuringhomogeneity.This ensures that fibrous feeds are not wasted before they are digested. In short, maximumutilization of feeds is ensured.In order to ensure that fodders are easily loaded and unloaded from and to the trailer, optional equipmentssuch as loader freeze, hydraulic rear cover, and double-sided unloading band can be attached to thetrailer.In addition, digital scale and park separating jack can be added optionally.The trailer is connected tothe tractor via trailer-pulling-system.The trailer is driven by tractor rear shaft. Its built-in hydraulic systems can comfortably be operated via theergonomic operating arms that extend to the operator.It can be custom-built so as to operate on electricmotor or as a stationary type.Technical Details Technical Details MODELSSpesifications ARFW4 ARFW6 ARFW8 ARFW10Volume (m3) 4 6 8 10Number of spiral 2 2 2 2Number of blades 130 180 230 250Discharge from the right stand stand. stand. stand.Empty weight (kg) 1700 2900 4500 4800Required motor (hp) 40 50 65 70Hydraulic pressuresource Tractor Tractor Machine MachineSpiral plate thickness(mm) 10 10 12 12
  5. 5. Stone Collector MachineGeneral SpecificationsStone collector machine depending on the power of tractor, have a property of picking from 30 cm (max) ofdepth of fields. Thanks to its quadruple pallet system, operating in lower rotation speed, enables yourtractor to consume less fuel with less performance. Our stone picking machine has been manufactured sothat it can pick the stones in 3-30 cm of growth. It picks the stones in its depot in capacity of 3 tons. Thanksto its high dumping property, it can easily dump the stones it collected on the heightened trailer. With itsdeveloped brake lining and shaft system, in case that the stones the pallet cannot take, in view of exclusivestructure of the brake linings, one can prevent from stopping the pallet and breaking the fingers andsprings. With its machine having long life stone picking fingers and springs.Technical Details MODEL- ARSC Machine Machine Picking Tail Shaft Pallet TotalMachine Width Height Width Rotation Rotation WeightLength5325 mm 2480 mm 2200 mm 1600 mm 540 rpm. 2300 rpm. 3250 Kg.
  6. 6. Rotary WindrowerGeneral Specifications Ensures that swaths are regular and well shaped to facilitate baling and collection of sown fodder plants.The machine is put in the road-position by removing the grass-collector arms on the machine.As the machine does now crawl on soil when it is collecting grass on the land as other hay rakes do, it doesnot collect harmful substances such as stones, soil or earth into the grasses it collects.Since undesired materials cannot penetrate into the produce to be placed in swaths, possible failures ofyour baling and feed mixture machinery are prevented.Technical Details MODEL- ARRWLength 500 cmLoad Width 150 cmNumber of Rot 9 pcsTractor Power 45 HpWeight 340 kgWire Number 27 pcs
  7. 7. Disc Mower ConditionerTechnical Details MODEL- ARMCNumber of Discs 5 pcsConveyor Disc 1 pcsCutting Width 2,10 mTractor Power 50-80 HpPTO Speed 540 rpmWeight 500 kgTrencherGeneral SpecificationsTrencher, is used for drip irrigation pipes, opening channels of cable and irrigation systems.Trencher used easily with a single operator. Normal terrain 150-200 m of excavation can be done.With Hydraulic control system allows for the opening of the channel as Depth of 100 cm and 35 cm width.Technical Details MODEL- ARTRMachine weight OPENING pit Rev Dimensions of pit Power HP 1500 kg 150-200 m/h 540/108 rpm 40X100 CM 80-150 HP
  8. 8. Bale Loading MachineGeneral SpecificationsThe height of the machine can be adjusted as desired via the built in hydraulic system. This feature bringsabout great ease in stacking.The machine is connected to the tractor via trailer-pulling-system. It positions itself based on job or roadconditions.It has a single gearbox. It operates at 540 rpm.A trailer can be attached to the back of the machine.Daily loading capacity: Between 2500 – 3000 bales.Technical DetailsMODEL - ARBLMTractor Power Requirement min. 30 hpCapacity in 12 Hour 2500-3000 BaleNumber Of Intake Rangers 2 piecesNumber Of Carrier Rangers 1 PiecesWeight 480 kgWide 180 cmHeight 430 cm