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Southern Region PLN Session

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  • I’ve embedded a clickable link directly to our Facebook page. Features I will discuss:What we postCombination of eXtension links and other information of interestKeep people updated on topics of interest to the child care communityTrying to engage people in conversation; encouraging people to commentScheduling posts in advance makes it convenientInviting people in the field to Like the pagePosting links to eXtension and other content(Will demonstrate an actual post if that’s useful.)
  • Key points I’ll cover related to metrics here:Likes increase slowly, but tend to rise after we’ve posted something of interestFriends of Fans and People Talking About This give us a general idea that we are making an impact beyond our users just seeing what we postCan get information on the impact of specific posts; what are people responding to?Notifications of how people are interacting with posts
  • I’ve embedded a link to our Twitter profile here. Key points I will discuss:Twitter as a source of both information and sharing; importance of two-way communicationPosting at different times throughout the day to reach people with different social media habits; repostingUsinghashtags to more easily connect to the people we want to see our tweets (e.g., #ece and #prek)
  • (Craig – I’m still working on numbers for RT and @mentions; will share them at the meeting, and may be able to quickly add them to the combined presentation. I just don’ t have them calculated yet, and knew you needed this.)
  • My own personal experience building a team…
  • Content Development & Social Media

    1. 1. Content Development & Social Media Craig H. Wood, Ashley S. Griffin, Diane Bales, Jerri Caldwell-Hammonds, Maggie Lawrence
    2. 2. 78%
    3. 3. I eat #cookies Social MediaI “Like” cookies Explained Social Strand Media ( hang out with people who like cookiesThis is where I eat cookiesWatch me eat cookiesI am skilled at eating cookies Here is a cookie recipeI take cool pictures of my cookies I write (blog) about cookiesI recommend my favorite places to buy and eat cookies I am listening to the Cookie Monster Rap Song
    4. 4. Ref:
    5. 5. Ref:
    6. 6. Ref:
    7. 7. Ref:
    8. 8. Engagement Through Blogging
    9. 9. Social Media Use in the eXtension Alliance for Better Child Care: Strategies and Lessons Learned Diane W. Bales Extension Specialist, The University of Georgia Co-Leader, Child Care Community of Practice
    10. 10. Who We Are• Extension faculty with research-based expertise in early care and education• Committed to high-quality child care• Serve multiple audiences 1. Child care providers 2. Parents seeking child care 3. Employers supporting employees’ child care needs• Primary focus on child care providers’ needs
    11. 11. Why Facebook?• We are there already• Our Community of Interest is also there• Making ourselves known among professionals• Connecting with others in the child care field• Chance to broaden conversation
    12. 12.
    13. 13. Facebook Provides Usage Information
    14. 14. Twitter Usage Statistics• Output: 1,050 tweets and counting• Outreach: 336 followers• Influencing Others – Retweets: your tweets, tweeted by others – @ Mentions: tweets mentioning your name
    15. 15. Other Social Media Outlets• Child Care and Military Families page on Facebook• Military Child Care Twitter feed• Early Care & Education for Military Families group on LinkedIn• BetterChildCare channel on YouTube
    16. 16. What We’ve LearnedThrough Social Media Use• CoP members vary widely in technical abilities and interest in social media• A “champion” helps get started• CoP members need to be intentionally engaged and see this as a part of their eXtension work• Paid staff are very helpful but not required• Tools on social media sites make it easier• Listen as well as talk• We can do a lot with only a few minutes per day
    17. 17. SHARE SMARTER, NOT HARDERBuilding Your Team & Connecting with Your AudienceJerri Hammonds, Auburn UniversityUrban Integrated Pest ManagementCommunity of Practice
    18. 18. THE URBAN IPM SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM Building a Team Who Shares Rules of Engagement for the Team When Posting What We Share Facebook Analytics Feeding your Facebook Page & Twitter Feed
    19. 19. BUILDING A TEAM WHO SHARES There is strength in numbers so create a TEAM.  Have MANY administrators on your Facebook page.  Admins receive notifications per activity.  Admins are able to post as the page.  Suggest team members install an app on their computers and mobile devices.  Apps help to keep Twitter close at hand for posting and for retweeting and allows them to stay logged into the account.  TweetCaster  Hootsuite Play to the individual’s strengths.
    20. 20. THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT Use conversational language. Post light and funny tidbits occasionally. Post as your Facebook page. Don’t “blow up” someone’s Twitter feed.
    21. 21. WHAT WE SHARE Events Blog Post Links Light and Funny Updated CoP Content Light and Funny Posts Updated CoP Content
    22. 22. WHAT WE SHARE Photos Videos Polls Videos Videos Name that Bug
    26. 26. JUST GETTING STARTED? Block off an hour or so of time to learn and have someone you can call on for help. Don’t be afraid to ASK questions. RELAX! Be patient with yourself and with your team members. “Of all the things you wear, your attitude is the most important.” ― Janet Lane
    27. 27. KEEP SOCIAL MEDIA CLOSE HootSuite TweetCaster Facebook App
    28. 28. SHARE SMARTER, NOT HARDERBuilding Your Team & Connecting with Your AudienceJerri Hammonds, Auburn UniversityUrban Integrated Pest ManagementCommunity of Practice
    29. 29. eXHorses Channel
    30. 30. • Chunk Video• Created Playlists> 48,000 Views
    31. 31. • Contextual descriptions with keywords/tags• Links back to the site
    32. 32. • Embed Video• NEW Video Shorts• Promotion for LEARN Webinars
    33. 33. • Comments• Conversation
    34. 34. • Brand the channel••• Comments/Conversation• Curate videos – user accounts• Drive Traffic
    35. 35. Adm/College information/updates How you canProgram & timely events use Social MediaUpdates to 4-H, Ag, FCS, facultyCounties or building your inVideo updatesNetwork with other Extension Administrators Share factsheets, County offices, etc.Cool pictures of your College activities Write your monthly update
    36. 36. Best Practices/Tips• Pick one, be comfortable, then add• Be Conversational• Always be listening• Be yourself• Be regular and timely• Don’t always broadcast• Chunk content• Use hashtags• Engage in other networks (AgChat)
    37. 37. The Future
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